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What Is Respectful Funnels?

 October 17, 2020

By  Peter Nyiri

Respectful Funnels is a Jedi mind trick to make selling unnecessary—simply respecting your potential customers while moving them through your sales funnel.

Disrespectful Funnels

There are several ways marketers are disrespectful to their audience.

1. Excessive Promises

The above image is an example of excessive promises.

“Beginner-Friendly 100% Done-For You, Plug & Profit Viral Sites.”

It’s very easy to shoot it down with a single question. If this is really true, why do they need to sell it to others?

The owner could just set one up for themselves and they would be making money from there on out.

2. Horrible User Experience

You land on a site like this page on TechRadar.

techradar loaded with ads

You try to read the article, because you are interested.

About 20 percent is the useful content, the rest is annoying ads.

First you may get a cookie notice that covers the entire screen. Then an attempt to subscribe you for push notifications. And a pop-up to download something.

Then a Google Ad shows up (you still can’t see the text because that loads after the ads).

After dodging all that, you finally start reading the article.

You may want to log into your account on a site and you get the horrible user experience provided by hCapthca.

Makes it an ordeal to log into my affiliate account almost every time.

Would you ever want to do this to your fans?

3. Lead Generation

The problem with most sales funnels is that they are designed to push (squeeze) prospects through to the next step.

Most websites use a short (“thin”) “squeeze pages”—where the prospect is forced to provide an e-mail address if they want to get the information.

A “bribe” in the form of a lead magnet in exchange for an email address.

As a prospect — a person that lands on this squeeze page — think through the dynamics for a second of what happens.

There’s no real DESIRE to be on the email list, other than to get access to the lead magnet (the shiny object or bribe).

So the prospect downloads the free report, but rarely opens your emails (10 percent open rate or worse).

From the marketer’s perspective…

  • They may see a 50% opt-in rate, but around 20-60% of those opt-ins are worthless email address.
  • It is working less and less well with each passing year
  • It can feel inappropriate for most thought leaders and professionals
  • It works against forming life-long client relationships

4. Being Pushed To Buy

Seems like everyone is trying to sell you (often overpriced and unhelpful) courses from their annoying emails/webinars, right? Often with a deadline, countdown timer…

Just wanted to send out one final reminder to let you know that the Super Sales Page Starter Kit Flash Sale will be ending VERY SOON, tonight at 11:59pm. If you haven’t yet snagged this incredible step-by-step guide, this is your last chance.

Respectful funnels

For these reasons, FunnelXpert advocates a lead nurturing system that’s based on a relationship model rather than beating your customers for a profit.

This system is proven to work better than traditional sales funnels, and feels innately more respectful of the potential reader or client.

Respectful funnels are a different kind of marketing.

You put your audience’s needs before your own.

I am adding a bunch of free courses based on this philosophy. Click on this link or the “fake banner” below to see the free course. (This is still work in progress.)

Respectful Funnels Courses

Peter Nyiri

Peter Nyiri

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