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The Unboxing Funnel

 July 16, 2020

By  Peter Nyiri

In this article we talk about a funnel Russell Brunson developed for his 10x Secrets launch, called the Unboxing Funnel. A cool new way to look at how you structure your sales funnel.

So I’m going to break down what Unboxing Funnel is and share it with you, how you can use it in addition to the webinars you already have to sell the same products.

How this funnel can allow new customers to come in, those you would be unable to close on a $1,000 webinar funnel. The Unboxing Funnel is like a webinar, but we’re breaking it up and unboxing it into a really cool offer.

So what is an unboxing funnel? Well, it comes down to the offer and the first time he started nicknaming it was a Funnel Hacking Live event, because every year they get a bunch of e-commerce people. They come in and they say, “This funnel thing doesn’t work for us. It works for info products, but not for physical products.”

Now imagine if somebody came to your e-commerce store, it could be Amazon, it could be Shopify, whatever. They fill up the whole cart with all the things they would need in order to be successful with whatever the product they’re buying from you right now.

What an unboxing funnel is, you’re taking this cart of everything they could buy and then you’re pulling things out of the box, one by one.

You say, “What’s the very best thing that somebody could possibly want from me?” And that’s what you’re going to lead with. Then what’s the second best thing? That’s going to be my order form bump. What’s the third best thing? That’s going to be the next piece. You’re unboxing all the offers that are in this cart, and then you put them in a logical sequence of order. And that’s how you build a funnel the right way.


For example Trey Lewellen, when he launched his flashlight offer (see above), the one that did $20 million dollars in 6 weeks, which is insane.

He could have just had people come to his flashlight store and he has his flashlights and cases and warranties and all that stuff that’s there.

But instead he unboxed what his dream client would buy and said, “Okay what’s the best thing they would want?”

  1. The best thing they would want is the survival flashlight, so that’s the first offer.
  2. “What’s the next thing?” They probably want a case, that’s the second thing.
  3. And the third thing, they want extra batteries.
  4. The fourth thing they want, a warranty.
  5. Fifth thing, faster shipping.

And he unboxed all the things he could potentially give his customer at one time, and let them kind of pick and put them into a funnel. So that’s what an unboxing funnel is.

10X Secrets Funnel

Russell very easily could have just done a webinar to sell 10x Secrets.

If you look at what the offer actually is, it’s a thousand dollar offer. If he were to sell it on a webinar he could have easily sold it for a thousand dollars and it would have been, “You’re going to get this and this and this and everything when you buy.”

So instead of doing that, he made an unboxing funnel. He unboxed the pieces.

On a webinar, he would create thousand dollar offer.

So let’s look at all the pieces of the offer and see what’s the sexiest, best, most exciting piece of this offer. Figure out what that is, pull it out and now it becomes the front end.

The front end offer was his 10x training, the 6 ½ hour training, that’s the core thing.

And there’s a couple other bonuses that go with it. Those are all things that would have been pulled out of the stack slide, and that becomes the front-end. He was selling that somewhere between $197 to $300, somewhere in that range is where the front end will be.

Then the order form bump on the page would probably be $47, the Power Point slides and a video of him explaining how the slides work and training them on the slides. So that was another component that would have been the stack slide if this had been a webinar.

The upsell now is going to be a closing program on the subject of “How do you close on a webinar” and what are all the different closes. So he brought in all the people that he learned closing from.  E. g. John Childers taught his program called “Childers Chunks”. In fact, he actually gave Russell a license. He used to sell a $25,000 speaker training where he taught his Childers Chunks and Russell paid him a ton of money for the license, so now inside the Closer Secrets program people got his entire $25,000 course. And then Myron Golden teaching how to do the price marinade and the repitch. Ted Thomas teaching Trial closes, all the closing stuff. That became the second part of the offer. And that part sells for $297.

So we have a $197 product and a $297 upsell, a $47 order form bump, and then a second upsell, the Funnel Hackathon (FHAT) event. It’ the original FHAT event that Natalie Hodson came to before she launched her Abs Core and Pelvic Floor product that a did a million dollars in four months. It’s the same event that Brandon and Kaelin came through before their webinar. All these people went through this event, they each had to pay $25,000 to be in his inner circle to be at that event. It was a private event Russell did just for them, and people have talked about it ever since because they have seen all the results from it.

That three day event is event the second upsell, the FHAT event recordings, which will be a $497 offer.

So if you take that, and you take all the products, the front end and the two upsells and you add up the price of what we’re actually selling it for it ends up being a thousand bucks, which is the same he would have sold it for on the webinar, but he has unboxed each of the pieces to turn it into an actual funnel. Does that make sense?

$197 front end, $297 upsell, $497 upsell, but it’s the same product, but he has unboxed it. Instead of selling it through a webinar with a longer form presentation, he unboxed it and could sell it differently. He sells it through sales letters and sales videos, etc.

People ask, “I have a webinar that’s killing it, what should my next offer be?” A lot of times the next offer isn’t doing a whole new offer, it’s unboxing the webinar. Unbox it and create an unbox funnel, which is like front end, upsell, downsell type thing.

So it’s not like you have to create something new from scratch, it’s just you’re unboxing it, and selling it in a different way.

Same product, different funnel, different strategy, different way to do it. Some people may never be willing to pay the $1000 for you course, but they may be able to pay $200 or $97 for your front end.

And maybe they can’t buy all the upsells, but it gets them in, and now you get a whole bigger segment of the market and helps get into your products, and then you can serve them and eventually you’ll be able to send them up to the higher levels.

The concept of an unboxing funnel and thinking back about that with whatever it is you’re selling. If you’re trying to figure out, what’s my next funnel, what’s my next product, what’s my next thing? It might be just as simple as unboxing it and doing something amazing.

Peter Nyiri

Peter Nyiri

  • Outstanding post, Peter. Well done! Truth be told, I have a lot to learn about sales funnels. But then we never really stop learning right? It is surely a good thing I am a research junkie. I will be sure to check out your free course once I am done multitasking…lol!

    • Thanks for the note! Well yeah, this subject takes a while to learn. You can pick it up bit by bit.
      The free course is really convenient, you get an email in your inbox every day…

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