Thrive Leads Tutorial & Review – How To Use It

By Peter Nyiri | Email marketing

Jul 12

In this Thrive Leads tutorial I am going to show you how you can create professional lead generation forms without design skills.

What Is Thrive Leads?

zac johnson cartoonIt’s an element of Thrive Themes Membership, which is an all-in-one toolbox of 10 sales funnel builder themes and plugins that enable you build websites that convert with zero design skills. (I really suck at design myself.)

In fact a large percentage of internet marketers and Amazon affiliates use it, including Human Proof Designs, Brand Builders.

All the templates were created based on data given by successful marketers, such as Zac Johnson, you are even given hints regarding the type of text you need to include on the forms, therefore it becomes very easy to collect leads.

For Thrive Leads Do I Need Thrive Architect?

Thrive Leads creates opt-in forms all by itself. However if you want to place your form on a landing page or create a sales page, you will need a page builder. In order to avoid plugin conflicts, it is recommended to use Thrive Architect as your page builder.

Getting Started

Here’s a video that will give you a quick overview and will guide you how to use Thrive Leads WordPress plugin:

Creating An Opt-In Form

This is how you can collect leads for your online course.

1. Choose the template you like out of over 260 different templates – different landing pages, sales pages, opt-in, home pages, etc.

Thrive Leads Tutorial & Review - How To Use It 1

When you replace the image in the templates with your own, it retains the “modern art” style it has, without you needing to change anything!

No photo editing tools needed.

This makes this opt-in form template the perfect choice for non-designers and time-conscience designers alike.

You can change the image, the colors, and everything else to fit your needs.

2. Edit the headline, the text, change the background image as you wish.

Thrive Leads Tutorial & Review - How To Use It 2


3. Connect to the email marketing service to collect the email address.

Thrive Leads Tutorial & Review - How To Use It 3

4. Edit the lead generation button and placeholder text.

5. Here is a template for webinar registration – I added my own video from YouTube.

Thrive Leads Tutorial & Review - How To Use It 4

Adding Opt-in Forms Anywhere Conveniently

A superb list building plugin like Thrive Leads is armed with an array of endlessly customizable opt-in form types. You can use this plugin to add opt-in forms like:

  • Lightbox (=pop-ups)
  • Exit intent popups (desktop only)
  • Ribbon (same as Hello Bar)
  • Scroll Mat (Welcome Mat)
  • In content
  • In content and footer opt-in form
  • Screen filler
  • Slide In
  • Opt-in Widget

Once your form is created, you can conveniently designate which pages or posts these opt-in forms would be shown on your website.

Ribbon-type Form

Thrive Leads Tutorial & Review - How To Use It 5

  • Good for narrowly targeted offers for subscribers and engaged visitors
  • Does not interrupt article reading!


A lightbox is an overlay that goes over the website and shows an opt-in form or a picture, etc. They call the user’s attention in a way that is impossible to ignore, because it darkens the rest of the page, but you can still see your site around the edges.

Thrive Leads Tutorial & Review - How To Use It 6

Screen Filler Lightbox/Overlay

Similar to the other type of lightbox, however it covers the entire screen. It is not considered best practice on mobile.

Thrive Leads Tutorial & Review - How To Use It 7

In-line and Post Footer

An opt-in box or an ad that appears in the middle or after each post.

Thrive Leads Tutorial & Review - How To Use It 8


A slide-in is a more friendly alternative to a pop-up. The box comes in with a slow animation from the side.

Thrive Leads Tutorial & Review - How To Use It 9

Scroll Mat Thrive Leads Tutorial & Review - How To Use It 10

  • Essentially just an overlay (like the lightbox), so no harmful effects on Google search indexing!
  • Good for welcomes, lead generation, product offers, social media promotion and things you want to show visitors before they browse your site
  • As big and attention grabbing as a screen filler, but often perceived as being less intrusive

How To Set Up A GDPR Compliant Lead Generator

GDPR is a law that applies to EU ​citizens. ​That means that even if your businesses is not in the EU, ​you’re still required to comply, because ​people from the EU​ can access your website​​​.​​​

The following features are provided:

Explicit Consent Checkboxes

You can activate the setting to have subscribers tick a box that says something like “I agree to receiving a newsletter and understand that I can unsubscribe any time”.

Thrive leads explicit consent checkbox

Proof of Opt-In

In the Thrive Leads reporting area, you can see a list of all leads that have signed up and you can see which of your Thrive Leads opt-in forms they have signed up for.

This counts as proof of consent: you can show that the contact with this email address signed up on your website, through a specific form.

gdpr leads reporting

Eliminating & Encrypting Personal Information in Cookies

Cookies are an important internet tool. Without cookies, you’d have to log back into every website where you have an account, every time you return there.

All the tools in Thrive Themes encrypt or eliminate any personally identifiable information in cookies. This means cookies are still used, but you can’t connect tracking information back to a specific user, which protects their privacy.

How To Have Different Edits On Mobile And Desktop

There is already the option to show a specific form on desktop and hide it on mobile, then create a different form for mobile. The editor also has separate previews to desktop, tablet and mobile.

However with Thrive Architect, you can modify each form to look good on any screen.

Thrive Architect features the most advanced mobile responsive editor for WordPress. Then, you can start to edit and tweak your form to make it look good on each and every size.

This means you can for example:

  • Hide images on mobile
  • Make text smaller or larger depending on the screen size
  • Hide complete “blocks” from your mobile or tablet forms​

Thrive Leads Integrations

Thrive Themes is ready to connect to 40 tools for email marketing, email delivery, webinar, spam prevention and more. Take a look through the list to see their available API integrations. Click on the link and you will find not only the complete list, but there is also a separate video showing how to connect each service through an API key.

The advantage of connecting through API is that you only need to connect once. Afterwards, when you set up a new lead generation form, you can select the connection from your Edit screen.

One of the services you can connect is Google Recaptcha, giving your forms spam protection.

It is also possible to connect the same opt-in form to multiple services. As an example, you can even have your visitor sign up to your email list and create a WordPress account at the same time, straight from the opt-in form. (Not recommended though, just because it’s too many actions at the same time and chances are your subscriber will miss one of your notification emails.)

There is also connection to GoToWebinar, WebinarJam, Zoom, Facebook, Twitter.

Even if no API integration is available, you can use HTML code to connect, though that will mean not all features will be available.

thrive leads html-code

Thrive Leads Pricing & Membership

Pricing. You can get Thrive Leads for a one-time fee of $67 for 1 site, which includes lifetime updates. The price also includes 12 months support with the option to renew each year for $40. For 5 sites the price is $97.

I believe that you will also need Thrive Architect, which has the same pricing. $67 for 1 site and $97 for 5 sites.

Alternatively, if you are already getting both plugins it is better to get Thrive Membership. It is marketed as $19/month, however you can only pay yearly, which is $218. However this includes all all the themes and plugins for 25 sites. If you team up with another blogger, that’s easily the best investment you can make.

Thrive Leads Support

If you buy a product, support is available for 1 year. If you buy the full membership, you don’t eed to renew after a year, you will still get updates and you will probably survive without support. If needed, there are options to extend support at a low price without paying for the entire membership again.

You can get product support for all of the Thrive products, in the Support Forums. You will get answers and solutions from support personnel.


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