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Thrive Headline Optimizer Review

 April 1, 2019

By  Peter Nyiri

Did you know five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy? This is happening because your headline isn’t captivating your audience to click.

Good headlines get attention. Good headlines get clicks. Headlines determine the success or failure of your content, more than any other factor. The same applies to the title of an online course.

Don’t worry, creating headlines is not a magical art. Success is simply determined by testing and using statistics to choose a winner.

This is what some of the world’s largest, most successful websites do.

Websites like Huffington Post, Upworthy, Buzzfeed, CNN and Forbes take their headlines VERY seriously because…

A good headline can make the difference between a post no one cares about and a post getting thousands of clicks, social shares and massive visitor engagement.

The Thrive Headline Optimizer WordPress plugin is all about optimizing your headlines. This plugin is built to help you find the perfect headline for your post/page.

You can find the best headline by adding different headline variations to your post/page and creating a headline test, that will help you pick out the highest engagement headline.

The Thrive Headline Optimizer algorithms only focus on the most important engagement indicators: click through rate, time spent on content and scrolling.

Thrive Headline Optimizer Features:

  • Quick and easy A/B title testing setup
  • Bulk testing feature
  • Engagement reports
  • Set it and forget feature – set your own automatic winner settings to get better CTR and increased engagement on auto-pilot
  • Detailed reports
  • WooCommerce compatible

Peter Nyiri

Peter Nyiri

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