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7-Day Funnel Fix (Increase Conversions)


Have a funnel that doesn’t work? Start making sales with these simple fixes in just 7 days.

Let’s take your funnel into pieces, put it under the microscope and put it together again with increased conversion.

  • Build a new funnel or troubleshoot an existing one
  • Lessons delivered right into your inbox
  • The most affordable funnel course on the internet
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Apparently 1 Subscriber = $1. But how do you make that into a reality?

By copying a proven funnel.

Subjects Covered:

  • 3 copywriting hacks vital for email opens and salesmen
  • How to use Contrarian copy to build trust
  • How to induce “Aha moments” in your readers
  • Creating a list of objections potential buyers will have
  • Selling through teaching
  • Why you should take a Red Ocean and turn it into a Blue ocean product
  • Products don’t sell, offers do
  • How to turn your product into an offer
  • 3 offers that make or break your funnel
  • Low Hanging Fruit: Create A Small Product Funnel
  • Opt-in forms vs. landing pages
  • Low Hanging Fruit – Tripwire
  • How To Create A Core Offer using X-A-V-I-E-R
  • Selling through story
  • Price anchoring
  • The Fool-Proof Way To Come Up With Your First Offer

The most affordable funnel training on the entire internet.

Why $12? Because it is a tripwire. A tripwire is supposed to cost $7-$37.

A tripwire is a great way to gain buying momentum.

Learn how to create your own tripwire and start earning.

Learn how to create high converting opt-in pages, sales pages, write copy for your pages and your emails. Build credibility and trust, dress up your products by creating offers that your audience can’t resist.

It is delivered as an email course.


People don’t complete the courses they purchase.

I personally purchased courses.

I have no idea how to access them any more, because I didn’t bookmark the login page.

That’s why you will get the lessons in you email.

You won’t forget about the course, because it will be in your in-box.

No need to go through courses with 116 lessons. It is all condensed into a few emails delivered right into your inbox.

Despite the fact that it only costs $12, it’s a course that will bring you several aha moments.

You can see that from the open rate. The industry standards for email open rates is 1.5-20 percent.


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