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​Building your business as a one-man show? ​You'd better have a killer strategy.

​You are competing with blogs that have a whole team and deep budgets. 

“What you don't know will hurt you​.” - Mike Filsaime

Does this sound like you?

"​​I have been working on this blog over a year now.
But it is just not working.
​But deep down I know I just need that breakthrough.. "

​If the text above seems to be talking about you, you are in the right place and you want to read this entire page.

​What is that one thing that will turn it around?​

Success is not an overnight thing, it comes as a series of small breakthroughs.

The fact is that you will never figure out blogging by Googling the solution. That stuff is only like a preview of the latest movie. It doesn’t tell you the full story.

Unfortunately many times the paid stuff isn’t any better. The so-called “premium” paid courses are superficial, theoretical, impractical.

​Popular advice: "Do what ​successful marketers are DOING." (True)

"Build an email list because email marketing is how they make money." (True)

"Write a 12-month email series with affiliate products that you want to promote." 

Seemingly this is all good information… and I could continue giving you data like this…

You get a lot of ​these in your email. ​Bits and pieces of “useful” information.

But when you sit down to do it, you are going to run into ​a wall.

What you are missing is a practical strategy that you can follow.

Bad Example 1

How Often Should You  Send Newsletters?

“This is something that will be unique to you. For that reason, I recommend doing some testing. Send out one email per week, one every two weeks, and so on, and see what schedule your audience best responds too. I recommend sending out a newsletter at least once a week because it keeps you at the forefront of people's minds, establishes you as an expert in your niche, and helps you build trust with your subscribers.”

Are you any smarter?

​​​​​Bad Example 2

What to include in your newsletter?
“There are no set rules on what you should include in your newsletter. It all depends on what feels right for you, and what works for your audience.”


Well look...


​“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again

...and expecting a different result.”

And Albert was a pretty smart guy.

So if you want to actually start making money...


Then you need to listen to Einstein and start doing something new.

Something that works regardless of your experience... your resources… your blog’s age… if Google loves you..

Right now you ​are probably operating on data like this:

  • I need to build a list first...
  • I need to write 200 pages of content...
  • I need to SEO until my fingers fall off...
  • I need to promote my blog posts ​in 50 Facebook groups

Have you tried doing the above? Has it worked?

So try something NEW! And by this I don’t mean that you need to invent a system.

No. Try something that nobody else is doing.

Build a funnel BEFORE you write 200 blog posts.

Don’t waste your time sharing your content on 15 different social media channels, wasting your entire day… and then trying to sign them up for your email list – when 2 out of 100 does, it takes an awful long time…

I am not saying that you shouldn’t build a list, because your list makes you money. But ​if it takes you an entire year to sign up 100 subscribers, that just too long!!!  

​​People aren’t buying my product…

​Which is just a sign of an incorrect funnel. Build a correct funnel BEFORE you do anything else.

​But funnels are technical….

​Listen, we live in the age of WordPress. Pretty much all you need is some plugins and a detailed guide that shows you how to set them up.

​But I am not an expert...

​You are not an expert doing all the stuff that isn’t working for you right now…
So why not just switch and follow some simple instructions???


My blog has made more than a thousand dollars in affiliate commissions this past month, but I can’t say that I am happy with it. I am taking it to the next level and going for ​five figures.

Are you coming with me?

Stop doing what the other 90 percent are doing…

  • I stopped churning out new blog posts in November 2018.
  • I don't promote anything in Facebook groups or Instagram. 
  • Sometimes I share something on Twitter. Otherwise I don't even have a social media strategy, I have no idea how other bloggers promote their stuff and I don't care.  

I concentrate on increasing my earnings instead. How about you?

My blog hasn't even broken 100 page views a day, in fact I get about 1,500 organic clicks per month. Still, I just took this screenshot:

Thrive Commissions-3

I must admit that I was lucky to find that one affiliate program and the strategy... But one thing is sure:

You don't need a lot of traffic before you can start making money.

I ​don't spend any money on advertising.

In fact I haven't spent any money on my blog since November, when I renewed my domain.  

Obviously, everyone has some kind of a funnel. We all have lead magnets, opt-in forms, autoresponders… We all send out emails. But for some reason your funnel isn’t working…

You are missing 3 things:

  1. The components of a sales funnel and how to create them effectively   
  2. An actual funnel strategy that works
  3. The plugins that enable you to put the funnel together

​​Did you know that there are over 30 components to a sales funnel?

  1. How to create a core product that sells
  2. What an offer is and how to create an offer that people can't say 'no' to
  3. How to write a sales page that sells your product
  4. How to increase revenue with OTOs
  5. Using scarcity to increase conversions
  6. Upsells
  7. Flash sales
  8. Correctly pricing your products
  9. ​Product launches
  10. How to create a high-converting opt-in page
  11. How "FREE" stuff lost its appeal and how to use it correctly for massive profits
  12. How to use giveaways to build your list
  13. How your lead magnet kills your funnel and how to fix it
  14. Creating a tripwire that gets first-time buyers and increase your customers' lifetime value
  15. Your email confirmation page
  16. How to write a Welcome email series
  17. Relationship Builder Sequence
  18. Creating a conversion email sequence that sells your product without burning your list
  19. Segmenting your list
  20. Increasing open rates and click-through rates
  21. How to write headlines
  22. How to write copy
  23. How to use stories to get sales
  24. What a hook is and why it's important
  25. Response triggers
  26. Using micro-commitments and engagement to build a fan base that wants your products
  27. Building trust
  28. Getting traffic into your funnel even if your site is brand new
  29. Setting up an affiliate program for free to increase sales
  30. Viral marketing
  31. How to write your content so that you get organic traffic
  32. Retargeting
  33. Paid advertising

​Wh​ich ones do you need and what do you need to know if want to start making money? 

​​​​​Is there an ​online marketing course that you really want to buy, but it's just too expensive?
​I know the feeling. I missed out on stuff, too.

​There is a fashion to sell these courses at a premium price.

You know, I spent almost a year going through courses to find the right one to promote as an affiliate…

It got me thinking... Why is there such a trend for $2,000 courses...?

The answer?
Greed and inefficient marketing.
The Italian super-car ​lifestyle requires a lot of money.

But there is another thing:
​They spend thousands on ads and YOU are expected to cover that cost. Literally $1,500 - $1,800 in ad spend to sell a $2,000 product.

The Premium Method

You may have heard about Derek Halpern. I am not trying to say anything bad about him, because he is a sales genius and I learned a lot from him. 

He made millions of dollars selling his courses and he has a whole method on selling premium priced products. ​If you care, you can watch this video about how someone can sell a haircut for $310.

He has since closed the doors on all of his online courses and started to use his knowledge to sell poison-free physical products.

His signature course, “Blogs That Convert 2.0” was selling for $2,000.

In 2018 I was lucky enough to win his course as a bonus and I ​studied the entire thing. I learned a lot about making money with a blog.

Bryan Harris from VideoFruit has a course called “10K Subscribers”.

In April 2018 I actually saved up the money and bought his course. It gave me key insights into email marketing.

​But let’s be real.

​Not everyone can afford these courses.

You buy a $1,000 course.

Then you still need to spend $50-$100 on hosting, pay $20 a month for your email marketing service, pay for Tailwind if you choose to do Pinterest.

​And you spend the first six months to a year of your blogging career learning the ropes and trying to gain traction.

What is your ROI?

How much does this course cost?

I looked at all the data and I made my decision. 

​I am not following the premium model and you don't need to ​come up with all that cash.

When you sign up for this course, you will see that it is comparable to any of those $1,000 courses that you missed out on.

​I am not going to have you ​spend a thousand dollars, the way several other marketers do.

​And I am not even saying that charging $1,000 for a course is wrong. I simply have a different business model and different purposes.  

I believe that everybody deserves the opportunity to build their business and create the lifestyle that they want.

I am giving you this $1,000 course for ​a fraction of the price.

By the way, no upsell to buy another more expensive course in the sales funnel.

This course will give you all the value by itself.

“Why are you doing this?”, you may rightfully ask.

The answer is really simple.

First, when you really get down to it, a "dream lifestyle" doesn't have to cost that much!

The other reason has to do with picking the right niche.

Most people think “Building a profitable blog” is a niche. Or “Email marketing”. This is where they screw up. It's not. WHO are you targeting with such a "niche"?

​In order to be successful, you ​need to be a lot more specific than that.

I want to help out solo bloggers that

  • already have a blog but it ​generates no money 
  • ​have trouble generating traffic
  • blog solo, without a team
  • ​couldn’t afford the $1,000 course and now feel ​bad because they missed out.

Are you getting that feeling? Then this course is for you.

That’s my niche.

I have been in those shoes and I know what you are going through.

I am not greedy.

There are at least 100,000 people out there that belong to this niche. If I sell 1,000 copies at this price this year, I have accomplished my financial goals for the year.

I don’t need to extort a thousand dollars from anyone just to earn my living.

​Sales funnels have certain natural laws.

Do you think if you knew them all in detail, you could sell your products and make money?


They say about ​​Solo Blogger ​Blueprint

​​This was the best course I have ever purchased on sales funnels. ​So many details! So much inside information. 

Everything you need is packed into one course, you don't need to buy several courses... Part of the reason why ​my company was able to launch and become profitable so quickly was that I had a plan in mind: a conversion-focused funnel, content to feed new traffic and a follow-up process. I’d recommend this course for anyone who wants to get beyond just ‘​hope and pray’ and build a business that consistently makes money.

Juliana Stewart

Business Analyst

About ​Solo Blogger Blueprint

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​Learn the exact copywriting formula used by the person who built over 500 funnels while working for ClickFunnels. Build your sales pages without hustle using Thrive Architect templates. 

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