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By Peter Nyiri | Pinterest

Nov 25

Let’s do Pinterest the smart way.

Examine your group boards – do they look like this?

Are you a collaborator to multiple group boards that give you zero re-pins?

Group Board Repin Rate

If so, you are wasting your pinning resources, whether it’s BoardBooster, Tailwind or manual pinning.

And let’s face it, those boards are a little more than beautiful link farms.

But I have a board that looks like this:

Boards with the Pins people save most from the last 30 days Saves Impressions Clicks # of Pins
510 1,135 2 59

I must admit that the click-through rate desires more improvement…

… but I only started Pinterest two months ago and I spent most of the time figuring it out.

I am not going to give you access to the above board, but I tell you how I get all those saves.

  1. I collected all my website pins to that board.
  2. I pin to all my other boards from Best of FunnelXpert.
  3. I joined some BoardBooster tribes and uploaded pins from that board.
  4. I teamed up with a fellow blogger and shared this board ONLY with her. She is pinning from this board every day to her boards.
  5. I do the same thing to her “Best of” board in exchange.

And this is how the views responded after I put the above in use:

Pinterest view increase

Now I am going to build up all my group boards the same way, and you can profit from this if you are smart.

This Is What You Should Do

  1. You should have awesome content an a number of high-quality pins.
  2. Create your “Best of” board for your blog and pin everything from there, even to your own subject boards.
  3. Go through your group boards and see which ones are not getting your pins shared.
  4. Free up your resources by not pinning to those group boards.
  5. Join some of my group boards.
  6. Pin to my group boards and use your freed-up resources to pin from my group boards.
  7. Pick a pin every day and add a comment. This weighs in the Pinterest algorithm.
  8. If everyone does that, your re-pins will increase as a result.
  9. My group boards will gain more authority, helping your pins spread.
  10. I will police and remove everyone who is not pinning from these boards.

I believe this plan will help you more than being a member of 80 group boards that are dead.

I have the following group boards you can join:

  • Make Money Blogging
  • Sales Funnels
  • Mom Bloggers
  • Bloggers Inspiration Ideas
  • Lifestyle/Motivation Stuff
  • Email List Building
  • Pinterest Tips

If you are interested in the above and want to sign up for them, please do the following:

  1. Follow my profile on Pinterest.
  2. Recommended: Sign up for my free e-course, Turn Your Blog Into A 5-Figure Business. Obviously I can’t force you to do this, but you will learn how to build a profitable blog by being human and providing value.
  3. Fill out the form below.

You can also join my Blog Profits BoardBooster tribe.

Want to master Pinterest? Read my ultimate Pinterest guide.

High quality pins only!

Happy pinning!


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