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By Peter Nyiri | Funnels

Nov 24

Built a funnel, but no traffic and no sales? Copy mine! You are missing something that is not related to the landing page, the opt-in form, the autoresponder.

I will help you turn your blog into a profitable business.

I am building this sample sales funnel so that

  • you can experience it
  • see how your blog could be making 5 figures, and
  • so that you can copy it.

This is a guided tour where I will show explain you the parts as we go.

What Is A Sales Funnel?

It is is a road map that takes a complete stranger through a series of steps to become your customer. They also call it a sales pipeline.

Most people don't ever see the funnel. They only see the opt-in forms, the e-mails...

They don't see the forest, they only see the individual trees. I call this "funnel blindness".

The ability of your blog to make money for you depends entirely on your funnel.

There are different kinds of funnels, like opt-in funnels, webinar funnels, free plus shipping funnels, email funnels, re-targeting funnels, etc.

Why Use A Sales Funnel?

70 percent of your visitors never return to your site.

95 percent are not ready to buy when they visit.

Therefore you are leaving 97% of the profits on the table if you try to sell your product straight, without a sales funnel, be it your own product or affiliate products.

The components that you need in order to sell your product are the following:

  • You need to provide outstanding value for your visitors/customers
  • You need to build trust
  • You need to create engagement with your blog and brand
  • You do all the above through follow-up

Do you want proof? My best page that has earned me a thousand dollars, is on the subject of WordPress sales funnel themes and plugins. It is actually a Thrive Themes affiliate page. And guess what the conversion rate is:

1 percent conversion rate

Can You Really Make Money With A Funnel?

I am giving you just one example of how stupidly simple it can be to make money with a simple funnel...

Theresa Nguyen is a teenager and this is her funnel:

She shares videos of her homemade slime on her Instagram account that get hundreds of thousands of views. Her account is filled with colorful posts. With just 372 such live posts, she has gathered a following of 1 million people.

Just watch this video - she posted it on 20 Nov and on 3 Dec she has 149,000 views:

From her Instagram account there is a link to her store.

rad slime shop funnel

It's all sold out... And these are some of her FAQs:

"Why is there nothing in your shop? I restock every Saturday 3 pm CST. I sell within 24 hours or so.

"What do I get in my order? Your slime, A baggie of borax, instructions, and a little treat (extras).

"When will I get my slime? Orders are normally shipped within 2-3 days and normally take about a week to arrive. If it hasn't arrived like said using your tracking number, please contact me by email."

And this is her funnel... Stupidly simple, right?

Cool Instagram videos - build followers - link to store.

If a teenager can make a few thousand bucks a month selling slime, are you trying to tell me that you can't?

Sales Funnel Examples - How Your Profit Depends On It

Coming back to the world of regular products, I am going to show this to you through a very simple example taken from an e-commerce funnel called Mage Omega (which I don't recommend to beginners, but it is very easy to see).

Mage Omega works with a very simple funnel of selling a single product through targeted Facebook ads.

Scenario #1

Let's say you get 1000 clicks from Facebook ads.

1,000 x 35 cents a click = $350 traffic cost

At 3% conversion
30 Sales x $30 each = $900 revenue
Cost of 30 units = $300

Total cost (traffic cost + fulfillment cost) = $650
Total Profit = $250

Scenario #2

Now you slightly change the funnel with a very simple change of offering a second one, which some people will take:

1000 x 35 cents a click = $350 traffic cost

Now you get 5% conversion because of the change
= 50 sales @ $30 each = $1500 Revenue
Cost of 50 units = $500

Total cost (traffic +fulfillment) = $850
Total take home profit = $650

Suddenly your profit increased almost 250 percent.

After this little example you know what a “funnel” is, and how it makes a big difference and you are on the right track. But that’s
just the foundation of things. The special sauce is in how you actually implement it and the little things that go into your funnel.

The takeaway? It's enough to put the parts there. In order to maximize your revenue, you need the right sales funnel template.

WooCommerce/Shopify Sales Funnel

This would be another type of sales funnel.

You would have

  • Affiliates driving traffic and getting commissions
  • Offering coupons for account sign-up
  • Regular emails with offers
  • Retargeting
  • One-click upsells to increase profits

Funnels - My First Lesson From John Chow

John ChowA year ago I downloaded a free e-book from John Chow and he spoke about a guy named Tyler Cruz, who was from British Columbia and was doing affiliate marketing sending Google Adwords traffic straight to affiliate offers.

Between January and June 2013 he received a total of $607,000 of affiliate commissions and it cost him $392,000 to generate the traffic.

This meant $215,000 of net profit.

Then suddenly all his campaigns died. Too much competition and affiliate offer payments declining.

Tyler didn't sign these people up for an e-mail list.

All he got was a one-time commission, and these people were then sold additional products by the company that Tyler sent them to, but he got no commission for these further sales.

If he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising in just a few months, you can easily imagine how he left millions of dollars on the table just because he used the incorrect funnel.

E-Mail: The Key To Your Funnel

Email marketing is the EASIEST and MOST EFFECTIVE of all marketing tactics.

Email is one of the most important elements in your sales funnel. An automated email follow-up sequence done the RIGHT WAY is what can take a website that only converts 1% of it's traffic into sales and leads, and easily triple that.

A funnel that consists of content (and ads) that work to attract thousands of prospects into your funnel every week, landing pages and offers that convert them into email subscribers, and finally a sophisticated nurturing and automated follow-up sequence that turns those passive prospects into new and repeat customers can generate 6-7 figures in sales revenue.

A Basic Email Marketing Funnel

A simple funnel would consist of the following elements:

  1. Your epic blog content attracting visitors
  2. Landing page(s)
  3. Lead magnet(s)
  4. Your visitor signing up for your list
  5. A low-priced tripwire on the front end
  6. Automated email follow-up, building trust & educating
  7. Recommending solutions to your subscriber's problems in the form of lower and higher-priced items.
  8. Methods for traffic creation and conversion optimization
  9. Retargeting - Facebook

Marketing Funnel Automation And Implementation

So far it sounds very easy.

When I read John Chow for the first time, it sounded extremely logical. However I couldn't do anything with the data.

The problem we all face is the implementation. Naturally you want it to work automatically, you don't want to manually send emails to your subscribers. Setting it up, you face problems like this:

  • How do you construct a landing page? WordPress doesn't have a built-in capability to build a landing page or a sales page.
  • What is the structure of your funnel? The right upsell can literally triple your profits.
  • How do you drive traffic?
  • How do you capture the leads?
  • What copy do you use? Landing page, sales page and email copy is the difference between success or failure.
  • What are you going to say in the e-mails?
  • What autoresponder service to choose?

I literally had 3 or 4 e-mail services rejecting me without even writing a word into their autoresponders. They are that much afraid of spammers.

Have you noticed that spam e-mails are at their highest point? This proves the same thing: e-mail marketing is effective, even for spammers.

But we can go further (towards more simple) in implementation problems:

  • What hosting should you use? (I tried about 5 of them.)
  • What is the best domain name for your site?
  • How do you set up Google Analytics?
  • And I could continue on and on and on.

The John Chow Video

Have you watched the John Chow video on the home page?

I had no reason why I put that specific video there, other than "Driving with John Chow" is a cool video and it was on the subject of sales funnels. This was the first one that came up on YouTube when I searched and I am familiar with John.

John is a blogger and he is famous for making 7 figure income just by blogging about how much money he makes, showing off his expensive cars, the "Laptop lifestyle". He says in the video that he is getting 200 opt-ins a day with his lead magnet.

I was just thinking about the video and I realized that it was BS. Originally I didn't want to put another video on this page, but i changed my mind. I want you to watch the video and see if you can catch his bullshit.

Did you manage to figure it out?

OK, I will tell you. He says that the funnel is made up of 4 parts:

  1. The lead magnet
  2. The tripwire
  3. The core offer
  4. Upsell/profit multiplier

He says chances are that the reason why you are not making money with your funnel is that one or more parts of the funnel are missing, specifically 3 and 4.

Does that sound right to you? I believe most of the people reading this post already have some kind of a funnel set up. You have a nice-looking site, an opt-in box with a lead magnet and some auto-responder series.

He is right that you may be missing a higher priced core offer and an upsell. However this is a half-truth.

Do you feel that adding these to your funnel will really result in 6- or 7-figure income for you?

Do I guess correctly that your answer to this question is an instant and positive "no"?

Compare the elements he gives for a sales funnel with the list of elements I gave.

What is the most glaring thing missing from his list?

This is superficial information.

He more than likely knows  this, otherwise he wouldn't be making 7 figures...

But he  doesn't mention that after you set up the funnel, as he described it, you will still need to drive visitors to your funnel and maybe out of 200 visitors only 3 will sign up for your list and none of them will buy even your intro product.

Does that scene sound familiar? John makes it sound very easy...

It also takes some funnel strategy, like the one I described above, and building real relationship and trust to sell something and make money.

I Will Help You Out With Your Funnel

At one point I realized that there is only so much I can do with digging around for free information, trying to piece the parts together.

I realized that a complete sales funnel system was necessary to create real blog income.

It would just take too long start from zero and to do all the testing that was already done by others that are more proficient than me and have been doing this full time for years.

And the same is true for YOU. The only problem is to avoid courses and e-books that just take your money and don't deliver or provide such superficial information that you can't really use it for anything.

I have spent a lot of time examining different tools - hosts, autoresponders, funnel building methods.

Experience My Funnel And Learn From It

My Free Sales Funnel Course

Sales Funnel Course - Pin this image

The best way to learn about sales funnels is to experience them yourself while you are studying about them.

You can test it on yourself if it works, right? Then you can implement it on your own site.

Therefore I have the following offer to you:

I invite you to experience my funnel and copy it if you like it.

My funnel is the kind that you have probably never seen before.

It's built on engagement.

How do you get your subscribers to engage with your emails, to the point where they just can't wait to receive and open your next email?

You will get an answer if you put your name and email into the sign-up box below.

I can guarantee that this will be a totally new world for you and using my techniques will boost your sales.

You are already in my funnel. It starts on my home page, which is the most visited page of any website. Therefore there is a button that directs to this page.

This is the "Start Here" page of my funnel. As you can see, I made it very engaging with stories, videos, etc. to keep your interest.

Do you have a page like that? Is it well written?

That's your first thing to think about.

This is the first thing you need to copy.

A sales funnel is a route, and all routes need to start somewhere.

The next step for you is the sign-up for my free funnel e-mail course, Turn Your Blog Into A 5-Figure Business.

My Offer To You

I will teach you, through my course, to get consistent sales on your website.

That's a bold statement, right?

When you sign up below, you will go through an e-mail series that will point out how you can get sales from your funnel - on your blog.

You will learn by

  1. You personally experiencing it, and
  2. I will explain what happens in each step
  3. I will direct you to blog posts, either on this site or on other sites that give you the knowledge you need.

Experience my funnel ... and steal it, copy it if you like.

I could easily charge $150 for this course, but I am giving it away for free.

So, type your name and e-mail below and let the fun begin!

It's a no-brainer... It's free!


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I'm building my 5-figure blog and sales funnel and help other bloggers do the same. You are welcome to join and learn from my experience and mistakes! Are you ready for this?

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Maya Maceka December 3, 2017

What a fantastic resource Peter!

I’m in the “brainstorming” stage of my own funnel so, needless to say I bookmarked this and I’m going to be referring to it many times! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Dalene December 4, 2017

Cant wait to access the funnel building resources and learn more .I’ll now get to develop my funnel! Very inspiring!

Joleisa December 5, 2017

I really love this post. Do you know why? It’s the first time I’ve actually read a post that explains in such details about what funnels are, how they work etc.
Instead of a mass group of email subscribers though, I wish someone could show ME INDIVIDUALLY how to make up a funnel that matches my blog and audience. Too often when I give my email address for something like this, I just get some general information but nothing specific to me and my circumstances. Wonder if you want to do a challenge just for me? LEt me know

    Peter Nyiri December 5, 2017

    Tell me what you are having trouble with. It is important for me to know what my readers are interested in, that is how I get ideas to write blog posts that people will actually read…

Nokulunga C December 17, 2017

Thank you great info, I could never the funnel strategy i’m still new in the make money online thing

Juli December 18, 2017

As a fellow entrepreneur myself it’s so important to have a funnel in place thanks for sharing this.

Ariel December 18, 2017

These are some great ideas. I will have to try them out, as I am always looking to earn more money. Thank you for sharing!

Floby December 30, 2017

I wanna learn this please email me details and more. Great post!


Floby, Everyday New

قیف فروش January 7, 2018

I Used this post for writting an article about sales funnel, Thanks.

Reply January 27, 2018

Hi Peter, Great Stuff, Keep Going
Just one question I´ve Signed up for the course, but there must be a problem with your autoresponder, cause I haven´t received emails.
Please check that

    Peter Nyiri January 27, 2018

    Hi Adalberto,
    Did you by any chance check your spam folder?
    Let me know, I want to find out.

Kathryn Maclean January 28, 2018

Hi Peter,
Excellent article on sales funnels. I thought I had read this before, the John Chow video was familiar but I signed up maybe for the second time because you wrote such a terrific article on sales funnels. Everything you need to know.
Thanks for the info.

    Peter Nyiri February 6, 2018

    Hi Kathryn,
    You’re welcome.
    I always strive to deliver the best content to my readers!

Sophie February 20, 2018

Great tips, Peter! Creating a profitable sales funnel is so important, but for many, it can be a very complicated experience. This is a great resource for bloggers if they’d like to learn more. Thanks for sharing!

    Peter Nyiri February 21, 2018

    Hi Sophie, Thanks for visiting! Yes, every blog needs a sales funnel – “Turn your blog into a business” is my new slogan.

Angela Large February 21, 2018

Oh my God, I can’t believe this… So much useful information!
It’s awesome! TKU very much for sharing this, I will definitely implement these points on my website!

d'Atonya Muttley February 22, 2018

This free course is really awesome.
Thanks for putting it together!
I recommend that everyone sign up!

SEOTen February 23, 2018

Wonderful article!
Thank you very much for sharing!
Sales funnels are really important in building a profitable blog.

Shelley April 14, 2018

Wow. That was a lot of information. I will be back to read it again

Akash April 25, 2018

This is an awesome article
Thanks for sharing with us, keep it up.


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