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Review Your WP Theme And Get A High DA Backlink

 January 11, 2018

By  Peter Nyiri

Have you ever had the frustration of having to pick a WordPress theme for your blog and not having enough data to decide which one? If you have, then you know that this information is extremely valuable.

And who has the best practical data on a theme? Most definitely it is the people who live and breathe with it every day.

I decided to help out all these people that are starting a new blog and provide them enough data and reward the contributors at the same time.

And I decided to also help YOU in your link building efforts. Because your site needs quality backlinks in order to grow.

Have you also had a frustration trying to find blogs that approve you for quest posting? Not getting answers, stupid restrictions?

Why should you post your review?

When you apply for a guest post to a regular blog, it is difficult to get approved.

They don’t know you and you need to comply with all kinds of stiff requirements.

I don’t care that I don’t know you. If you give me what I need, I will give you what you need.

I need about 1,000 theme reviews for my site, and there is no way I am going to write them all by myself.

Therefore I want your submission to get approved. All you need to do is follow my detailed instructions and quality guidelines. (Or if you can do something better, go for it!)

I also take it a step further. In a guest post you normally need to avoid self-promotion.

But a review of a theme is incomplete without showing what it looks like in real life, how the it a a good match (or not) for a specific subject.

Therefore, just like when you write a guest post, you will be allowed to link back to your own site from your review and not from an author bio.

Therefore you also get to feature your website as part of your review (which is promotion for you).

I don’t care if you spend up to 500 words featuring your blog/website as part of your review.

Imagine several hundred people writing reviews and sharing it with their friends. The site’s value will go up and your backlink will become even more valuable over time.

Is there a catch?

There is no catch.

This is what happened: Someone had a domain on the subject of WordPress themes.

They didn’t want it any more, I found it accidentally and I purchased the domain.

There are a lot of websites linking to this domain, therefore it has a high DA, high Trust Flow and Citation Flow.

The website used to have over 1,300 pages indexed in Google, however these pages were simply the out-of-the-box descriptions of the theme features, which are very unhelpful, and honestly low quality content.

First I wanted to resell this domain, but then I changed my mind, recognizing the opportunity for myself and for you also.

Note: The backlink is from your review, not the home page.

I only have two requirements:

  1. Your high quality review
  2. You will receive as an extra bonus from me – a short email series where I walk you through how you can increase sales of your website with building a sales funnel, how you can get more traffic and subscribers.

Note: I accept other subjects also, but they need to be related to the subject of WordPress.

Are you ready? You can sign up here and the instructions will be emailed to you:

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Peter Nyiri

Peter Nyiri

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