FunnelXpert Relaunched – An Online Sales Funnel Case Study

By Peter Nyiri | Funnels

Nov 25

This is a sales funnel website case study. I log of everything I do on the FunnelXpert site.

This post contains the first two months of the blog, the continuation is in my next case study post.

22 Nov 2017 - FunnelXpert Niche Research:

  • Came up with the idea of a website on funnels.
  • Checked in a free keyword tool, 12,000 searches per month for "funnel marketing".
  • I looked at factors like a lot of people having unresolved difficulties in creating funnels, sub-niches like autoresponders, opt-in freebies, sales funnels, webinar funnels, etc.
  • I looked at factors of profitable affiliate programs, like ClickFunnels and alternatives, WordPress website builders
  • Another factor in my decision was the e-mail series that I got from AutoGrow promoting its 6-Figure Funnels course, reading all the transcripts of their four webinars and the data I found there.
  • Finally, in the last email I got from them, I saw that there was an affordable plan that I could start by only paying $69 to start and there was an additional 5 monthly payments of $69, which was reasonable. And the offer also included Thrive Themes, Thrive Leads and the Price Comparison plugin if I buy it bu Friday night... At that point I had to buy it. Also by this time I saw that their funnel really works...
  • Got a Black Friday promotion deal from Hostinger, cloud hosting with free domain, free SSL, built-in CDN, unlimited starage, domains, bandwidth. Three years for $111 and two years for $85. I could consolidate all my sites under one hosting and I wouldn't need to worry about my site going down every day for 5-10 minutes and all the technical problems that went with my CDN.
  • I went through a bunch of domain names on, GoDaddy and I checked their backlink structure.
  • seemed to be the best. It had close to 250 backlinks from 39 domains, all to the home page, which can easily be fixed up with links built to other pages. Some article directory links that are not the best. Diversified anchor texts with Delhi internet marketing company.

FunnelXpert SEOSpy links

Checked the domain on Confirms anchor texts, about 5-6 page website going back to 2012, of an internet marketing company from India servicing also Australia. No spam, also found their logo.

  • Domain not indexed, there is a similar live website named, business success company from Beograd. There was another one called, which seems to be a 2-page website with a homepage on landing pages, and some kind of a lead capture page from Facebook. It says, "Sherice Jacob helps website owners improve sales and increase profits through compelling copywriting and conversion optimization." Don't compete with me.

23 Nov 2017 - FunnelXpert Niche Site Update:

  • I purchased the 6-Figure Funnels course from AutoGrow and I watched all of the summary videos of the chapters in one go to make sure that it contains enough data and that I feel I can actually do this challenge.
  • I finalized my domain name.
  • I checked the backlink structure of the domain.
  • Registered domain and purchased 2 years of hosting, free SSL from Hostinger.
  • Spent about 4 hours searching for an affordable autoresponder service that accepts my site.

24 Nov 2017 - Site Setup:

  • Set up hosting, SSL, plugins, WordPress.
  • Set up Google Analytics, Google Search Console.
  • Connected to Majestic SEO - this is where I start from:

Majectic SEO

  • Checked metrics in MOZ - DA=9, PA=17, which seems contrary to the zero backlinks that MOZ is aware of.
  • Wrote About Page.
  • Transferred Privacy, Disclaimer, Sign-up success page
  • Transferred posts from old site.
  • Picked a temporary theme.
  • Sent an email for Thrive Themes and Thrive Leads to Matt from Autogrow and I told him about my challenge.
  • Found perfect banner picture.
  • Finalized landing page text.
  • Wrote key post on he Funnel challenge. This is the"Start Here" page, this is where people will click through from the home page and this is where they get sold to sign up for my e-mail list to follow my challenge, and also to get the ultimate resource page for starting a blog and building their own funnel.
  • Found that PrettyLinks wasn't working on my Hostinger account and Hostinger customer service doesn't answer.
  • My main excitement was that I finally got approved by SendGrid after sending in my ID, this will give an affordable option to send out my emails.

25 Nov 2017 - FunnelXpert Site Setup:

  • Transferred all affiliate links from PrettyLinks to ThirstyAffiliate plugin
  • At the same time I added each one to my resources page.
  • I realized that some sites have an affiliate system where you can add your affiliate ID to any page you send the visitor to and get a commission. I went through those sites, selected high-value posts and added them to my resource page.
  • From my email in-box I ran into a post on getting e-mail subscribers from Pinterest, and it was giving real data on it, therefore my attention went to doing list building with Pinterest after the site is set up.
  • At the same time I am behind schedule to be ready with my site and publish my first guest post by Sunday. I don't have my autoresponder set up and without that it's pointless.
  • While setting up my resource page, I found a new place for potential guest posts - LongTailPro.

It's becoming quite a nice resource page... This will be my opt-in offer. Maybe I will also publish it as an e-book.

My home page says,

"Want to create a $5K funnel? Learn how."

"Click here to test my funnel."

And now I am pressing "Publish" on this post and with this I have a total of 2 live posts, plus the About Page, Disclaimer and Privacy.

I read the first two lessons of the 6-Figure Sales Funnel on the bus. The two reason why people buy was enlightening. Now I understand the tactics that internet marketing "gurus" use.

26 Nov 2017 - Site Setup:

  • I didn't buy domain privacy and I am already getting spam emails for my domain.

One email source keeps telling me that my domain is about to expire and I need to renew it... BS

The other one is telling me to submit my site to the search engines.

  • I already have to change my home page text, even though no one has seen it yet...

Actually Google Analytics says 4 visitors for 0 second, 100 percent bounce rate, 3 direct, 1 referral. Not sure what this is about.

My home page now says,

"Learn the difference between 5-figure income and making a dime."

"Click here to experience my funnel."

  • I got my Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads license and I connected it up with my SendGrid account. I watched the video on Thrive Architect. It's amazing!

Unfortunately no word on Thrive Themes yet.

I only have a few hours today, I am working 12 hour shifts through the weekend, 6 pm to 6 am in my "day job"...

It's deadly. Be happy if you only have 9 to 5. It motivates e even more.

I realized that the resource page is even better idea than I thought - I can ask the people who are on it to share it with their audience.

I have over a hundred more resources to add... however I am not going to continue that right now, but I am adding my own posts to the resource page and fixing them up to fit this new site.

27 Nov 2017 - FunnelXpert Indexed In Google:

I worked all night in my day job and I slept till  1 pm. I am going again tonight for an all-nighter, therefore I didn't have much time.

However, some great things have happened:

I got the download link for Thrive Themes and the product price comparison plugin.

This means I can now finalize the look of my site.

And one more thing:

My site is indexed in Google:

FunnelXpert indexed in Google

28 Nov 2017 - Home Page Updated:

I received Thrive Themes and I updated my home page.

It looks absolutely fantastic.

I added a John Chow sales funnel video for now.

I had to do another research on autoresponder companies.

I figured out that SendGrid is unable to send a welcome campaign or a drip campaign.

Seems like I will go with MailerLite.

And I decided to do an autoresponder review.

29 Nov 2017 New Home Page with Pressive, Thrive Themes:

My home page is now pretty much set up with the Pressive Thrive Themes template.

It is not very intuitive to build a page with it, and the documentation doesn't always match the reality, but I made it.

30 Nov 2017 - Working On Email Stuff:

I finally connected my autoresponder and wrote my welcome email, plus my first email.

I completely re-wrote my About Page to make it different. I added my story.

18 keywords showed up in my Search Console account, with an average position of 140. This is from the indexing of my home page. Yeah! Progress.

1 Dec 2017:

I finalized my email sign-up Thank You Page with Thrive.

I picked a nice clean e-mail template, I wrote the first two e-mails of my welcome campaign, and I tested it. It looks great!

My guest post is going live tomorrow on Mostly Blogging, I want to be ready to get subscribers from it.

2 Dec 2017 - Guest Post Went Live:

OK, so my guest post on Mostly Blogging that mentions FunnelXpert has gone live.

Janice is an awesome host. She built a powerful blog with no tech experience and she is definitely a blogging expert and knows how to drive traffic.

She is very willing to publish high quality guest posts and she has a whole system of promotion that she executes after every single post.

This is her recipe for success - regular high quality articles from herself and guest bloggers with an effective promotional strategy. That's all you need to build a successful blog.

I spent the entire day writing my email course, 19 or so parts, one going out each day.

I also updated all my posts to have H2 tags instead of H4 tags.

I also added a "Read More" tag to each post so that not the entire post shows up in the Blog section, but only a preview.

i finished updating all my affiliate links.

45 page views of the blog today.

Got my first 2 email subscribers

3 Dec 2017 - Joined Facebook Groups:

I joined one Facebook group that looks really promising, the Bloggers Nest, run by Maya Maceka. Te difference is that this group really has a community. I can feel it. I signed up for her list to see her opt-in freebie and it's an amazing resource, similar to my resource list in usefulness.

I am working on two things today:

  • I requested to join about 15 Facebook groups, from Maya's list, posted in a couple.
  • Updating my resources page and I got to 140 resources... It's a killer. It was a marathon, and I still have have one more bookmark folder to go through.
  • Submitted my sitemap to Google Search Console.

54 page views on the blog today

4 email subscribers total

4 Dec 2017:

  • 28 page views on the blog today
  • 6 email subscribers total

I started to do trade some promotion...

I was reading the 5-Figure Sales Funnel on the bus to work.

5 Dec 2017

  • 7 email subscribers total
  • 8 page views on the blog today

I checked on Google how much my site is indexed - - and 20 items come up in the search results. In Search Console my site shows up for 73 keywords with an average position of 169. Something is starting to happen.

Things are getting interesting.

I started the day with trading some comments in Maya's group. I submitted my $5K challenge page for comments.

I have to admit that I have a great advantage in these groups. And that is the fact that the purpose of my blog/site is to help other bloggers build their funnel get traffic, get sales. This way, even if someone reads my post only to reciprocate a comment I left on their blog, they just can't help entering my funnel, as my page is about them.

And I got some great comments that shows that my post gets people's engagement.

As you can see, my list is growing a bit each day...

The good news is that my niche idea really got validated. There is a chapter in the 5-Figure Sales Funnel on "Downloading your target audience's brain", this is exactly what was happening by my participation in the Nest. Look at all these answers from members:

  • "Hi, I'm Bethany! Within the last month my son turned 3 months old, I got married after a year and a half of planning AND I launched my blog and began working it!"
  • "Hello everyone! I'm Sarah, just starting my blog so groups like this is so helpful, somethings can be a little confusing online in the set up stages!"
  • "Hi my name is Kim! I’m new to blogging and just launched my blog last week. I’m still learning and tweaking the blog. My main goal is to blog about lifestyle, food, and fitness."
  • "Hi everyone, so excited to be part of this group! I’m Jaime, a stay at home mom and fairly new blogger."
  • "Hi everyone! Im Brittni. My Pen name/signature is XoBriLeeXo.
    "I am a working mom & creator of Mom's Cafe Blog."
  • "Morning! I’m V and it’s just been a few weeks since I started but i’m loving blogging so far. It’s about travel and lifestyle and relationships! I move quite often but am originally from California."
  • "Hi everyone! I am a fairly new blogger with a snarky lifestyle blog - covering everything from fashion, beauty, shopping, and rants about things. Would love to connect with others! looking forward to checking out everyones as well!"

Do you see all these new bloggers? And the variety of subjects?

And this also brought up an important question in me, in alignment with the 6-Figure Funnel course...

Am I targeting people who are starting their blog from scratch and need to build their funnel, or am I targeting the people who already have their opt-in page and autoresponder all set up? Because I can't send the same message to both... And I decided to go with the second option.

While I was at work, I kept thinking about sales and my email sequence. 18 emails are just too many, they are really a huge course and there is no product sales mentioned in them at all. I only have some affiliate links in the posts where I direct the people, which is pretty weak.

My next thought was that I don't really have a main product either, I am pushing a bunch of small products and the results are not consistent. There are just some random sales from my old blog. It's not a sales machine.

I came to the realization that I needed to find an actual funnel building course that I could promote. I immediately Googled the subject and I found a course, but I didn't know if it had an affiliate program. However I found the exact copy I was looking for from the beginning.

My copy on the challenge page is not bad, but I need more of it, and my original idea was to lead my visitors through my funnel as a "tour" and they experience it by going through the funnel and they would get sold that way. And I found the copy for this!!!

I decided that I would need to scratch my entire email series and rewrite it to only contain a few emails with insane value...

7 Dec 2017

I haven't done much in the past two days. Yesterday I was working on another blog of mine, building its sales funnel.

I ran into an interesting problem with this site: I have no product and I have no tripwire.

This hit me hard after I saw what the new people were saying in their intros at the Blog Nest. They are building all kinds of blogs.

And I have a tripwire offer for keyword research and building an Amazon site... I am not saying that the data in them is completely unrelated, but at the same time they are off subject, which kills conversions.

I realized that random affiliate offers on hosting and other things are just set up for low conversions. I need products that are laser targeted.

I am thinking about putting together a funnel diagnostic checklist. But at the same time I don't want to spend days creating a product. I need to find an affiliate program that fits.

Also I am tweaking my challenge page further.

8 Dec 2017 - The First Keyword Ranking

One thing happened today: A page has appeared on the second page of google search results:

10 minute funnels Google

10 Dec 2017 - Stopped Promoting, Writing Again

Unfortunately I haven't worked on my blog as much as I wanted to...

Also, I stopped with promotion a few days ago and the number of visitors of course decreased.

It's not because I don't have a plan, it's just that there is so much to do, so little time...

I was actually at work both on Saturday and Sunday. If you have a 9-5 job, be happy.

I had to wake up 4:15 am on Saturday to catch my bus to start work at 5:50 am, I came off work at 6 pm, I had 3 breaks in these 12 hours - 10 min, 20 min and 20 min. I got home by 7:30 pm, went to sleep at 10 pm, to wake up at 3:45 am to catch the bus again to do the exact same schedule on Sunday.

But I am taking the entire next week off and I will be visiting my mom, and I will have a LOT of time to work on FunnelXpert.

To my big surprise, I received a message in my contact form from Jeanette S. Hall, thanking me for what I share on this page. This was really inspiring, I didn't know anyone was reading this.

By the way, I used the (free) JetPack WordPress plugin to create my contact form. It literally take a push of a button to create one, and it shows up under "Feedback" and I also get an email notification.

JetPack also has other useful features, like the stats you can see below on my dashboard. Do you see the traffic spike that came from my Facebook group participation? And when I stopped, it died off after a few days. But the good news for you is that it is that easy to create traffic to your site.

funnelxpert WP dashboard

I want to call your attention to one more thing on this dashboard - bottom right corner. 407 Blocked malicious log-in attempts blocked by JetPack. My other site had over 7,000 malicious log-in attempts. At one point it was increasing 1,000 per day!

This is serious and this is why you should install JetPack. I researched this and what I found was really crazy: there is an army of bots attacking WordPress sites in order to take them over and use them to attack more sites.

But going back to Jeanette S. Hall, thanks for your note. I looked at your blog, and one recommendation I have is to make your opt-in form description more specific and exciting. People don't sign up for free newsletters any more, there are so many people trying to get attention on the internet.

First your blog should say its name in the top left corner. It should also give its slogan, e. g. "For the chronically ill".

Then, your opt-in form needs to state what you will be sending to them. E. g. it could say something like "Sign up for tips to ease the life of the chronically ill".

Do you already have a Twitter account? If not, you should make one for your blog and start getting followers using these Twitter tips.

Good luck!

I have learned a lot more things in the past few days... I am building my funnel.

I am already getting daily spam comments about duplicate content and about monetizing my site...

11 Dec 2017

69 pages indexed in Google, per Search Console.

93 keywords registered in Search Console, average position: 122

511 malicious login attempts

4 organic clicks to the site

I was traveling to my mom and I was writing my tripwire on the train... It will be a great e-book and I will price it at $15.

14 Dec 2017

I actually haven't touched the site itself in 3 days, but still my dashboard registered 22 visitors for 12 Dec and 11 visitors for 13 Dec.

7 total organic clicks in the last 30 days.

1208 malicious login attempts

5 backlinks showed up in Search Console, one of them is from the Mostly Blogging guest post

Probably as a result the average search position for last 7 days changed to: 38 (!)

Got a link that I didn't build and 3 links from the blog comments I did.

OK, so I basically completed writing my tripwire e-book, 4-Figure Funnels. It's been a lot of work.

I found a nice website to format it professionally, it is called Beacon. It looks wonderful.

I am going to use E-Junkie to sell it.

I rewrote my e-mail confirmation page that you will absolutely need to see...

I set up my IP and cookie based countdown timer plugin that I use to create scarcity.

I also created 5 of my new Welcome email series.

I will be ready to launch tomorrow...

15 Dec 2017

I completed setting up my email series and tested it with an email address.

I had to change my countdown timer from IP address detection to cookie.

I added my e-book to JvZoo.

I created a Facebook page for FunnelXpert and invited my friends to like it...

Traffic has spiked 40 visitors today.

75 pages indexed in Google

Also, I spoke to someone about the best affiliate program on funnels...

16 Dec 2017 - Rewrote My Email Series

I only did one thing today... while I traveled back from my mom.

I completely re-wrote my welcome email series...

I realized I can't put a sale at the very beginning because the people are simply not ready to buy.

Now it is much better.

17 Dec 2017 - It's Been 3 Weeks!

Three weeks have gone by since I started FunnelXpert... All this time was spent on setting up the website and the funnel itself.

I published a post today on the "cool factor", website user engagement. I used a long-tail keyword and submitted it to Search console for indexing. The post was already written a few days ago.

And I started to promote in different Facebook groups.

From now on, with the basic setup done, I will do promotion and writing new posts.

Set up my Pinterest profile getting ready to promote - got approved for rich pins.

40 page views today.

21 Dec 2017 - Upgrading And Writing New Content

I haven't posted anything on this page for 4 days.

Things have been boiling in me and I have had some OMG moments.

I mentioned before that when I started this site, I was very far from being an expert. I am forcing myself to become one.

While interacting with other people on Facebook groups, I see that many of them are light years behind me.

I have been talking with Sophie, the blog coach at and I realized that I actually know a lot of things and she also knows a lot of things, and we both know things from different areas of online marketing.

Also, she is doing a different funnel course from the one I am doing, and we are giving tips to each other.

She told me an interesting fact - many bloggers are not interested in blogging for money. They just do it as a hobby, it became a fashionable activity. Well, an email sequence can be built to get them to desire to make money with their blogs.

Blog Post Update

I did a couple of things with this post also - I updated the title to include a keyword - unfortunately it is too late at this point to change the URL to also include the keyword... It's already in emails and tweets. See, this is the kind of stuff you need to think about and prevent from happening when you start a blog/site, however at that point it is extremely difficult, as you don't see the scope of your work.

The keywords I included are from the 10-100/month range.

I also added several TAGS to this post, keywords 10-100/month and 100-1K/month.

I also changed all the dates to H2 tags, to make it more visible.

We are over 4,200 words with this post and it will become a monster over time and will definitely rank for "sales funnel case study" and similar keywords.

I am also getting Google to re-index it right after I press publish.

XMas - Email Sequence Paused

And yes, I paused my email sequence this morning and I am not doing any promotion either at the moment - let people have their XMas.

I have 10 days off work and I don't have a family, therefore I will spend these 10 days writing.

I already had a plan to crank out another 10-15 pages of blog content with long-tail keywords, and I will also be rewriting my e-mail sequence for the third time... More about this below.

I put "" into the Google Keyword Planner and I downloaded all the keywords associated to the site, and it is true, most of them are long-tail keywords and many of them are from one single post...

I also entered "sales funnel" and got another set of keywords.

But I will also be writing about autoresponders, opt-in freebies, email marketing and email services.

My OMG Moments

Now about my OMG moments.

I found some missing links that I am really exciting about and you should also be. I will share some of them here and some in my email sequence... Sorry, I need to get email subscribers, I can't just give everything out in this post.

The first missing link for me was... Well let's start with content. Sophie described my content as "crazy deep".

Yes, I have been writing content like this for 6 months. But not a lot of results. Just a few random affiliate sales.
But the sales are not consistent!!! This is what I set out to resolve for myself: What do I need to do to get consistent sales?

I have several websites and they are all built for a different experiment.

My First Site,

The first one is When I built this site, I didn't know anything about social media, and it was built fully based on SEO. That site is now 6 months old, it has about 70 pages of epic content. I didn't use social media, except for a few random tweets, I didn't build links, except for some blog comments and the ones that the domain already had when I re-registered it (see at the top of this post). I can report to you that the site has 1,000 organic keywords ranking somewhere, and an average of 7 organic visitors.

And here you can see that leap of traffic, in the SEMRUSH dashboard, from zero:


You can also see the organic traffic being worth $20 and the backlinks the domain has.

Now I cannot tell you if this is 6 months for a new site to come out of the sandbox with using the "Content is king" formula only. That was my first thought, but now I am changing my analysis. It is the long-tail keyword content strategy that I implemented 2 months ago. Then the visitors have good on-page times and Google favors the site more and sends more visitors.

The takeaway is, don't pay for low-quality traffic that will worsen your visitor metrics. It will set your site back. And if you want to put into use my successful content strategy, here is a more complete version of it.

This is one reason

And I was thinking to myself, "OK, it's time to monetize it.... Let's Google how to monetize the subject of expired domains.

And guess what I received back form Google... midway down the first page of search results, my own crazy long blog post on how to monetize a $5K site built on an expired domain.

This was my first OMG moment - a domain name doesn't cost a lot of money, therefore it is a strategy to re-register a bunch of deleted domains with OK link structure, throw up a WordPress blog and some posts (I have unlimited domain hosting, therefore this doesn't make a difference) then just let it age for 6 months and sell them or monetize them.

I just need to figure out the best content strategy, as I am definitely not going to be able to write all the content myself... Maybe it makes sense to spend $100 to get 20 articles written. I have been thinking about having 1 site with syndicated-only content and see what happens.

My Second Site,

I already bought this domain at a GoDaddy domain auction last year, and it had a turnkey Forex site on it with PLR articles, some of them slightly rewritten. It looks ugly as hell. A few months ago I decided to get rid of it, took the site down and listed the domain for sale, but it didn't go anywhere, therefore I decided to renew the domain, I felt sorry to just let go an 8-year old domain.

I transferred it to my current registrar, NameSilo, $8.99 plus free domain privacy.

I threw up a WordPress blog and I did something really interesting - I dug out all the old posts that were saved by from the previous life of the website and I got Google to index it. It now has about 70 indexed pages and I will let it sit and see what happens.

My Third Site, FunnelXpert

This is where the next OMG moment came...

I started this site from copied content from my earlier site, plus a few unique pages.

It has the deep content, but I also started to apply some social media, and let me tell you, I am getting the following from my Google Analytics, last one week:

8 organic search clicks, a 9:44 average session duration.

9 from email, 2:46

37 direct, 1:16

30 social, 0:34

I did sporadic promotion, as you can see here from the traffic graph:

FunnelXpert traffic graph

Now combine those traffic spikes with those session duration numbers, and this is what you get in terms of average Google rankings:

FunnelXpert Google Organic positions.j

And I can tell you that the three bounces you can see are from the promotion and user engagement that happened just before.

Do you see the importance of engagement and jump starting traffic before Google drives it? This is literally like jump starting the dead battery in your car.

I read more on traffic generation in my course, and this one I am not going to tell you fully, because it is from a paid course, but here is the next problem - only 10 percent of all blog posts written get more than 100 shares.

Obviously, if you want real results - the above screenshots are no more than just dabbling in the subject - then you need to put your content in front of influencers who will share it with their followers, and that is how you can jump start your brand new site.

How Do You Make Money Consistently?

So the above answers the content plus traffic equitation, however this is still not enough to make consistent money.

And here is the next OMG moment - again I am not telling you everything.

Just a few affiliate links that you randomly throw onto your site are not going to make you consistent income.

If you have the affiliate links AND you have consistent traffic, then you will earn affiliate income, however even this means leaving 97 percent of the money on the table.

Believe or not, the answer was in a free e-book that was on my computer, and I needed the knowledge that I have now to fully understand the consequences.

The answer lies in your email list and a very specific thing you need to do with your email list.

However I am not going to write this down at this time, it will be built into my email funnel. You can sign up for it when I relaunch it and experience it for yourself.

First I had a long email sequence. Then I cut it down. Now I am actually setting up a 1-year email sequence, all emails providing awesome value...

This is what I was able to share with you at the moment... We are at 5,300 words in this post.

Hope you will have a great Xmas.

24 Dec 2017 - Keep Writing Content

Wow, I am starting to lose track of things... Can't remember what I did.

I had a cold, running nose.

Oh yeah, yesterday I wrote two long-form posts for YourExpired

Today I wrote one for FunnelXpert, it is about themes that you should use for building a funnel. As part of that post I also demonstrated the use of the home page templates and I published the extra templates belonging to the Pressive theme that I am not using. Well, it increases the number of pages that are published and it engages users, decreases the bounce rate by getting them to view more than one page.

Now I wrote my next post, on AutoGrow.

I have a plan to publish 2-3 posts a day, all with long-term keywords.

The strategy seems to be working, FunnelXpert got 15 organic visitors the last 4 weeks, and 3 of those came in the last day Search Console registers, which is 22 Dec.

25 Dec 2017

I wrote a post on what hot products are to sell. Had to research some products to demonstrate.

I wrote the email that corresponds to it.

I separated my $5K Funnel challenge post... Now it has the stuff on the funnel challenge only, and I created a completely new post that contains all the comments and the funnel basic stuff, and it is now targeting the keyword "free funnel course".

I submitted all the changes to Google Search Console.

Did a little bit of Xmas break, went to see the new Star Wars movie and got some pizza.

I hate being alone, but at least no one disrupts my work and no one complains in disbelief why I stare at the screen all day.

26 Dec 2017

Got to 18 organic visitors.

150 organic keywords, position: 123

I found an important information about duplicate content.

As you know, I just transferred a bunch of posts from my old site, without any alteration.

Affilorama recommends that based on their experience you should have 50 percent unique content in a blog post.

They also say that you currently can get away even with only 20 percent unique content in a blog post, but you should change the title, the first 50 words and add images, these all make your post unique.

They also talk about using and rewriting PLR content on a site -a lot of people use straight PLR or rewritten PLR content, or rewritten article directory stuff.

The only real problem with this approach is that PLR articles usually lack the depth that is needed these days to rank on Google.

28 Dec 2017 - Email Series

22 organic visitors. Slow but steady progress.

I wrote 5 blog posts in the past two days, they are all part of my email funnel.

Getting regular spam comments. Right now from some dude from India trying to link to his spinned content on his blog.

These people are completely nuts.

I put my email series back online. I don't the complete series written yet, but the first few are ready to go.

I have also written nice conversational emails to the new posts I wrote.

There is a workflow in my email series, it goes like this:

  • Welcome email
  • Determining your site's product
  • Lead magnet
  • How to write welcome email series
  • How to write a main email series that sells
  • How to get your first 500 subscribers
  • How to write titles/headlines
  • Barriers to selling
  • Content strategy
  • Traffic strategy

Do you see how it is a complete mini course?

As these new posts are earlier in my sequence than some of the subscribers already got to, I sent one out as a broadcast email (called campaign in MailerLite).

In addition to this I answered a few questions on Quora regarding funnels, resulting in some links.

I also started to study stuff about Pinterest, as that will be my next strategy to get subscribers, in addition to Facebook.

29 Dec 2017

I bought another expired domain for experimenting/sale. DA: 36, PA: 46, TF: 13, CF: 20

Nice metrics, the only trouble is that all links are to the home page, will need to dilute it.

25 organic visitors. (This refers to the last 30 days.)

I got a like to one of my new posts.

I am adding a link to this page from all my emails.

30 Dec 2017 - Pinterest, Facebook

I am diving into Pinterest... and Facebook.

This is what I have right now, the past month of Google Analytics.

FunnelXpert Google Analytics

As you can see, quite a lot of direct traffic. That increases search engine rankings.

And the average session duration is not bad. That measures the quality of the content.

There is a trickle of traffic every day, without me touching anything.

This will now increase...

OK, I have no explanation other than Pinterest voodoo.

I did a big marathon of going through all my blog posts and creating pins for each one with Canva.

By the time I got to the end, I had a spike of traffic, at 29 visitors.

I saved a pin from another board and minutes later someone already saved it...

Now I am working on my Facebook groups and Pinterest at the same time.

31 Dec 2017

I did a bunch of pinning today and some Facebook sharing.

Maya Maceka has a list of Pinterest boards that accept contributors.

I sent out a bunch of emails and I got accepted for a few boards.

I just got a notification that two of my pins were saved.

Honestly I have no clue what I am doing, I only understand that having pins on my board that people save increases my authority.

It's like a card game. But apparently it needs to be done in volume, that's why it needs to be automated.

I pinned a bunch of Star Wars pins also, which is not recommended, because it is personal preference, has nothing to do with business, but I don't care. I read somewhere that you should pin things that people save, and people had been saving my Star Wars pins.

Somehow I ended up with some pins... not sure how.

Again a spike of traffic today. 16 visitors so far.

13 email subscribers.

I saw a couple of desperate requests about traffic. I will update my blog post on traffic to make it more killer and I will do a promotion on it.

That's the next thing I need to figure out, how to promote my blog posts.

A nice surprise, Janice Wald covered me on Mostly Blogging. How to Improve Blog Traffic for Free: Get 1,000+ Hits Quickly, half of the post is about me and my challenge that went viral and did 1,000 page views in a short time on her blog.

1 Jan 2018 - Mega Pinterest Views

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it's 2018!

After last night's blind dabbling in Pinterest I was a bit shocked to open my account this morning.

For a moment I thought it was someone else's account.

Last night my monthly views were at 57. Look at this, 905 views:

Pinterest FunnelXpert

OK, so I did something completely different than the general advice regarding Pinterest:

I took one of my boards, I searched for a similar board, clicked on the followers of the owner.

then I looked at who has a few thousand followers at least and I invited them to collaborate with my board.

We'll see what happens... Three people accepted my invite and added a pin!

Pinterest Follower

Derek Halpern's New Year's Email

Derek sent out a really nice email and asked for comments on the video.

He wanted to know,

"What do you have planned this year and how do you plan to accomplish it?"

I left a nice comment about my Funnel Challenge and the fact that I mentioned him on my About Page.

There is also a chance to win a free course!

You guys should learn from this, it is a great way to get engagement to your blog or video.

I may also get traffic to my About Page from his YouTube video, and he might even share my story, I think it's inspiring enough and it shows how he is influencing the world around him. We'll see what happens...

2 Jan 2018 - Traffic Spike From Facebook

I don't have a lot to say -

traffic 2 .1.18

And I almost forgot: 1.7K Pinterest views,

15 email subscribers,

44% email open rate

3 Jan 2018

I am working on getting my content shared.

Viral Content Bee - shared others' stuff on Twitter and Pinterest, thereby made some credits and I posted my post that I want to make viral - The Clueless Blogger's Guide To Free Website Traffic. I also greatly upgraded this posts, it is now over 4,200 words. I added some Yoda and Alice In Wonderland pictures to make it more interesting and I tweeted it out with the Yoda picture. - I made two comments that fit my project and linked to this site on one, and to my Mostly Blogging guest post in the other one.

Pinterest - Got e few followers and accepts from group boards. I don't really have much of a strategy. When i get an email that someone saved my pin, I go there and save any pins that I like.

Facebook groups - posting as much as possible.

My overall strategy is to share two posts everywhere:

The Clueless Blogger's Guide To Free Website Traffic and

My Free Sales Funnel Course

And get subscribers.

My email sequence is set up at a basic level. I have a Welcome series with 13 email and a main Relation Builder series with 20 emails.

I really like my autoresponder service, MailerLite. It is simple and logical, much better than MailChimp.

And I need to upgrade my tripwire e-book.

I changed my home page text again:

"Did your website make a sale yesterday??"

Button: "No, help me fix it".

I took off the direct link to my opt-in page. I don't want people to sign up for my list without having a clue and reading my post on funnels, otherwise they just will not be opening my emails.

I don't care that this is opposite to what other experts say. I want engagement and not just robbed email addresses. Less subscribers but real ones.

5 Jan 2018

I don't have a lot to report.

Quora has started to send me floods of questions from people. I write answers that tries to solve the real problem of people, not just advertise something. Interestingly enough, almost every time I already have a blog post that answers their question, which was my goal, and should be your goal for your blog.

Today I got a notification from Quora that my views have surpassed 2,500.

On Pinterest I am at 3,000 monthly views.

And my post got shared 16 times and 2 people follow me on Inbound.

Today's realization: You need to build authority on your social media accounts. Likes, follows, upvotes, shares. These make your authority higher and your profile more powerful.

I did no promotion on Facebook.

Instead I am working on a crazy strategy to get 1,000 subscribers in 1 week. I will tell you more when I launch it. It has to do with an expired domain. you will be shocked.

8 Jan 2018 - Traffic Report

I haven't done any new promotion in about 4 days, and still, this is the traffic to my website per JetPack:

JetPack Traffic

And per Google:

 Google Analytics01.08

If you look at how little promotion I did, it's not that difficult to generate traffic.

I also updated my email confirmation page to deliver a bigger impact. What I found was that people open the first few emails, then they don't open it that much.

I am still at 40 percent open rate, but the click through rate is only 13 percent.

I can see that some email titles don't generate click-throughs at all.

I have been working on another revision of my email series and the implementation of my new lead magnet.

My first four emails will concentrate on the high-interest subjects: traffic, content creation to rank in Google, monetization and email list building.

10 Jan 2018

I ran into an exciting site with an exciting product that I will promote as an affiliate and will use it to earn affiliate commissions.

Remember the problem of ranking posts on your own site?

And remember how you can rank a product on someone else's site that has a high authority?

Imagine posting your long-tail article on a high authority site with your own affiliate links in it.

And imagine that site also promoting it for you by putting it to the sidebar, showing it on the home page.

And imagine that site also helping you rank your article in Google.

And if you don't make money despite all this, which is unlikely if you put the work in, then they will still pay you a commission to make up for the lack of results.

Here it is, the 30 day program to make money.

14 Jan 2018

I have been working a lot in the last few days...

I launched Review Your WP Theme And Get A High DA Backlink.

I updated my email confirmation page to really create an impact on my subscribers. That is the page where I still have their attention.

I submitted a guest post to Mostly Blogging. It is on the subject of 1,000 email subscribers in one week.

I wrote a unique post for and submitted it. This was for email subscribers also.

These two posts will be vital for getting email sign-ups, and as you can see, I decided to get my email subscribers to 1,000 in a short order.

I updated another post on How To Create A Profitable (Sales Funnel) Website From Scratch. That post is now a crazy 5,000 words long. I added some outgoing liks to other sites and I re-submitted it to Google.

Sophie messaged me today that she got her first sale based on my recommendation to make her free consulting a $19 paid service, a tripwire. Awesome!

I also updated How To Be A Blogger And Get Paid Consistently.

I also updated How To Get Your Website On The First Page Of Google Guaranteed. I had new data on user experience and this is now another crazy deep epic post. I re-submitted it to Google.

I wrote another post on An EzineArticles Alternative And Strategy For 2018. This may surprise you... But this has multiple purposes. First of all, it is a post to promote my affiliate link to I simply noticed that is a kind of site that is mimicking Bum Marketing and at a much higher level, avoiding all of its failures. And I saw that nobody is trying to rank for EzineArticles (over 1,000 searches) and very few for Bum Marketing (10-100 searches). And I posted it to, DA 35, because I wanted to test how it is going to rank on this high DA domain. If it ranks well, that opens a new world in terms of ranking in Google. The main problem with that site is twofold:

  1. All of its content is duplicate. I tried to search for a theme in Google, and I found it on page 3 of the search results, but it was filtered out because of duplicate content. But ranking on page 3 is not bad for the shitty content that I had for that keyword.
  2. All the incoming links to to the home page, and the link profile will need to be diluted to counter this.

I also updated my Google sandbox post. Small update only.

Per my search console, there are 48 total organic clicks for the last 30 days and believe it or not, on 12 January it shows 8 organic clicks.

Average position for that day is 40.

Google First Page Rankings

I am ranking on page #1 for


Page #2 for

  • thrive themes stripe
  • convertri landing page software
  • convertri lead page builder
  • rapid funnel
  • samcart google analytics goals
  • 10 minute funnels vs clickfunnels
  • 10minutefunnels

And my website is not even two months old.

Going over to Google Analytics, I have a 7:10 average time spent on-page for my sales funnel post - the videos there seem to be working...

Another tag on sales funnels has an over 9 minute time spent on the page.

And another page, the one with ClickFunnels alternatives has a 21 minute average time spent on the page, between 4 visits.

As you can see, these metrics are quite amazing for a new website.

Duplicate Content

One more thing I want to point out is that I have a lot of duplicate content between FunnelXpert and YourExpiredDomains, and as you can see, I have no problem ranking. If my content appears in two places as the exact same, it is not a big deal, especially that I am only updating the version on FunnelXpert with any new findings.

Te next thing I will be doing is an epic post on keyword research. This is not going to rank in the search engines for sure, because it is very competitive. I am writing it for my readers specifically and it will be part of my email course - how to use long-tail keywords to rank in Google.

At the same time I will use the data to do my own keyword research, which I will use for writing new posts.

And after that I am really going into promotion...

15 Jan 2018

This was the most horrible day in the existence of my website.

It was down for 9 hours, DDoS attack on the server:

DDoS attack on server

Make sure you always back up your site...

FunnelXpert Niche Site Update 18 Jan 2018

I am basically done with key content writing.

Today I posted my backlink offer to about 15 Facebook groups.

This is the result:

FunnelXpert JetPack Graph 19.1.2018

30 email subscribers

53 organic visitors in past 30 days

239 keywords showing up in Search Console

99 Pages indexed in Google

Starting to rank on Page #1 on some insignificant keywords, and Funny enough, I actually got an organic click-through for

I also updated 2 posts on my expired domain site, which is at 269 organic visitors per month, plus some referral traffic.

It is very solidly on page #1 for certain long-tail keywords.

Additionally I wrote a review on Scala Hosting, where one of my sites is hosted. I posted it on and I contacted them with a support ticket to tell them about it. They were very happy, shared it on their FB page and it got me 24 visitors.

The post is ranking on page 2. I am going to move all my non-funnel affiliate offers onto this site, as it is high DA.

I am also planning to link back to FunnelXpert from the home page to give it some boost, but I will wait a little bit. Per Matt Diggity expired domain backlinks should be placed after 1 month to avoid Google's PBN SEO filter.

FunnelXpert Niche Site Update 19 Jan 2018

I got an email and asked to contribute to an expert roundup on the subject of motivation.

This is awesome, can give more exposure.

I am working on a new post on the subject of funnels, with long-tail keywords.

Yesterday I mentioned that 239 keywords are showing up in my search console. Basically what happens is that whenever new keywords show up, your average rankings tank. On January 13, I had 41.2 average ranking. Then on Jan 14 it was 154.

But then if Google sees your good metrics, it will give you a boost. On Jan 15 it was 87, Jan 16 it was 48.9.

And look at my average time spent on page, which is giving the boost:

Time on Page 19.1.2018

This post is now actually 8,400 words long. And I added some keywords to it and submitting it to Google.

As you can see, it has the third most views, with a 5:07 average time on page. It's a valuable resource.

I did something interesting today - I built a Wikipedia backlink, point #19:

Wikipedia backlink1

And I jumped headlong into Pinterest. I actually opened a BoardBooster account, 10-day trial with 500 pins, and then it costs $5/month for 500 pins.

We'll see what happens, but it is supposed to increase traffic.

Oh yes, at the same time I am also collecting Facebook likes to my FunnelXpert page...

Also, I applied for the affiliate program of Chelsea At HerPaperRoute, which is a comprehensive make money blogging course. It is also affordable at $149.

I also followed her email instructions to reply to her email and reached out to her, told her about FunnelXpert.

I received an answer from Nadiale ItsAllYouBoo, that she liked my pitch for the expert roundup. I suggested that we share ideas with each other.

My guest post at Mostly Blogging is going live on Sunday...

As you can see, I am doing a lot of things all at once.

FunnelXpert Update 20 Jan 2018

I am writing a new comprehensive post on sales funnels. I have been collecting the information.

And the debate is, should I write a brand new post or extend the one I already have on the Free Sales Funnel Course.

I think I will do both. I rank for "free sales funnel course" on page 2, but it is a very low-search keyword (zero).

Affiliate marketing: I learned something important.

I suddenly started seeing sales from my NameSilo domains affiliate program. This is from the coupon yexpd, where people can take $1 off the domain price. I have made $4.60 affiliate commission from NameSilo, which is not a huge amount, but it's a start.

I answered a question on Quora on how to find high authority expired domains, linked to a post I had on it. The guy was really happy, he upvoted me. I have about 1,800 views on Quora, and I get between 1-4 referrals to my Expired domain site every day.

I just made a pin for Pinterest on this.

Also I ran into a website that has a very high conversion to email subscribers from readers:

"My free 5-day course to Grow Your Traffic converts at almost 50%."

I am going to change my sign-up forms.

FunnelXpert Update 21 Jan 2018

I completed my epic post on sales funnels. I used two long-tail keywords in the title, under 100 monthly searches - "WordPress sales funnel" and "sales funnel training".

I started a Facebook likes thread for my page in one of the groups.

I spent the rest of the day updating on rewriting my sign-up forms, email confirmation page and my email sequence.

I also collected my inactive subscribers under an "Inactive" tab.

Here is the insight on all these actions.

From the moment of the sign-up to the opening of the welcome email I was losing 35 percent of the subscribers.

Therefore I needed to strengthen this section.

In my opt-in boxes I added "$150 value email course for free".

On the email confirmation page I took out some words so that you can see above the fold that the page is continuing.

In the welcome email, I added some value, a story, and I called it a special course and I stated that it is 10 emails long.

This is really to set expectation and increase engagement.

I also increased the length of the home page article on and I linked back to FinnelXpert to send some link juice.

I did some commenting on and I got some more upvotes.

I also answered some question on Quora on domains.

FunnelXpert Update 23 Jan 2018

Today I have some news on my expired domains site.

A few days ago I put a NameSilo banner into the sidebar with a $1 off promo code from domain prices, and I also pur several affiliate links on Quora. I got 3 affiliate sales today, and my total commissions (pending) are $8.50 for January from SameSilo.

Also, monthly organic traffic is now at 288 for that site for the last month, steadily increasing.

All I did was to update some old blog posts.

OK, so I decided to close this specific blog post - it contains the first two months. I started a new one.


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This is an awesome project. A lot of the minutia went over my head, I’m not familiar with a lot of the things you posted about. Also I had no idea that when you bought an old site, you got their back links. Or that you could buy a site with content already indexed. I am bookmarking this post, because there was a lot to digest all at once 🙂

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