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​In the current COVID-19 situation, ​people are forced to use online means to handle their needs. Therefore entrepreneurs have a vital role in today's world.

Right now business is NOT as usual – many of you are short on cash and the first thing that suffers is advancing your own skills and knowledge. 

To help you deal with this situation, I am offering something special: I give free access to one of my courses to anyone that links to any content on FunnelXpert and shares the content of this page or any other blog post.  

Lucrezia Iappichino
​Lucrezia Iappicchino


I also recommend these affordable courses by Peter. He really goes into detail on how he does things and how you can achieve the same results.

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​Link & Share

​Share this page through Twitter, Facebook and link to any blog post on FunnelXpert. I don't care what your site's DA is​. Write a short paragraph and link with any anchor. Comment links ​will not be accepted.  

​Send Me ​The Links

​Send me the ​backlinks and the share through ​my contact form or ​reply to ​​my email if you are signed up for my free sales funnel course. Let me know which course you want to get access to.

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​I will personally email you your coupon code which you can redeem in the FunnelXpert Store.

About ​Peter Nyiri

​I built FunnelXpert from scratch, therefore I know what struggles ​you are going through. 

Why ​You Should ​​Take This Free ​Offer ​

​My courses are not ​fluff. They are the record of ​how I built ​FunnelXpert to earn commissions ​as shown ​below.

Why am I giving ​courses away for free? My main source of income is affiliate commissions. Your links will help me build authority and you get valuable information in exchange.

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