WordPress (Affiliate) Funnels Pro

6 Chapters 36 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

A step-by-step guide to explode your affiliate (and other) product sales with FREE info products. No ClickFunnels needed.

Course Structure


The Basics of Profitability 9 Lessons

Introduction – Selling With Free Offers

At the time of landing on your site, an average of 1% of those visitors will be qualified to the point where they are ready to buy. The remaining 99% are not there yet. When these visitors are prematurely sent over to the sales page, they are not receiving the experience they desire and you lose them forever. A better system is needed.

The Math To 100K Per Year

To be a successful creator you don’t need an audience of millions. To make a living, you need only a thousand true fans.

Red Ocean vs ​Blue Ocean

How do you sell your product in a saturated niche (also called red ocean)?

Find ONE Winning Product

In order to make tens of thousands of dollars, all you need is ONE well-selected product line and a sales funnel that is optimized for that product.


Funnel Conversion Theory 9 Lessons

What’s The Big Fuss About ClickFunnels?

I don't use ClickFunnels... But you need to read this lesson because there is something you MUST MUST MUST understand and copy from them, otherwise you are completely missing the boat!!!