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This is all nice in theory, but how could YOU use it to make thousands of dollars?

1. Add a membership area to your blog.

Are you already giving away a free download that is really worthy of buzz? Rather that putting it onto a Thank You Page, put it into a member's area or make it into a course like this.

Then connect it with your paid product through a One Time Offer. It can do miracles.

Just one small warning… The majority of the stuff bloggers use as opt-in freebies is just isn’t going to cut it…because they are super cheesy.

Did you ever see a really enticing lead magnet, only to feel extremely disappointed when you opened it? That is the point where the viral cycle breaks.

Even though you may get subscribers with such lead magnets, your subscribers are going to feel turned off and will not want to share it.

2. Give your members a reason to come back repeatedly.

Create free and paid courses. If they are high quality, people will come back to learn more and this way you can recycle your traffic.

Regularly adding high quality content or having an app are more ways to do this.

Learn how to do marketing - your products, your sales pages should be filled with buzz, just like the 30-day course from the last lesson.

You can learn these strategies from my 5-Figure Sale Funnels course.

3. Set up an affiliate program

The possibility of making money with their affiliate links will result in two things:

  • Your members will be more likely to share it.
  • They will come back to check their earnings.

Both will result in more exposure to your content.

Tell them to give away your free course using their affiliate link. This will set their cookie and they will get a commission when the person buys your paid course.

The "What Is It In For Me" factor coupled with their ability to give away something free can do miracles.

4. Drive traffic to your member's area.

Do you already have an email list, a Facebook group, a lot of Instagram followers? Get them to sign up. Use it to ignite the viral avalanche.

Reach out to other bloggers who have large mailing lists, get lots of traffic from Pinterest and ask them to be your affiliate.

5. Build a group of dedicated fans.

Build a relationship with your fans.

Find out what they need.

Sell them products.

The entire process is mapped out for you in my paid course.


At this point this free course is complete.

As I said, it is really a live demonstration of a sales funnel.

The remaining chapters are simply high quality useful and free content, it wasn't even put together by me. Their purpose is simply entice you back to this membership area so that you see my ads to buy my paid course, 5-Figure Funnels, where I detail a hundred more powerful strategies.

And it doesn't matter if you buy it or not. The purpose is also to get you to promote it using your affiliate link.

I am probably going to put together a free affiliate course to make this aspect more effective.

A final purpose is to bring traffic to my blog.

Why? Because SEO is not just keywords. Do you think Google will send lots of visitors to a perfectly SEO'd site that has no traffic?

Hell no. Site traffic itself is a sign for Google that people are happy with the content and it will be sending more traffic...

As you see, there is a reason for everything, whether you know it or not.

I recommend that you learn all the reasons and the connections.

Your success as a blogger depends on it.

Good luck.

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This is all nice in theory, but how could YOU use it to make thousands of dollars?

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