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About this course

Hello and welcome to the Viral Marketing Blueprint. I want to congratulate you on taking this step to financial independence.

The reason I created this course is simple. It takes too long for bloggers to start making money and I wanted to show you how you ​do it in 30 days.

This project is a case study in marketing, happening live.

The funnel I am about to show you was originally created in 2006. I pulled it out from the archives, because it works better than the blogging methods that are being used today.

The system was created more than a decade ago when blogging was more of a challenge technically than it is today. It originally included a custom-made software that made it possible to create viral traffic and income. I decided to re-create the viral strategy with modern technology in WordPress​.

Keep your eyes open and watch everything you see and everything that happens to you. The membership area, the free courses, the One Time Offer… They are all a live demonstration of the principles described herein and gives you a chance to experience live how it works.

What you find in this short course is only a preview of the entire system, like in the movies. The The material here was kept as short as possible, therefore it is very condensed. The full system is covered in my 5-Figure Sales Funnels course.

​Read everything carefully, over and over. You will learn the reasons why over 90 percent of bloggers never make money.

In the following chapters I will give you excerpts from the time tested and proven concepts that allowed a top marketer of that age to make $75,000 per month online each and every month and build an email list of over 300,000 members in 6 months. Many others copied the system and achieved similar results (the reviews are from that time period).

[pullquote align="normal"]Gary M (9 years ago)

I bought it the day it launched in January 2006 and still use it to this day. My latest site is built around it. I would highly recommend it, its probably the best purchase I ever made. [/pullquote]

[pullquote align="normal"]TheSuccessCoach (9 years ago)

For me I can say the script is very good. It has had it's problems, but I paid well over 1k for it and use it on a number of sites. I find it good as a list builder, ie give away an audio/ebook and then present an oto. It does not have drip feed built into it, ie a new product appear after every x weeks, however it is good, and being free it's even better. Richard [/pullquote]

​Does the system work? It's up to you to decide. My "If You Lost Everything..." campaign was created based on the knowledge contained in the 5-Figure Sales Funnels course.

Now I am going to show you the Viral Marketing system.

So let’s get started.

Course Structure


Introduction To Viral Marketing

Hello and welcome to the Viral Marketing Blueprint. I want to congratulate you on taking this step to financial independence.


The Fatal Mistakes Most Bloggers Make

The first mistake bloggers make when they start a blog is that they start blogging. That sounds strange, right?


The Power of FREE Membership Sites

The main reason I want you to focus on Membership Sites, is that they allow you to build a database of members.


“If it is a free site… How do you make any money?”

You can monetize your blog by advertising promotions to your members that join.


The Viral Effect

If your campaign is set up correctly, small elements, when put into a Viral Marketing Campaign, can mean the difference between having 200,000+ members ...


How YOU Can Use This System

This is all nice in theory, but how could YOU use it to make thousands of dollars?


Bonus: How To Sell High-Priced Products

So I got a $310 haircut. Here's what I learned about selling high-priced products.


How To Sell Anythig To Anybody

This is a long but very important video on selling.


Is Email Marketing Dead?

Another important lesson from Derek on email marketing.

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