The Viral Marketing Blueprint

9 Lessons

About this course

It takes too long for bloggers to start making money and I wanted to show you how you ​do it in 30 days.

Course Structure


Introduction To Viral Marketing

Hello and welcome to the Viral Marketing Blueprint. I want to congratulate you on taking this step to financial independence.


The Fatal Mistakes Most Bloggers Make

The first mistake bloggers make when they start a blog is that they start blogging. That sounds strange, right?


The Power of FREE Membership Sites

The main reason I want you to focus on Membership Sites, is that they allow you to build a database of members.


“If it is a free site… How do you make any money?”

You can monetize your blog by advertising promotions to your members that join.


The Viral Effect

If your campaign is set up correctly, small elements, when put into a Viral Marketing Campaign, can mean the difference between having 200,000+ members ...


How YOU Can Use This System

This is all nice in theory, but how could YOU use it to make thousands of dollars?


Bonus: How To Sell High-Priced Products

So I got a $310 haircut. Here's what I learned about selling high-priced products.


How To Sell Anythig To Anybody

This is a long but very important video on selling.


Is Email Marketing Dead?

Another important lesson from Derek on email marketing.

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