Keyword Research Sanity

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The commissions on the screenshot were generated by two blog posts between March 2018 and today. You'll see the simple strategy I used & how to do  your keyword research for the next 2 years in 1 hour.

Note: Easy and simple doesn't mean that you don't need to put in work.

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​This course gives you a stripped down strategy to do your keyword research and start making money with your blog with affiliate marketing.

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Finding The Right Monetization

Do you really want to make a lot of money with your blog? Here is the first key ingredient.

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Content Clusters (Siloing)

Instead of creating multiple random blog posts, follow the strategy of less articles grouped into a content cluster. You will show to Google that you are an authority and get better rankings.

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Targeting Low Hanging Fruit

The key to website traffic is long-tail keywords that have low competition.

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Determining Competition from Top 10 SERP Results

It’s important to know that competition scores should only be used as a filter to find possible keywords.

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Keyword Tools To Use

I am going to show you the best tools to do your keyword research.

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Using Ahrefs Trial For Keyword Research

Now let's do keyword research that will provide content ideas for the next two years.

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Keyword Grouping

One web page can rank for multiple keywords. So why don’t we focus on optimizing content to target dozens of similar and related keywords?

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Ahrefs Link Building

The next step is putting together an intelligent link building strategy.

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How To Write Content That Ranks

Content marketing has changed. Writing more content no longer guarantees you more traffic simply because there are over 1 billion blogs competing.

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Top 10 SERP Rankings Analysis Example

Once you have a list of topics for your content clusters, it's time to create blog posts. The beauty of this strategy is that you don't need to create content endlessly, you can focus your time on making money.

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Results: My $7K Blog Post

Now I am going to break down the post that made me several thousand dollars.

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Results: Getting Traffic

This set of results come from the same long-tail strategy. There is blog traffic only, simply because these weren't really monetized well.

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Ignite Your Content

Once you have published your post, your job is not over. You will also need to jumpstart the traffic and get socialshares.

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Increasing Your Authority With Links

If you don't face the fact that you need links in order to rank and get traffic, you are wasting a lot of time.