Free Tier Revenue Engines

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Become Great At Making Freebies That People Want, Then Make Money Out Of Them

The simple reason why customers don’t tend to buy products and services quickly, is because they are caught in a Catch 22 and they need time. Time to learn, evaluate, think over, discuss. Having a pre-sell system in place gives them this time. But if it were simply a question of time, everyone could keep talking about their product or service and expect a flood of customers, right? Well, there is more to the subject…

Free Tier Revenue Engines

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The Catch 22 of Buying

When ​people land on your website, a majority of them are not ready to buy. The following law explains why—in fact it is the "MISSING LINK" for most affiliate marketers and product creators...

Let’s Avoid Fake Advice

Just like there is fake news, there is also fake advice. Your biggest time waster is advice that pretends to be helpful but, in the final analysis, doesn't move the needle. 

Successful Presell

​Presell means educating your readers instead of pushing them to buy. Your job is to prime for the sale so that your readers come to the buying decision on their own.

What Is A Free Tier?

People rarely buy at their first interaction—unless they’re in the heat of the moment. So why spend 100 percent of your effort on this tiny, improbable group?

Why not follow the smart strategy of "FREE Tier" used by million-dollar companies like Google & Facebook and boost your own sales?

Presell Through Info Products

​The standard affiliate marketing blog model ​consists of churning out ​keyword-targeted ​blog posts that ​recommend affiliate products to ​visitors. Then links are built to rank these in Google. 

​​Everyone is doing this, therefore competition is high. ​There is a considerably smaller percentage of bloggers that go to the next level by creating a course.

Promoting Your Info Product

If nobody knows you have a book, you’re not much more credible than when you didn’t have a book.

You hit publish, it’s like, okay, “Now what? I did all that work and I’m not seeing any kind of return on it except maybe a few trickles.”

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