Blogging On The First Page of Google

4 Chapters 38 Lessons Easy

About this course

In this course you will find out how to bring in traffic with your content (SEO) and get it to the first page of Google every time.

Course Structure


SEO Basics 10 Lessons

Why New Blogs Have A Hard Time

Most of you probably know the phenomenon where you write a blog post, you put your heart into it, and then no one sees it. It is a lot of work to create content...

Give Them A Reason To Visit

There is a vital point that blog owners often forget: Your blog needs to have a REASON for people to visit it.

How To Use Content As Your Bait

It is true though that most people use content as the bait. However great content is not enough.

Your Authority And Your Product

This point is so vital and still so many people miss it…

How To Do On-Page SEO

Here are the basics of on-page SEO.

SEO And User Experience

SEO is not just about keywords. It's about giving your users what they want.

“Expertise, Authority, & Trust” (or E-A-T)

Google is trying to provide more information to help satisfy users.

Pumpkin Hacking & Spaghetti

​You may be tempted to cover 50 subjects and promote 50 different affiliate programs on your blog. In the beginning this may even be necessary, because online business is always ​like throwing spaghetti against the wall.

How Your Content Gets Organic Traffic

Obviously, if you already spend a time on writing content, then you should do it in such a way that brings you organic traffic for life.

Google First Page Ranking Factors

There are over 200 ranking factors. But there are a handful that are more important than the rest


Keyword Research 19 Lessons

Keyword Research

An important thing you need to know is that difficulty equals opportunity.

Long Tail Keywords

I am not going to dive into a huge explanation on what long-tail keywords are. They are key to your success and organic traffic.

What Search Volume Should You Go For?

First of all, you should view search volume numbers as estimates only. They can be wildly off.

How Long Does It Take To Get Traffic?

While there is no uniform answer to this question, here are the guidelines.

Finding Your Seed Keywords

The idea behind seed keywords is the following: If I want to write about sales funnels, that wouldn’t be the only keyword I would look into.

Keyword Difficulty

Along with search volume, difficulty is the second factor you need to consider when picking your keywords.

What Is The Best Keyword Tool To Use?

You will see advice telling you to use the Google Keyword Planner for your keyword research.

Autosuggest And Related Searches

  • Autosuggest is a Google feature. We are talking about the roll-down list of keywords that appear when you start typing in your keyword in the Google search bar.

Information Keywords vs. Money Keywords

This is another factor you need to be aware of when you do keyword research.

Keywords correspond to the cycle of buying.

How To Analyze Top 10 SERP Rankings To Determine Competition

As I mentioned before, it’s important to know that competition scores should only be used as a filter to find possible keywords.

Keyword Golden Ratio

The key principle of KGR is to find phrases that are "under-served" by Google - and therefore you can easily rank for these.

Keyword Research Examples And Results

Now I am going to break down the post that made me a thousand dollars.

Foreign language domains

I have started to test this method on a foreign language domain (Hungarian).

Guest Posts

You can also consider writing guest posts on high DA blogs using long tail keywords.

Updating blog posts that don’t get traffic

You may not have heard about Google’s Freshness Algorithm.

How To Write Your Blog Post Effectively

Make sure your facts are correct, your post is extremely engaging, actionable and deep. But there is more.

A Real Life Keyword Research Example

I am going to show you some of the keyword research I just did for FunnelXpert.

Easy Link Building

After a certain point you will realize that you need links to rank for more competitive keywords.


Using Ahrefs $7 Trial For Analysis 2 Lessons

Analyzing Your Own Site For Better Rankings

You have probably heard about Ahrefs and you probably think it’s an expensive tool.

Analyzing Your Competitors for $7

Enter a competitor’s domain into Site Explorer...


Other Traffic Sources 7 Lessons

Setting Your Blog Post Up For Social Shares

Once you have written your blog post, you need to start promoting it for several reasons.

How to Get Traffic from Facebook Groups

Millions of people participate in Facebook groups every single day. If you are not using them for more traffic, you are missing out. However if you don’t do it right, you won’t get any results.

Networking With Other Bloggers

Blogging is not a lonely game. And the easiest way to get traffic is from bloggers that already have tons of traffic.

A Word On SEO And Making Money

When it comes to SEO and keyword research, there is a vital point that you need to understand.

Guest Emailing

If you only had 90 days to 10x your sales, what would you do?

Scaling Your Content Creation

How many posts should you write?


For many successful bloggers their two biggest sources of traffic are Google and Pinterest.