7-Day Funnel Fix

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About this course

In this training, you are going to have the chance to learn about marketing funnels and how powerful they can be for your business.

You already know what a website is. For a long time it was possible to spend a $1 on Google ads for that website and get $2-$3-$10 out.The problem is that over the last 10 years competition has gotten harder. That’s no surprise when you consider that millions of new websites are popping up every single day.Now when you put $1 in, you might get 30 cents back out or nothing at all. So, people are starting to lose money because of all the competition.People try to solve this by writing more content and improving SEO.

​​You may believe that you could solve your online business problems if you got enough traffic to your website.The problem with the ‘traffic first’ approach is that it’s either expensive or requires a lot of work. Getting a large amount of traffic is easy if you buy lots of ads, but the more you spend, the less profit you make from each customer​. ​Driving traffic manually isn't better either, because you are spending too much time on it.

​Businesses used to have ​websites​. Unfortunately traditional websites don't perform that well any more. ​We need a sales funnel ​where ​the web pages are split in a manner so that visitors are led through a process. Nowadays, you really need to have a funnel. You are about to see why this system works so well.​You could actually make more sales without needing more traffic if your website converted at a much higher rate.​ Let me show you the simple math. 

If you have just 20 visitors a day, that is 600 visitors a month. If your site converts at 10 percent at ​opt-in, you would be getting 60 signups per month.

However I have seen opt-ins converting at 40 percent, which would be 240 subscribers per month. 

​The takeaway: Traffic is important, however stop worrying about traffic for a moment and start figuring out how you can convert your existing traffic better.

Course Structure


Understanding Why Your Funnel Doesn’t Convert

It's actually not a rocket science to figure out why your funnel doesn't make money.


Blue Ocean, Red Ocean

Blue Ocean/Red ocean. If you pick the red ocean, you will make no money...


Story & Presell

The first thing that needs to be done to a visitor is making a connection and changing  their mindset.


Simple Steps To Fix Your Funnel

The step-by-step approach you need to follow to start getting sales.


Building Your Back End

Real money comes from selling repeated products at the back-end.


Offer Example #1

Here is an example of what kind of an offer you would need.


Swipe files

Some swipe files for you to learn


Funnel Hacking

"If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results." Tony Robbins

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