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Micro Niche Site Examples

 November 1, 2019

By  Peter Nyiri

In his post I am going to give you a few micro niche site examples. They are specific and targeted towards a micro-topic or keyword. These websites do not necessarily get a lot of traffic but they tend to make more money from less traffic. One reason for the same is, you get quality targeted traffic, and they convert better than untargeted traffic.

Example #1: Domain Flipping

DomainFlippingGuide.org ranks on the first page for this keyword. The site actually has a decent traffic potential.

The entire site consists of one single page, plus the basic pages like Aubout Us, Contact Us.

domain flipping

Here are the SERP results:

domain flipping serp

Example #2: SSL Certificates

The website SSL for Free has only one function: To generate an SSL certificate.

ssl free

Example #3: FunnelXpert.com

Yes, this site could be considered a micro niche site.

If you look at my income report, you will see that the entire blog is built around the Thrive Themes and ClickFunnels affiliate programs.

Example #4: PixieFaire

When the daughter of Cinnamon and Jason, the owners of Pixie Faire, turned six, they realized how obsesses she is with dolls and their outfits.

PixieFaire 18-Inch Dolls

This lead to the start of Pixie Faire, an e-commerce site selling doll clothing patterns

But their passion goes beyond dolls and design. They’re dedicated to serving their community of amazing collectors and sewists by showcasing their work and offering a wide range of how-to projects and sewing patterns!

They also started selling online courses on knitting and sewing doll clothes, physical patterns and clothing items.

PixieFaire courses

Estimated Monthly Traffic: 88K

Avg. Visit Duration 03:54

Bounce Rate 47.04%

Example #5: Popular sites

This may be surprising to you, but there are many popular sites that you wouldn’t think of as a micro niche site, but if you look at the narrowness of their subject, they are built on the same principle.

NameSilo.com – The only thing they focus on is domains. How micro is that? Their entire knowledge base is on that subject. The same applies to other domain registrars.

ExpiredDomains.net – They only do one thing – list expired domains and they get commissions if someone clicks on a link and registers/buys a domain.

Flippa.com – They buy & sell domains

EstiBot.com – They estimate domain value.

The difference between these popular sites and the sites in the previous section is just one thing: These sites have a crapload of backlinks and therefore they have become popular brands and attract a lot more traffic.

However in reality there isn’t any other difference.

When you start a new micro niche site, you start out in the first category and your goal is to end up in the second one.

Peter Nyiri

Peter Nyiri

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