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Micro Niche Blog Case Study 2020: MovingInTogether.net

 November 28, 2019

By  Peter Nyiri

Would a micro niche blog still be profitable in 2020? I have created this case study to see…

The theory of micro niche sites comes from the idea that the exact match domains of a micro niche blog rank better in Google than a general authority site, if the content is better.

The idea is to create a handful of posts with long form content, build links to them and see how far we can get with small amount of time spent on it.

The idea actually wasn’t mine. It came from a 2011 micro niche AdSense case study that you can look up. The case study resonated with me for the reason that the income of FunnelXpert comes from only 2-3 blog posts. The Pareto principle totally applies.

Can we get results on a new site with little effort if we concentrate on important actions only?

Domain & Hosting

The keyword was already given in the earlier case study. I looked up the search volume and keyword competition:

moving in together

It seems to have a decent traffic potential based on the several hundred keywords.

Picking The Domain

The domain name of the original case study was MovingInTogether.net. You can see the original website on Archive.org.

I checked to see if the .com domain was available. Unfortunately it was already registered (but not in use).

Since it is an expired domain, I looked up the backlink metrics.

SEO SpyGlass profile

The free version of SEO SpyGlass shows a negligible number of backlinks from article directories. In manually checking the links, two of them were already offline because their domain expired.

moving in together SEO Spyglass


I looked up the DA of both .net and .com domains. Not much difference, almost like a new domain.

moving in together MOZ DA

Ahrefs link profile

Ahrefs free backlink checker gives a very similar result:

moving in together ahrefs

I registered the domain with NameSilo.


For hosting I picked the free version of Hostinger, which is called 000WebHost.

I do have my own VPS, however I wanted this project to be on an IP address totally separate from my other sites. Also I didn’t want to spend money on it until I saw it was going somewhere.

Since I used it a few years ago, I thought 000Webhost was the best free hosting service that can be found. I was wrong. My first shock came when I saw that they created a plugin just to serve ads on my WP dashboard, literally covering half of my screen.

The quality also has gone down and the free plan reached its limit just by me setting up the theme and publishing a couple of blog posts.

To my greatest shock, the MySQL database went offline when this happened and WordPress wanted to reinstall itself.

Also the Cloudflare-connected SSL failed miserably because of a redirect loop. (I built a backlink from the CF forum in the process.)

This platform is clearly only for education purposes.

I did a quick search and I ran into InfinityFree. It has a fair amount of ads… I had to jump through some hoops, but they my experience was much better. They provide a free SSL certificate.

infinityfree host

InfinityFree gives you a subdomain and I set up my site as an add-on domain.

Installing WordPress & Adding Some Content

I installed WordPress, used a free theme called Shapely, quickly created a logo.

In terms of content I filled up the home page and added two short posts (the earlier content from Archive.org) that will need to be extended. I also added the usual Contact, About Us and Privacy pages.

I connected Google Analytics and Search Console.

Seems like this hosting also has low usage limits, I hit a message a few times that I was at the end of my resources and had to wait. Therefore I am adding Cloudflare and we’ll see what happens.

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This is where I am at and I will be updating this post as I progress.

Don’t forget to look up the original 2011 micro niche AdSense case study.

I am interested to know your opinion, tell me what you think about the project in the comments.

Peter Nyiri

Peter Nyiri

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