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MailerLite Review

 September 10, 2019

By  Peter Nyiri

MailerLite is relatively new to the world of email marketing. For smaller lists, it is one of the more affordable email providers. MailerLite really shines in the areas of user experience and simplicity, and it has enough features for most small business needs.

New Account Sign-up

In an effort to reduce spam rates and keep deliverability rates high, MailerLite has recently introduced strict approvals processes for new accounts. They also take enforcing their Terms of Use seriously, and are known to immediately shut down accounts that they deem to be in violation (e.g. Forex industries, MLM, affiliate marketing). Please make sure to read their Terms of Use and Anti-Spam policy.

Affiliate Marketing (Prohibited) – is a type of business where you earn a commission by promoting other company’s products. We don’t allow this activity, because there’s no direct relationship between you and your subscribers. You are not allowed to send unrelated offers to your subscribers or pretend to be another brand.
Affiliate Links (Allowed) – is a way to recommend product or service to your subscribers in your campaigns. Advertisement for another company (Affiliate Link) can only appear under your branding and be clearly presented as a special offer from another company. Moreover, the offer has to be related to your content and meet subscriber expectations. You are not allowed to send emails with links to content that is prohibited in our Terms of Use. Campaigns with blacklisted links will be stopped automatically and we may be forced to close the account permanently.

User Interface

This is what the dashboard looks like:

MailerLite dashboard

It tells you the number of subscribers (and emails if you are on the free plan) used from your plan.

You can also see the statistics of your last sent campaign.


You have the choice to authenticate your domains yourself with SPF, DKIM or have MailerLite authenticate your emails.

MailerLite01 authentication

Setting Default Sender

This is where you can enter your From email address, company details and website URL.

MailerLite02 default sender

Google Analytics

You don’t need to mess with adding your utm codes – MailerLite does it for you automatically.

MailerLite03 Google Analytics

Confirm Subscription

This is where you can edit your sign-up confirmation email…

MailerLite04 confirm subscription

…and your Thank You page.

MailerLite05 confirmation tku page


Your subscribers get assigned to “Groups”, this is the term for your lists on this platform.

MailerLite13 subscriber groups

Email Notifications

You can get email notifications when someone signs up/unsubscribes for your newsletter, or you can choose to receive a daily summary.

MailerLite06 unsubscribe notifications


This is the name of your drip campaigns.

As you can see below, your statistics will be displayed for each subscriber group.

MailerLite08 automations

If you click on “Overview”, you will see the overall stats and the individual email stats.

MailerLite09 automations overview1

MailerLite10 automations workflow

If you clock on the gear icon, you will be able to edit the subject line or the email itself.

MailerLite11 edit email


In addition to automations, you can also send campaigns:

MailerLite12 campaigns

Clicking on “View Report” will bring up more detailed stats.

MailerLite14 campaign stats



MailerLite has tons of integrations. Here are the most important ones:

MailerLite07 integrations

As an example, you can integrate it with WooCommerce through the WooCommerce integration plugin.

Add your customers to your email marketing lists directly via WooCommerce’s checkout process.

MailerLite WordPress Plugin

The Official MailerLite Sign Up Form plugin makes it easy to grow your newsletter subscriber list from your WordPress blog or website. The plugin automatically integrates your WordPress form with your MailerLite email marketing account.

Looking through my MailerLite review, you can see that MailerLite really does stand out in terms of simplicity – especially in user experience and user interface design. There are plenty of features for almost all of your needs.

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Peter Nyiri

Peter Nyiri

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