​If You Suddenly Lost It All,
& Only ​Knew Marketing
What Would You Do​?

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Unfortunately this is ​not a click-bait title. 

In December 2016 I got onto a Greyhound bus at Miami airport and ​walked out of my previous life, leaving everything behind. I only had a small carry-on and a backpack. I was running away from slavery, looking for freedom.

I had no place to stay, no job, I was living on credit cards. 

I started an eBay business. I failed miserably and I got robbed.

I found a job. Things were going in the right direction. I started blogging in 2017 and I always hoped that one day my blog income would replace my daytime job. But I wasn't ready to make the jump yet. 

Then I suddenly got fired...

​​I am about to get my paycheck for last month.
Now I have the choice to either find a new job...

...or to create the same income with my blog before next month's paycheck.
Then I had another thought: You could be in in my place...
Therefore I decided to send out the following letter to successful marketers...

​“Hi ___​,

​“If you suddenly lost EVERYTHING (you had no job, no big name, no list, no affiliates).
“All you have is a roof over your head and food for only ONE MONTH, a laptop, wi-fi, a credit card with $300 left on it.
“Other than your vast marketing/blogging experience, you’re back to zero... What would you do to save yourself?”


A lot of people have blogs that they put a lot of time into but they don't generate enough return.

​Let's face it...

  • One month isn't enough to play with SEO...
  • Cranking out blog posts isn't going to take you anywhere either.
  • You may have a dead e-commerce store...
  • An email list of 50 subscribers that you never email...
  • A few hundred visitors per month

This is probably where you are.

One thing is sure.

A more aggressive strategy ​is needed...

​So I created the Viral Marketing Blueprint... and built it. I am putting it to the test...

​​I ​created a members area and I will be adding the answers as they come in.
For me this is not a game, but a life or death marketing experiment​.
​You are invited to ​take a look... it's free.

I Want To MAKE SURE You ​Read Each Of These 30 Day Plans…

Then ​Implement.

​I Could Charge Hundreds of Dollars for These​, But I Want You to Start Making Money.

Therefore I Am Giving Them Away For FREE!

​Follow the challenge

If You Lost It All,
What Would You Do​?​

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