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How to Use MailChimp to Track Your E-book Downloads

 September 16, 2018

By  Peter Nyiri

Offering eBooks to subscribers can be a great way for businesses to generate leads, engage with current and prospective customers and build their reputation as an expert in their industry. There are a variety of metrics that you can use to measure the success of your eBook marketing campaign. One of the most important metrics is the number of people who downloaded it. MailChimp has a feature for measuring e-book downloads.

How can you use MailChimp track your e-book downloads? Here are the steps you will need to take.

Setting Up Your Campaign in MailChimp

You can’t send emails with attached files with MailChimp.

This is actually a good thing, because you can track how many users click the download link to measure the success of your campaign.

You need to upload your e-book to MailChimp before you can share it with your subscribers. The process is pretty straightforward:

  • Create a campaign in your Control Panel
  • Highlight the anchor text for the download link
  • Use the Insert/Edit Link text button to specify that you want to upload a file.

Mailchimp track download

  • Select the e-book file from your hard drive to upload it to the server.

mailchimp upload file

How Can You Track Downloads

MailChimp has a link click tracking feature. People have to click on a link to download files so you can use this feature to track downloads. You don’t need to do anything to use this feature because tracking information is embedded into every link by default.

MailChimp redirects your subscribers through its servers every time they click a link. It keeps track of the number of clicks so you can measure the success of your email marketing campaigns.

All of this information is available to you through the Click Performance page. Here is an overview on finding information about your users clicking activity.

Click Performance Page

You can view key information about your subscribers’ clicking behavior for various campaigns on the Report Overview page. Once you click on that page you will need to select your campaign and go to the Click Performance Page. Here is an overview of what you will see on the click performance page:

  • The number of recipients that the email with your ebook link was sent to
  • The email open rate (the percentage of users that opened your message)
  • The click rate (i.e. the percentage of users that clicked on your link)
  • The total number of clicks to any link
  • The last time a link was clicked
  • The links that were clicked most often
  • The industry average click rate compared to your own

This is essential information to help you measure the effectiveness of your campaign and decide what you need to change. You may want to try various email templates, message content, link structures and images for various campaigns.

Compare the click rates for each of them and see what strategies seem to work the best. Of course, you will want to try to send the messages to the same recipients so that you can make consistent comparisons.

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Peter Nyiri

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