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How To Prepare Your Site For Traffic

 November 28, 2017

By  Peter Nyiri

Is Your Site Worthy of Traffic?

Getting traffic traffic to a new site unsuccessfully is the biggest problem marketers face. However they usually failed at the previous step – getting their site ready for traffic. Here is a vital question:

  • Have you actually built a site that deserves to rank and get traffic in the first place?

What value does your site provide to its visitors?

There is more to building a site than keyword research and keyword targeted articles at 3% density with the aim to getting people on and off your site as quickly as possible through an affiliate link or Adsense block.

If you are in this situation, you need to go one step back and follow the steps of this post before you even try to get traffic.

Go through these points and make sure they are not preventing your site from getting traffic.

If you don’t have the right niche with paying demand, your efforts will not result in anything useful.

FunnelXpert is about building sales funnels and showing people how to make sites profitable. There are over 50,000 WordPress websites added daily per ExpandedRamblings.com, which is a large enough demand and potential market.

Does your niche have demand?

Are the people interested in the niche willing to pay?

Do they have money to pay?

You could have all the interest in the world if they are all freebie-seekers…

  • Do you have a great domain name that is ready to rank?

Domain nameSpammy domain names turn visitors away. Additionally, newly registered domains seem to have a limitation to rank, which could take up to 6 months.

Is your domain name just a long keyword?

Is it difficult to remember?

Is your domain difficult to understand in the first place, with multiple abbreviations?

Does it remind people of something emotionally negative?

  • Do you know who your target audience is?

You need to know exactly who you are targeting.

FunnelXpert targets individuals who launched a WordPress blog and try to make money. What audience is your site targeting?

Is your target audience too broad? In this matter, less is more…

Are you targeting your target audience with your posts?

  • Do you know where your target audience hangs out?

My audience is the best to catch on sites and Facebook groups regarding blogs, internet marketing. And yours?

Find a bunch of Facebook groups, forums, Twitter profiles, etc.

Engage with them.

  • What are the key topics for your site?

softwareEven though my domain name has to do with Funnels, the key subjects of my site are sales funnels, website traffic and monetizing. What about yours?

Defining your subjects allows you to categorize your posts correctly.

  • Do you have a correctly worded tagline for your site?

It is the tagline that defines the subject of your site.

If you look at my tagline, you will see that it expands the subjects that my site covers to those listed in the previous point, without the need to change my domain name. Is your tagline correct and thought through?

  • Do you have an epic post for each subject?

You need to have an epic post for each subject your site covers.

They need to be super-engaging so that people will want to sign up and return to your site.

  • Are your menus set up to make your site’s best content available?

The set-up of WordPress buries your posts, therefore you need to include your best content in your menus to make them visible. Your menus should also align with your site’s subjects. Check out my menus as an example.

  • Do you have an autoresponder set up with an opt-in freebie that is desirable?

Desirable means desirable from the viewpoint of your audience, NOT what you think is desirable. You need to go out and find out.

Does your freebie actually solve a problem?

Is it practical?

  • Is your hosting ready for traffic or is it going to reach a limit?

commYou don’t want to start getting traffic and then run into your hosting limit. Be smart and plan ahead.

I had a cheap $1 hosting and I was experimenting with paid traffic. I ended up buying some cheap useless traffic that was probably all bots, however it pointed out the problem that my hosting plan was unable to take 300 visitors a day and it was actually cutting out my CPU and memory limits.

Does your site actually load fast?

  • If you look at your site with the eyes of your visitors, is it actually desirable with epic content?

If not, you have no chance. I spent a month just writing content for my site before even trying to get traffic.

Does your site look aesthetic?

Does it have pleasing colors?

  • Do you have enough images/videos?

This is part of content, but it needs its own mention, as it is very important for your conversion. Pictures speak faster than text.

Avoid having a wall of text, that turns people off.

If you have images, do they load fast?

  • Do you have a sales funnel set up?

Learn about sales funnels. They will help you make sure you don’t waste your hard-earned visitors.

  • Go through all your titles and make them aggressive.

All newbies make this mistake. Your visitors will not sign up just because something is good.

You need to be in their face. Look at headlines on other sites.

  • Look at your opt-in page and make it irresistible.

Look at opt-in forms on top-ranking sites in any niche. Get ideas from these.

Chew it over a few times. come up with new versions.

  • Are your opt-in forms strategically located on your site?

Make sure your visitors are regularly reminded of signing up for your list.

You should have an opt-in form at the top, at the bottom, and you should also have an exit-intent pop-up.


Have you fixed all these points?

Look at your site again. Do you like it?

Does it look acceptable from the eyes of a stranger?

I hope this helped you.

Peter Nyiri

Peter Nyiri

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