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How to Make Money From Micro Niche Blogging

 November 27, 2019

By  Peter Nyiri

What Is Micro Niche Blogging

Friends, as you might have heard of Blogging and you will also be doing blogging, if you want to create a blog which you have to work on less and you can earn more money then you should start Micro Niche Blogging.

Because in Micro Niche Blogging you have to do very little work and in just 1-2 days, your entire blog is ready. But the question is what is Micro Niche Blogging?

To understand well enough, we first divide this entire Word, like Micro Niche (you can understand it as a category or a small topic) + Blogging (Post Create on a Topic) Now get both of them together So Micro Niche Blogging is meant to create a blog on a small or Particular Topic, called “Micro Niche Blogging”.

Why Create Micro Niche Blog?

The keywords of Micro Niche Blog rank better in Google than any authority site. If you can create a niche site and write good SEO optimize the post, then you have a chance to rank your blog early.
Rank Easy
This type of blog is preferable for passive income, once you’ve created a complete blog and do SEO it does not need to do any hard work. It will keep you earning till lifetime without doing it.
Despite not having much traffic on the Micro Niche website, you can earn a good income from it, because the traffic you get in it is targeted traffic. Because of this, its conversion rate is also high.

Complete Guide to Creating Micro Niche Blog

To create a successful Micro Niche Blog / Website, you have to follow the tips given below. Your starting point in Niche Blog is most important. Before you create a blog, you plan on keyword research and content.
  1. Select your Niche
  2. Buy Domain
  3. Proper Keyword Research
  4. Create a Blog
  5. Niche Blog Content Strategy
  6. SEO
  7. Monetize Blog

How to Create a Micro Niche Blog?

As you all know, Blogger is the best blog to create and if you want to create a little Advance Blog whose look is absolutely professional you can use WordPress.
Let’s understand step by step How To Create a Micro Niche Blog and what things you need for it-

01. Select Niche & Domain Name

To make any blog you have to have a Topic, now for Micro Niche Blogging. you should make a small topic
For example, you can make related to Get the product of one company or its services where the company’s goods.
We can tell you that you may have to post too much when you create Related Blog from the goods, but it can be the best Topic for Online Earning.
Note: Before you select any topic, you must see some things, like-
  • How much is the competition on that topic?
  • How many of that Topic’s Searches are?
  • Whether or not he is Keyword Ranking on any popular Websites.
  • Who are your competitors?
After selecting Topic, you will need to check whether the Related Domain Name is available or not, we will give you that for Micro Niche Blogging it is not necessary that you have .com Extension, you can take any Extension
tips choosing domain name
All you need to do is keep in mind that all your keywords are coming in your domain. Simultaneously, do not justify Free Domain Name like .Tk

02. Keyword Research & Content Planning

Keyword Researching is very important for any Blog to rank on Search Engine. So first, you have to take a look at the CPC and Competition of the Keyword you are going to work on, then you can also add Alternative Keywords.
That is, you should research all the keywords that are added to your blog.

After Keyword Research you can plan content, what pages will be on your blog, which posts, what type of images you have to use, and what type of video you need, Take it all the things you already have to analyze.

Free Tools For Keyword Researching

Paid Tools For Keyword Researching

You can use tools like to do proper keyword research. Select keywords to search for in the same country where you want to target traffic.

Keeping this in mind while selecting Keyword:

  • Keywords at a minimum of 4000 per month will be global searches.
  • The keyword’s keyword is medium and high.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) is good.
  • When searching on Google for keywords, Amazon does not appear on a website like eBay.
  •  Does not have a High Ranking website rank on that keyword.

How much can it cost to create Micro Niche Blog?

Let’s understand how much you may have to spend on these two platforms to create a Micro Niche Blog. First of all, we talk about Blogger.

Spending Money on creating a Micro Niche Blog on Blogger

Blogger is a service provided by Google and if it is free. You can say that you will be able to create your own blog for free but for Micro Niche Blogging you will need to purchase a Custom Domain related to your Keyword, which will cost you $8 to $10.
Now it comes to Design of Website, for this you will need a Custom Template, which costs you $20 to $40.

In this way, to make a Micro Niche Blog on Blogger, you have to spend at least 20$

How Much Money Is Required for Micro Niche

Firstly, to create a blog on WordPress. You will need to Purchase Hosting for which you may have to spend at least 29$ to 58$. Similarly, for the domain, you may have to spend between 7 to 10 dollar per year.
The third important thing is a theme which you can easily get from $ 20 to $ 70. But because you have to create a Micro Niche Blog. You can also work with Free Themes.

Thus, in the form of a Micro Niche Blog on WordPress. you get 7$ Domain + 29$ (Theme) Optional = 36$ Total Expenses but if you use Free Theme then you will create a Micro Niche Blog comes 28$ to 30$ only.

With this, you can understand that you can do Long Time Earning by investing a little in which you do not have to spend much.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) To get as many traffic as possible on your blog. You have to do Search Engine Optimization. Such micro-niche blogs rank fast in Google due to being keyword specific. To optimize Blog in Search Engine, you have to pay attention to both on-page and off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO:

  • Write a unique and high-quality article
  • Use proper keyword headings h1, h2, h3 in an article
  • Use proper Keyword in post-title, permalink and meta description
  • Use alt text in the image
  • Must use the 3-4 keyword of the whole article

Off-Page SEO:

  • Share Post to Social Network
  • Guest Posting for Backlinks, Submit Directory
  • Can Comment in Another Blog and Forum

Create Social Media Accounts

Now to talk about Social Media Accounts. You should have Social Media Accounts to promote any website or blog. So you can tell people about your blog. Along with this, you can also be personally linked Connect with people. For which you can create Pages and Groups according to your Blog or Website.

Backlink Building & Promotion

After making any website it is very important to rank it on a search engine for which you need backlinks. Now if you do not know what the backlinks are and how to make it.
backlink building, promotion
With this, now you can talk about Promotion. Promoting any blog
You can make a good traffic increase on your blog because through Promotion. You can tell people about your website.
You can use Text, Images, Videos and Gif Images to promote any website. Just like if you want to promote your website on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Text & Images is the best option for you.
Similarly, if you want to promote your website via video, then Facebook and YouTube are the best options for you.
Just like you can create different types of content on different platforms, promote your website easily and can increase traffic.

Monetization for Micro Niche Blogging

You can use various monetization options to earn money from your blog. First of all, you can monetize your blog by approving it with Adsense.
If your blog is coming from the US and UK traffic and you and you used a high CPC keyword, then you can earn good money from Adsense.

Media.net Ad network

You can use the Media.net Ad network if you do not get Adsense approval. If traffic on your blog is from the USA and UK, Then media.net is the best alternative to Google Adsense.

With this, you can earn money by promoting an affiliate product related to your niche. For this, by creating an account in the Amazon affiliate program and Clickbank affiliate program, you can get a good commission by selling its product.

The idea of earning money by creating a Micro Niche Site is a great option for those who have a lot of experience in blogging.

You can create 3-4 blogs of this method and generate passive income for a long time.

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In Conclusion of Micro Niche Blogging

Micro Niche Blogging” is becoming very popular in the field of Blogging. Today and many people are also making good online earnings by creating a Micro Niche Blog. So if you are also in the field of Blogging then you must own a Micro Niche Blog. Create easily by which you can increase your online earnings easily.
Now if you have any confusion in the topic of Micro Niche Blogging, then you must tell us in the Comment Box.

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