​​​1,000 Customers
​x $100 each
​= $100k

Are You Really Just One Funnel Away?

I ​started FunnelXpert ​because I had a dream. I had ​no ​experience and I had no money, ​but the online world really intrigued me. My dream was to build a ​sales funnel in WordPress ​and generate a monthly income of $5k​. I started in November 2017 and I ​wanted to do it in 6 months. 

I was really naive... After two years of ​hard work I can say that I ​put the pieces together and I know ​I am ​going to make it. ​On this page I am going to share with you ​my ​rough ​plan and the ​tools. 

Russell Brunson from ClickFunnels says you are just one funnel away from ​a steady stream of income and this is true to a degree. You just need one funnel, one product and 1,000 fans to make 5 figures. But there are ​tons of ​details. 

Peter Nyiri

​Peter Nyiri


One such detail is budget. Paying $100 per month for a keyword tool that you use twice a month or funnel software that won't return the investment (because you aren't a guru) is simply ridiculous. Having to pay $997 for a course you never see results of is likewise pointless. I am not here to sell you expensive crap. Join me and I am going to show you the workarounds.  

Information overload is another concern. How many courses have you purchased but never finished? Who has the time to watch 60 videos "filled with tons of awesome value". Great data, but may not apply to your current situation. 

What you need is a repeatable series of simple steps that generate results like this:


​A Funnel Strategy Has Many Moving Parts

Your funnel is made up of over 30 elements and they all need to fit together. One component not working ​may destroy the rest.

Strategies that work for other people may or may not fit you or your personality. ​There are strategies that are easy for the people ​who promote these, however there is a mental entry barrier for others. Find the strategy (and tools) that feel comfortable for you and ​use those.  

Per my experience only 5 percent of the stuff you do will generate any results. This is described in the Super Pareto Principle.  The solution is to test funnel blueprints and see what works for you. ​

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​1. Framework

​Whatever your business is about, you need a framework/website. This can be a WordPress blog, an online store, a ClickFunnels funnel. It includes things like hosting, themes, plugins, site speed, image optimization, cache, CDN, analytics, etc. The design and flow directly determines your conversion rate.

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2. ​Monetization

​​Bloggers ​completely forget about the fact that in order to make money, a product is needed. The product needs to deliver a desired result or transformation and a paying demand is also necessary. Then your product needs to be SOLD. Unfortunately a product doesn't sell itself. You need to build trust and create an offer that people can't resist.

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3. ​Content

​Long-form content ​is ​not enough. Comprehensive content that communicates authority is ​what you need. I'm not talking about one article. A set of articles are needed on the same topic. This is called a topic cluster. In order to rank your content in Google, you will need  long-tail keywords, proper keyword research, copywriting, images and videos.

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4. Link Building

​Link building is not easy, because no one likes to beg others. Ignore it and you will seriously limit your chances to rank (and your traffic.) Learn how to boost your pages using internal linking and backlink building.

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5. Traffic

It doesn't matter that you have the best product, awesome content and signed up for the most expensive tools... If you don't know how to drive traffic, you are screwed.  

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6. Audience​

​While an email list is considered to be a preferred audience, social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook groups, Pinterest are also a way to build one.

Pick Your Funnel Tools & Software

Funnel Theory is one thing, however building one requires tools. I researched these tools for my own use, which means I had to find the most budget-friendly solution in each category. ​I also tried almost every​ single one of the tools I am listing here and ​providing a detailed tutorial on each. My purpose is to show you the internal workings of everything so that you can decide what's best for you.

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Best ​Sales Funnel Templates

​A sales funnel is a series of steps that drives visitors to a conversion (such as a sale, a sign-up to a newsletter, opening an account, an opt-in, etc…). The right marketing sales funnel template is incredibly important and ​will significantly increase your conversions.

Viral Marke​​​ting Funnel Blueprint

There's no charge for signing up for this course ($39 value), it will always be free, no credit card needed. In the member's area you will have the chance to register for my affiliate program and make money by giving away the free course. You will also be signed up for Viral Funnel newsletter (you can unsubscribe any time, see Privacy Policy​).

Elise McDowell

​Elise McDowell

​House of Brazen

​"I found out how to create the RIGHT structure that turns my subscribers into paying customers. At the end of the day, this isn't only about money. It's about helping people achieve their dreams with the gifts you have to offer them."

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​Start Making Money With Your Blog

​Do you want to know why you are unable to get traffic and make money online? There is a very simple reason.

The information that you are given on the subject is false and the actions you are directed to take are not going to result in fast sales.

You simply don’t have a winning strategy. What do I mean by that?

​Let’s take the “Create content like mad and wait for Google to love you” strategy, since this is what the majority of bloggers follow.

If you have tried this strategy like I did... then I don’t need to explain ​​that in order to get results, you need to write 50-100 blog posts​. You will either spend ​months on it yourself or you need to spend ​thousands of dollars on outsourcing. 

In either case it ​may take 6-12 months until you get decent traffic... ​I spent MONTHS writing 70 blog posts on my first blog, but I messed up the keyword research and only about 10 posts were getting traffic. I wasted months like that? Are you? 

Once you have traffic, there’s still no guarantee that you will make money. Maybe you have tried to throw some affiliate links on your blog and ​getting a 1 percent conversion (like I am), or maybe you tried to build a list and you managed to get a hundred subscribers in 6-12 months… but you haven’t sold them much.  

Marketing is the process of changing beliefs. Putting some opt-in forms onto your website, giving out some free e-book, writing an email sequence are just the mechanical actions for building a sales funnel.

You have done all that but most likely missing the whole point. And that’s why you are not getting opt-ins. That’s why you are not getting sales. There’s a lot more to a funnel than that.

​The real gurus remain silent. Don’t waste your time.

Most blogging advice is harmful, not helpful. 

If you want to learn how to make money blogging in 2019, you need to ditch the cookie-cutter advice you’ve been reading.

I ​made all the possible ​mistakes.

If you want to make real, life-changing money from your blog, you have to start thinking like a CEO. You need to develop systems to scale your blog like a startup, not a hobby.

Remember, you’re a business owner, not just a blogger.

Become a real funnel expert.
Find out the real reason why your funnel isn’t working.