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Ever Heard of a 'Break Even' Funnel?

Like a car that keeps going without fuel… A break-even funnel is a marketing system designed to pay for itself while constantly generating fresh leads and sales….

You landed on this page… and you're living a STORY that's killing your chances of success.

Hi there! My blog is 2 weeks old, everyday I get between 50-70 views. I know it's a miserable result, I am still learning blog tools 🤦🏻‍♀️. maybe it's a trivial question but how long did you take arrive at 1000+ views a day? And which social media is the best for gaining your audience? I'm trying to avoid Facebook but I guess it's the best one. I have less experience with Pinterest, which seems interesting to me.” N.C.
I ran a Facebook ad for a Clickbank product. I modeled everything after another ad that had been running for over 3 weeks. After 2 days FB shut down the ad saying it violated their advertising policies. I just logged in to my business manager and now the account is restricted from running ads. I did send an appeal asking what policies it violated. My question to you is, is it likely I’ll be able to get this account unrestricted or should just move on and create new accounts and a new business manager if I want to run paid ads.”M.M.
Hi - As an alternate to Google Adsense, I am planning to setup Ezoic ad network... anybody could provide me a link for end to end setup. By the way I am really fed up with the Google Adsense, I don't know what type of AI brainless technology they use. I can guarantee my site gets 99.99 percent organic traffic, and I have not clicked my own ads or ask someone, I can bet on this to Google. The worst part of Google Adsense is, it is an one way communication, they don't provide direct email. For this add limit on my site. I have followed some troubleshooting, someone says this might take one month or more. This is very unfortunate when we don't get quick fix, think if someone's primary income is from Adsense, then what will happen to that person in those months?” K.R.
Send help! 😂🙈 Pinterest is killing me mentally 😂😂 I was all over it and now my pins are not getting seen, I’ve changed my niche so is that why??? I was up to 200k views and now down to 55k. 😭 Traffic to my very new blog is next to none. 😭😫 Feeling frustrated and lost, I’d love some help please! 🤷🏻‍♀️😘 xxxx” N.S.

The above may not be your exact story, but hey, just insert your own. 

Now the first thing you have to understand is that everyone already has a story about whatever you are trying to convince them on. 

And so do your potential clients.

There’s some experience, something happened to them. Because of that experience, they’ve been telling themselves the story over and over and over again. 

And these are the people you’re coming in contact with, day after day. They see your Facebook ads, they come to your webinars, they land on your landing pages, they read your emails.

If you don’t change their story, break their false beliefs, no matter how hard you try, you will never convince them to follow you or buy from you. It’s impossible, because they have this story. 

My Story: How I Convert Page Views  Into Dollars

  • My original moment of truth was when I realized that without a proper funnel I was leaving 98% of the money on the table.
  • Bloggers chase page views and waste time creating content that no one ever readsInstead, I built assets to convert my existing traffic. Look at these earnings — from just 2-3k/mo page views.
  • Instead of low-quality lead magnets, I use the smart strategy of creating a "FREE TIER" — that's how million-dollar companies like Google & Facebook boost their sales.

Now you may think that all you need to do is put up an opt-in form, set up the autoresponder and write some emails. “Money is in the list,” they say.

Unfortunately that’s just the shell – just like having bare walls in your house but no furniture. There’s a lot more than that.

On average, across most industries, your cold traffic conversion rate will be around 1%. That means every 100 clicks you get to your sales page, 1 will make a purchase.

BUT when you build out proper follow-up funnels, you can push that number up so that 5% of all people visiting your page will make a purchase. It may take 10-20 even 30 emails and 10 different pages to do it, but why not put the effort into it if it makes more money, right?

Here’s the next disturbing point: 90% OF ALL FRONT END FUNNELS LOSE MONEY!

If you don’t have a value ladder with a mid-priced product to offer ($97-$5,000) or a Continuity Program ($10-$100 a month), you’re going to lose out on ALL YOUR TRUE PROFITS.

What is the easiest way to sell your product? 

Hint: It’s NOT through a sales pitch.

And certainly not by arguing against 15 different objections, one by one.

I found that there are two ways to sell something:

  1. Tell your reader a different story, and if you do this right, then your story becomes theirs. (This is what I do on this "sales" page.)
  2. Walk your potential client through the steps of using a product and teach them how they can get an actual result. (This is what I do in the challenge.)

Let me demonstrate this through an example that includes both points. (A story to change your story...)

The Marketing of Deception

The year was around 2010. I was new to internet marketing, trying to find my way.

I saw an interesting email in my inbox and I opened it. I was reading it with childish excitement, because I thought I found the secret to making money. There was a single sentence that I still echos in my head:

“With this autoresponder, you are guaranteed to make money.”

(The affiliate email was promoting a service called iContact and asked me to sign up for a 30-day trial, then a $9.95 monthly subscription.)

As a total newbie, I didn’t have the judgment to realize that this was an affiliate's promotion email.

I totally believed that if I signed up for that autoresponder service and paid the monthly fee, I would start making tons of money.

I signed up for the free trial and I was totally confused. What was I supposed to do in order to make money with this "autoresponder"? 

After the free trial expired I didn't pay the monthly fee and the account was closed. (They only sent me a few more emails telling me how I was losing this awesome deal.)

That story describes the sad journey of your potential customer from learning about your product to finally deciding to not buy it. 

Most marketing is based on pretense and half-solutions. Companies often run you into "Gaps".

I am pretty sure that you have experienced it yourself.  There are three “gaps” here that you need to notice:

  • Gap #1: Plain hype or deception
    Have you ever watched a painkiller ad? "Take this pill and in 5 minutes you won’t even remember that you had pain."

    First, have you noticed that whenever someone says “5 minutes”, that will take you an hour? Fast solutions are a marketing tactic that rarely work.

    Second, there is always a fine print, a catch or some kind of side effects. Or it just a plain “doesn’t work” situation, like root snake oil.
  • Gap #2: Lack of implementation strategy.
    No matter what you buy or sign up for – a page builder, a social media scheduler, a keyword research tool, a WooCommerce store... Have you noticed that you only get a “technical” user manual, not a “strategic implementation” manual? Let’s see some examples.

     • Pinterest. Their tutorials teach you how to create boards, pins and some vague “best practices”. But you get zero help from Pinterest to make your efforts successful. You get zero customer service, your account gets suspended by review bots for no reason. Therefore dozens of paid e-books and courses get created by different people to teach you their own best practices. These work for some, while others get crickets, even though they put in tons of work. Pinterest could make more money if it actually served and pleased the people that want to get traffic. If anyone, they have tons of data on what works. Why do they need bloggers (who can only experiment with incomplete data at best) to pick up their dropped balls and create Pinterest courses?

      • The situation is the same with Google ads, Facebook ads, Amazon and its affiliates, eBay and its sellers...

     • Page builders: They give you tutorials on drag-and-drop editing, but how do you combine your pages into a sequence that will get you sales?

      • Email marketing tools: They give you tutorials on how to create emails, how to send newsletters, etc. But you never get information from them on what kind of emails are successful, how to actually make money with email marketing.
  • Gap #3: Good strategic plan without practical support.
    Many of our customers are simply unable to follow even the most detailed instructions. Even if they do, they will run into situations that they can’t solve because they lack experience. They need real life support, they have questions like this to get answered:  

      • Writing an email series for your store or affiliate product. What are you going to do if it doesn’t bring the results you hope for?

      • Dating program – there is a huge gap between reading all the tips/strategies and then going out to a real life date where your partner doesn’t behave the way you expect.  

    This is where coaching and apprenticeship come into the picture.

How To Take Advantage of the Gaps

The above is bad news if you are a buyer, but if recognize this as a marketer, you can use it to make money.

  • The industry of affiliate sites is only lucrative because they fill Gap #2.
  • Online courses are only lucrative because they fill Gap #2.
  • Coaching programs are lucrative because they fill Gap #3.

Fill the gap with REAL help and you can make tons of money.

The Successful “Give All Your Value First


Since too many pretend something is free when it isn’t, “Free” has become perverted, resulting in “freebie exhaustion”, “lead magnet fatigue” and this destroys your conversions.

Pretense and switch & bait tactics destroy trust. Even if you can convince someone to buy once, your recurring sales will suffer.

It works much better to give your prospects ALL the value for FREE without holding anything back.

Giving away a very high quality product without a paywall, you can attract a much wider audience. Bigger audience = more conversions.

You are probably asking,

“If you give EVERYTHING for free, how do you ever make money?”

Well, this is exactly what Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay or Pinterest are doing. You would never imagine any of these companies give away a “free checklist” to sign up for their platforms, right? Or do you ever see them write blog posts to target a specific keyword?

They don’t care about content marketing, keywords, links, still they have more traffic than you can ever hope for. They are beyond SEO.

There are three main factors that resulted in their success:

  • Their “free offer” is an extremely useful in-demand service for which they could even charge a monthly fee

  • Their actual income is completely separate from their free offer

  • Viral effect coming from free value and mass appeal

Let’s see what they do:

  • Google offers a free search engine while it makes money from advertising

  • Facebook offers free messaging while it makes money from advertising

  • Amazon provides a free marketplace of cheap products for buyers while it makes money from sellers

  • Neil Patel gives away free SEO advice while he makes money from advertising

Hotmail was the first company to use this method.

Can you believe that email wasn’t always free? In fact it wasn’t until 1996 that Hotmail started to offer free internet email.

They decided that the best way to entice new customers would be to reach the friends, family and colleagues of the users they had.

So, in the footer of each and every email that was sent from a Hotmail account, the Hotmail team placed a link that read something like this: “Want a free email account? Sign-up for Hotmail today!”

And yes, believe it or not, this strategy went, as we know call it, viral. Hundreds of thousands of users hurriedly signed up for their free email accounts and the rest is history.

How To Use This For Your Business

The gurus tell you that they are making $50k from a $999 course launch and you can do the same.

I myself created several courses in the past two years, and the takeaway: it's not easy to gain traction.

  • Gurus have a big list, I don’t.
  • They have a known brand, I don’t.
  • Statistically, not enough people bought my paid courses to justify the work to create them.
  • At the same time, people sign up for my free course and I get 20-40 percent email open rates.
  • People buy the software products I recommend and I make good commissions from these.

My analysis:

If you don’t have a known brand, you won’t sell sh#t.

Building a brand and a business take time. 

Funnel gurus channel you to think that their favorite sales funnel software “is the solution” to scaling your business online.

But it’s not…

There are tons of platforms. ClickFunnels, Thrive Themes, Elementor, Simvoly, Convertri, WooCommerce, ThriveCart, Samcart, LeadPages, Convertkit.

The truth is it doesn’t matter which one you use, as long as

  • it has the necessary features
  • you are comfortable with it and
  • you have the know-how to breathe life into it.

DIY Sales Funnel Challenge

The secret to profits: Follow the winning strategy of Google, Facebook, etc, and create your killer Free Tier, separate from the line of products you're selling, then build a value ladder and funnels around it.

You may think that studying the right information is the solution.

Let me ask you this: How many awesome courses have you studied, how many great videos have you watched, how much great information have you taken in without really moving the needle?

The problem? Only a fraction of students complete the course, implement what they learned, and get the results they wanted.

While ideas, plans and aha-moments are great, implementation is the part that sinks most businesses.

This is the biggest flaw of traditional online courses.

To solve this, I created this ULTIMATE sales funnel challenge and I could put a $100 price tag on it. I also took the time to write this full-blown sales page to sell it.

But instead of closing it off with a paywall, I maximize sign-ups by giving it away 100% free. I make money promoting affiliate products (page builders, etc) in the course tutorials.

  • 1
    Free email lessons: No need to log into a membership area. Daily learning materials and instructions in your in-box will ensure you won't forget.
  • 2
    E-book format: Emails are great, but they can be difficult when you want to look something up quickly. Therefore an e-book version is also available for a small fee.
  • 3
    Email support: Affordable email support available in case you get stuck building your funnel.
  • 4
    Maximize profits creating a value ladder like this one, with natural upsells that aren't annoying. 
sales funnel challenge

Here's "What 's Covered" In The Challenge...

  • 1
    Building A Break-Even Funnel ◈ Making Money From A "Remix" Product Or Other People's Products ◈ Warming Up Cold Traffic ◈ Don't Re-Invent The Wheel, Use Successful Templates ◈ How GoDaddy Makes Money Selling $1 Hosting ◈ First Sale vs Lifetime Value ◈ The Math To 100k Per Year ◈ 1,000 True Fans ◈ Guarantee That Your Idea Will Pay ◈ Winning Products ◈ Validating Your Product ◈ Finding The Trigger ◈ Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean ◈ Create Your Value Ladder ◈ Front End vs Back End ◈ Traffic vs Earnings ◈
  • 2
    Inspire & Guide People ◈ Pick Your Persona ◈  Fake It Till You Make It? ◈ Help Your Audience Get Results ◈ Your System ◈ Sell By Teaching ◈ Content Writing vs Copywriting Basics ◈ Persuasion vs Manipulation ◈ Writing Headlines ◈ Creating A Bond With "Aha Moments" ◈ Contrarian Copy ◈ Story Based Selling ◈Breaking False Beliefs Through Stories Create Your Personal Story  
  • 3
    Funnel Hacking ◈ 3 Core Objections ◈ Products vs Offers ◈ Creating Irresistible Offers ◈ Landing Pages vs Opt-In Forms Tripwires Recurring Revenue Traffic Temperature  
  • 4
    Know-Like-Trust ◈ Lead Magnets ◈ Your Free Tier ◈ Invite Repeated Usage ◈ Converting Free Tier Users Reverse Info Product Funnels Free Courses Email Course Funnels ◈ Challenge Funnels Sample Email Challenge
  • 5
    Book Funnels ◈ E-Commerce Funnels ◈ Cart Abandonment ◈ Free Plus Shipping Offers ◈ Upsell with Product Selector Order Bumps One-Time Offers Create Funnels In WooCommerce   

Hi, I'm Peter Nyiri.

People are struggling to get sales on their websites. I see it all the time. 90 percent of bloggers make no money. However, a properly constructed “break-even” sales funnel will put you in the driver’s seat so that you're not worried each month where your next sale is going to come from.

I must admit that I got lucky at the beginning with affiliate marketing. I learned a lot, analyzed my success.

I created this training because I believe that everyone deserves a chance to build a lucrative business. I want everyone to have the ability to be financially independent through online marketing.

What People Are Saying

"I don’t like to be bombarded with useless emails trying to pitch every funnel out there. But, I was very impressed with your thank you confirmation page and love that picture.

"Already given me like 2 or 3 actionable tips — tell a story, make your first email your best impression — and I’m more than happy to pay you for your course. In fact I am about ready to skip the trial and start executing now."

Kwame L.A. Dougan

Business Attorney

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