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What Others Say About This Course


Amanda Rinaldi 

(The Buzzed Artist)


"When I first started taking the courses offered on FunnelXpert, I was really struggling to see the forest through the trees with my art business. ​I create lots of content for my audience - ranging from consistent videos on Youtube to blog posts to premium courses. Over the past 2 years I had been struggling to paste together random tactics and tidbits from 'gurus' on email marketing and funnels, but it seemed every attempt to incorporate those tactics would backfire on me.

My audience loved my free content (obviously), but when it came to buying my courses, I often felt that no one was interested in paying for my premium courses. That’s when I found FunnelXpert and purchased a course to better understand what I was doing wrong with my email marketing funnels. In less than a week, the answer became pretty crystal clear, and through the engaging articles and helpful examples provided in the courses, I was able to better understand my audience and how to better serve their needs through email marketing. 

After implementing a few simple strategies as outlined, I saw immediate sales, much to my astonishment. I found lots of little “aha” moments within the course and saw positive results once I implemented those tactics. I feel a new surge of hope in my art business and know that I can actually survive in the online world, making passive income after putting in the time and work first. Thank you so much!"

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