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How To Create A Content Packed Lead Magnet In 6 Hours Or Less

 March 30, 2016

By  Peter Nyiri

When your business starts losing momentum, and you need more gas to fuel the engine.. do what I DO – Create a Special Report!

Let me tell you a short story.. before I started writing special reports, my leads weren’t coming in as fast as they are today. Before I literally tried everything to entice people to opt-in into my email list.

I was creating a lot of online real estate, in the hopes of getting someone to bite and become a lead.

This online real estate was mainly lead capture pages which gave away some sort of LEAD MAGNET. I experimented with online videos as a way to entice visitors to give me their contact information but it wasn’t working for me.

I must’ve been doing something wrong, but I didn’t stop there.

So.. Started Writing Reports

These reports (along with my blog, of course) have allowed me to get where I am today, as far as list building goes – and not a day goes by where I don’t FUEL my business with NEW BUSINESS – that simply means, everyday I get new leads into my marketing funnel.

*Just A Side Note* You should, everyday, do at least ONE THING that fuels your business with new business – because if you don’t, one day you’ll run outta gas and your business will be NO MORE.

But I know for some of you creating these Special Reports might be a bit intimidating at first.

I mean, I don’t read anything unless it’s top-notch, quality stuff that will somehow, someway help me or my business. You need to keep in mind that with the overwhelming amount of information available on the web, the people in your market will have the same attitude – no matter what market that is.

Special Reports are exactly that “SPECIAL”, in that they should add tremendous value to the reader, and it should solve any problems their having with getting ONE, and only ONE, thing done.

If what I’m reading is not going to help me in that way, then I don’t bother finishing it. (maybe it’s just me, but I believe very much in getting the best use of my time – so I spend it where I believe I’ll benefit the most)

I don’t say that to discourage you if you’re just starting out (I’m sure you have the same attitude about your time) – I say it to get you to start thinking about OVER-DELIVERING, because when you get in the over-delivering state-of-mind, you will ALWAYS exceed their expectations.

Now that we got that out of the way… let talks about creating the dam’ thing..

Creating A Lead Magnet In 6 Hours Or Less

There’s a lot that goes into creating a content packed lead magnet – especially if you want to over-deliver and ‘wow’ your subscribers. Luckily, I’ve written enough of these special reports to know exactly what you need to put inside of them – and you’re gonna get an entire rundown, right here, for free!

These reports will be added to your arsenal of marketing weapons and will increase the amount of leads you get if you use them right.



Step 1 – Figure Out The ONE Thing You Want To Help People Solve

(Time: 30 minutes)

Most people when they write reports or create any type of content, they hit too many topics and don’t end up solving anything for their subscribers. Doing it this way doesn’t create the ‘WOW’ effect and it doesn’t make them WANT to learn more from you.

But how can you figure out what they need help with? …hmm, here’s a super secret strategy that not many people use. I learned it from years of studying marketing because no one wanted to spill the beans – Just ASK!

………obviously, I’m kidding… but simply asking your subscribers what they want will get you much closer to creating a killer special report.

Take my Launch Your Blog Report for example… it only helps people solve ONE problem – which is how to effectively launch their blog. Not the technical stuff, but the other things that you don’t hear much about… like: “What to do before I get visitors, What plugins do I need, What to do immediately after it’s up and running…”

The reason I created it was because I surveyed my subscribers and it was one of the topics mentioned – simple huh?

Step 2 – Gather Information & Framework Your Knowledge

(Time: 120 minutes)

I don’t know it all – Yeah.. I know, that’s hard to believe – but it’s True ;0) – but the best part is, you don’t have to know-it-all neither. You can use good ‘ol Google to gather information from at least 4 different sources, LEARN IT, and then put it together in your own words.

We’ll get into the writing part in the next step, but first.. you need to understand that even though I can now write a 5 – 10 page report in a matter of hours, I still need to Framework my knowledge – and here’s how you do that.

Frameworks, by definition, are structures that support or contain something – but in this context they are structures that contain an idea or concept. Our job is to take the stuff that we learned during our research and put it together in a step by step, easy to understand body of content.

This can be done through:

  • acronyms
  • list of tips in sequential order
  • graphs & images
  • mind maps & flow charts displaying the process
  • …or a combination of all of these

The more creative ways that you explain a concept or idea to your readers and subscribers, the closer you’ll be to creating a perfect lead magnet with the “WOW” factor.

Take this post for example, even though this is NOT a special report (which is should be, since it’s jam-packed) I took the time to break down the idea of creating Killer Reports into actionable steps. Each step is also broken with definitions, tips and examples.

If you get ANYTHING out of this post – get this… Framework your Knowledge so that you can help other people “GET” what you’re talking about.

Step 3 – Start Writing… & Don’t Stop til Its Done!

(Time: 180 minutes w/ 15 minute breaks)

What about writing… is there a certain way it needs to be structured? does the number of pages matter? how many pages do I write? are there certain elements that need to be included in the report?

Whoa… what’s with all the questions? – one at a time please ;0)

As far as structure goes, just make sure that the report can be easily read, and that it’s broken down into the smaller concepts and FRAMEWORKS that you created. Include images to describe ideas – graphs and flow charts are great if they fit with what you’re saying.

Structure also includes HOW you write the report. Your writing NEEDS to do 2 things. Educate and Communicate. Educate using the frameworks you created in step 2 and communicate with your readers by being conversational with your writing.

Telling stories and adding humor are 2 great ways to connect with someone on a deeper level, and that deeper connection will enhance the “WOW” factor.

Since these reports focus on eliminating ONE problem, then you can make the report 5 – 10 pages and your subscribers won’t care since their problem is being solved.

You won’t hear anyone say, “hmm, I just created my first special report, and I’m getting a bunch of leads everyday thanks to Hector’s report – but I didn’t like it cuz it wasn’t a gazillion pages long”

So, keep it short – they’ll thank you for it.

Step 4 – Make It Look Appealing

(Time: 30 minutes)

This is when you make it look nice. If you’re writing the report on MS Word, you can add images and graphics, add borders around special phrases or sentences. Read it and re-read it to make sure it doesn’t sound like a text-book.

Make sure it’s very friendly and it doesn’t talk down to anyone. Make sure you didn’t accidentally plaster your affiliate links on every other sentence trying to make a sale.That not only looks bad, it’s bad for business.

We’re building long-term businesses here, and that type of stuff will not get you very far. Focus on delivering real value to your subscribers, and you’ll gain some really cool loyal readers and fans along the way.

Report graphic e-covers are NOT required to make this work, although they help with making the report look a bit more professional. Focus on delivering value more than anything else because the best graphics in the world won’t save you if you deliver crappy content.

Cool? – Great, next step…

Step 5 – Convert, Distribute, Rinse & Repeat!

(Time: 30 minutes)

Once you have your Microsoft word document, you can turn your word document into PDF’s.

The next step would be to get in your readers’ hands, and making money from giving this Free Report away to your visitors. You can either use this report you just created and give it away as a Free-download on your blog without asking for the opt-in, or you can use it as a lead generator.

Why would you want to give it away without asking for the opt-in? Well, you can give your readers giveaway rights and they’ll be able to give away your report to their friends and followers. This creates a somewhat viral campaign that can reach many more people that you could ever reach on your own.

Or you can set up your lead capture page and generate leads using the report as a lead generator.

There are many things that go into creating a automated lead generation process once you have your perfect lead magnet, and a couple of ways to monetize so you can start seeing cash-flow.

I get into those advanced tips & strategies in my Funnel Secrets Training Program.


Well, that was a super long post, but I think it should give you a good start with creating your Killer Lead Magnet/Special Report and how to leverage it to attract more leads into your business. Until next time!

I wish you nothing less than success! Leave me your feedback below and please share it with your friend and followers.

Peter Nyiri

Peter Nyiri

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