Why 99 Percent Don’t Buy

Lesson 4

​I am pretty sure you know what the biggest barrier to selling is, but you probably only know the surface.

It's not money. It is trust. (lack of)

Are you really able to ​deliver the transformation you are promising?

But do you really know how deep this goes? I had no idea until...

I was 46 and got divorced. I went online to meet girls.

The first one got upset that she was giving out too much data about herself to a stranger.

We talked for days. We ended up meeting once… had a drink together and showed her some photos.

But she refused to tell me even her last name.

"I will tell you my name if we get to the point that I feel I should tell you.”

Despite the fact that she told me that she really liked me. ???

And I ran into sentences like “I got hurt many times”, “I don’t want to be hurt again”, “I am careful to meet a stranger”.

And these are girls who admittedly signed up because they wanted to meet guys.

I said I was looking for a serious relationship.

Answer: “This is what they all say, but they lie”.

What does this have to do with selling?

Even though your visitors come to buy, there is a very deep fear and lack of trust that you need to overcome.

Marketers say they will help you make money, you buy their product... and you find their claims are inflated. They lied.

The objections that you get are just a sign of fear. You need to gradually build trust to overcome the fear that is so deep inside them.

But how do you do it? ​

Steve Larsen's XAVIER

The XAVIER Method helps you to bridge this chasm and get people to open their wallets.

This is not my invention. It is from Steve Larsen, former funnel builder at ClickFunnels.

​I know what will be your first thought. ​​​“​I know, but this won’t work in my industry,”

We’re talking about general sales/ marketing/ offer creation as a whole. It’s NOT dependent on:

  • What industry you’re in.
  • The product you have.

You can take ANY product and turn it into an offer… you just need the right FRAMEWORK

What Is X-A-V-I-E-R?

X = what you want to sell. (Blue ocean)
A = Anchor, what they want to buy. (Red ocean)

These are NOT ALWAYS the same thing. These two need to be aligned. 

When you sell something to somebody, they don’t ALWAYS want what you want to sell.

V = Vehicle/product based fear/objection.

The first objection that somebody typically has ​to buying your product is the vehicle itself ​(the medium you are using). Maybe he has ​the idea ​that ​Facebook ​ads, Pinterest, HD TV are useless. Facebook ads, etc are the ​vehicle ​in this case. ​​​

This usually leads to product based objection such as:

  • “​Is that ​TV any good?”
  • “Why is that ​TV any better than my TV?
  • “Why do I even need an HD ​TV?”
  • “Are ​HD TVs better than ​my smartphone?”

I = Internal based fear/objection.

This usually has to do with insecurities and identity.

For example:

  • “It probably works for others, but not for me.”
  • “I’m not smart enough.”
  • “There’s no way I can do that.”
  • “My family’s never done those kinds of things before.”

​E = External/resources based fear/objection.

Resource-based objections often sound like:

  • “I don’t have enough time.”
  • “I don’t have enough money.”
  • “I don’t have enough energy.”
  • “Do I need to buy special equipment?”
  • “I don’t have enough support from my spouse.”

​R = ​Reason to act now (​Bonus).

10 Examples of X-A-V-I-E-R

The video has the following examples:

    Agency / Freelancer
    Information Products
    Coaching / Consulting
    Network Marketing
    Local Small Business
    B2B Lead Generation
    Blogging / Affiliate
    Just Getting Started / Other