The Secret Behind Traffic & Earnings

Lesson 6 Chapter 1

The main things bloggers complain about when building their online business are

  • traffic and    
  • earnings

In this lesson I will cover the first one.

When I say traffic, most people think keywords, SEO, backlinks, etc. They miss the boat by far.

The first thing you need is a Remarkable Asset.

But, what’s a remarkable asset, you ask?

It’s a product that your customers simply CAN’T live without; they love it so much that they tell their friends, who tell their friends, who tell their friends.
The problem is that most of us try to sell average products to average people.

Let me explain through some examples.

Asset #1: Do you think MailerLite had to use in-your-face marketing to sell their product? Nope. Anybody can use their product for free — there is no string attached. The product is so good that it IS their marketing. They went to 984,000 users in 3 years.. They send more than 1 billion emails every month.  

Asset #2: Domain registrar NameSilo hosts 2.3 million domain names. They can sell domains at rock bottom prices because they spend zero on advertising. It all organic sharing. They charge $8.99 for a .com domain with free privacy. Use promo code privacy0 and you get a dollar off.

Asset #3: Squoosh is an online image compressor tool by Google where I upload a 400k image and when I download it, I get 70k instead, without loss in quality. I use it every time I publish a blog post.

Asset #4: Ubersuggest is a freemium keyword research tool acquired by Neil Patel. He gets over 200k visitors a month to this tool. He utilizes this traffic to get advertising clients, agencies that pay at least $20,000 each.

And what about the store down the corner? The hot dog stand? The same concept.

Facebook or Pinterest don’t depend on Google to send traffic. They built an asset that is indispensable, people just can’t imagine their lives without. The same concept.

Do you see that when we talk about assets, we go a step deeper than keywords and SEO. We talk about giving people a REASON to visit AND to return.

We also give them a reason to recommend you to their friends, thereby multiplying your traffic potential.

Assets for Bloggers

Bloggers often use content as the asset to draw traffic.

While this is not wrong, 150 million bloggers are trying to do the same thing – publishing 1, 2, 3, 7 times a week. Quite a competition!

I am not saying that you shouldn’t publish blog posts. You should.

But at some (early) point start building your remarkable asset.

Unfortunately I cannot give a personalized idea for your own business, because I am not in your shoes, but here are some tips.

  • Create a free course or a challenge. This course was built as an asset. While most blogging courses are sold at a premium price point, this course provides affordable training for bloggers.
  • Create a live demo of how something works. Just think about it. Let’s say you want to build an online course. You see many different solutions. In order to decide on which platform you will purchase, you need to be able to envision how this online course feels and how it would fit into our site. Therefore building an online course demo on your blog would be an asset.
  • Create a test or a quiz. Empire Flippers, a premium website marketplace is a great example. After you go through their quiz, they give you the dollar value of your site and recommendations on what you need to do to increase its value.
  • Add a useful tool to your site. Think about stuff like email marketing service picker, Domain Authority checker, etc.

Traffic Is A Vanity Metric

Stop paying too much attention to your traffic, because it’s a vanity metric.

What matters is how much money this traffic actually generates for you. It is totally possible to make money with a small number of visitors. The screenshot above is the proof. 

How? The answer is simple: Affiliate Offers Payout.

The price of the products you promote should range between $37-$500 and offer a 30-50% commission rate. Compare that to the Amazon Associates payout rates of 3-8%.

In the affiliate world, payouts can be massively different. Here is the payout for the first affiliate program I had success with:

NameSilo Affiliate program

NameSilo pays a 10% commission on the first order made by any new customer that someone refers to their site.

The average order value (the price of a .com domain) is around $9 and the average commission is around a dollar per purchase.

I made a puny $382 out of 307 orders.

Compare that to the payout of this other affiliate program:

aff commissions Oct 2019

And here are the stats that go with it - I made $8.441 out of 136 sales from this affiliate program in two years of blogging. There is a 30-day payment delay because of the refund period.

conversion jan 2020

They pay a 30% commission on the all orders made by a new customer referred to their site. Because I have an older account, I get 50% commission per sale. For recurring commissions they pay 25 percent.  

The order value is between $49-$218 and the average commission comes out to $64 per purchase.

Therefore, as an affiliate marketer, it makes more sense to focus on the high payout niches because you will get more return for your effort. A large part of your niche research should be to identify markets with high earnings per sale.

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