The 3 ​Offers ​That Make Or Break Your Funnel

Lesson 3

The 3 ​Offers ​That Make Or Break Your Funnel

The success of your business depends on 3 offers. Get these right and the rest ​is just small details.

1. Your Free Offer

Your free offer is also called "lead magnet".

​What I am going to say here is the most vital part of this course and this is the first reason you aren't making money.

Your free offer needs to be an actual offer that people can't say "no" to. Even though it's free, you still need to sell it. Your opt-in page needs to include an irresistible offer.  

Don't mess it up by trying to give away a worthless PDF or checklist that you dreamed up sitting in your room. 

Your free offer (lead magnet) needs to be so damn good that you could actually charge money for it. Something that people pay money for on other websites and you just give it away for free. 

It needs to be a combination of

  • something highly desirable,
  • something that either solves a huge problem or gives pleasure
  • ​something that people can't resist.

​I find that a lot of people are offering, bluntly... crappy lead magnets. And here's the most common kind...

The list post... only turned into a lead magnet. You know the kind... "10 Tips To...." or "7 Hacks To...". Yada yada. Sounds just like a list post. Often a really generic one at that. But, turned into a PDF and I guess people are supposed to suddenly want it bad enough to hand over their email address?

Nah. Not gonna happen. Most of the time, you're looking at really low conversion rates for stuff like that. Or  the emails you DO get for it will be low quality, or they won't engage, or it'll be a bogus address they hardly ever look at​.

Please... PLEASE... stop it with the ​crappy lead magnets.

They're boring now. Everybody sees them. This isn't 2005 anymore.

They also suck for marketing purposes. ​​They are just weak.

Unfortunately there are many different niches and I can't give examples for each one, but ​I will give a few for illustration purposes. ​

2. Tripwire: The Art of Low-Ticket Selling

Some marketers call it a “Tripwire”...

Some call it a “Low-Ticket offer”...

​There is also the “Free + Shipping” offer... and the self-liquidating offer where ​the purpose is to recover your paid ad spend and make your lead generation free.

There are many names and variations. All of these refer to a front end product you have for sale. (Usually for between $7 - $12... but may go up to $37.)

A tripwire is a low risk product you sell ​as a one-time offer on your thank you page, usually as soon as a person signs-up for your email list…. so that you can convert a subscriber into buyer quickly…a subscriber who just got on your list!

This is a great product to add especially if you’ve just started building your list.

But the type of trip wire you ​offer matters. You want something that your audience understands immediately because they see your tripwire as soon as they sign-up right?

3. Your Core Offer

Your paid offer needs to solve the next most logical problem your audience will face after they have solved a problem with your free item. ​​Your audience feels that they have solved the first problem when they opted in for your free offer.

Your ​paid product, ​if it answers the next most logical ​problem, is the key to high conversions and ​success for your online business.