Promoting Your Info Product

Lesson 6

If nobody knows you have a book or a course, you’re not much more ahead than when you didn’t have one.

You hit publish, it’s like, okay, “Now what? I did all that work and I’m not seeing any kind of return on it except maybe a few trickles.”

Here is an easy way for you to start making money with your e-book right now, and that is to create an ad for your e-book. So just like when you go on Google or on a blog or a website and you see an image ad for a product, you can create an ad for your e-book. Just create a simple JPEG image, like a photo. Maybe it's a picture of the cover of your e-book or course. 

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And then it says "Download now", or it says the title. And once you have this image, you can put it everywhere. If you have a website, if you have a blog, you can insert that image and then put a link to the sales page. You can also use it in your email newsletter, we often will put that image on the header of our newsletter.

Three Secrets of Promotion

Now, these are the three things that can help you earn thousands of dollars from info products.

Secret #1: Most sales happen during dedicated launch periods. 

Has it ever happened to you that you put something for sale on your website and it flopped? Yes, this has happened to me. 

You get so excited about something. You put it out there and then no one buys it. It's a terrible experience.

Kelly McNelis from wrote an e-book on Crock-Pot freezer recipes. The very first year it was for sale, she sold 12 copies and made $72 in revenue. 3 years later she made over $150,000 from e-book sales.

So what changed? What was the difference? It wasn't the e-book. It wasn't that she suddenly had a million followers and it wasn't that she had a huge ad budget because it was $0.

What happened was that she learned the importance of a planned launch period. And what I mean by a launch is this limited period of time when you are intentionally promoting a new or existing product.

This can be a brand new product that you're launching to the public, or this could be an old one that you're just relaunching.


So instead of listing her e-book for sale on her website, crossing her fingers that it was going to sell, she made this plan about really serving her audience and sharing free stuff with them for weeks leading up to the launch. She had a whole plan one month before the launch, she was sharing one free recipe or tip per week. Her books are all about freezer recipes, so this was related to her upcoming e-book.

Then one week before the launch, she shared three free things. This is about priming your audience, letting them know that e-book is coming. Also building rapport, not just launching and saying, "Hey, give me money," but giving them a lot of free things in return and giving first before asking for a penny.

And then during the launch week, once the e-book was for sale, she continued to share free things and then invited her audience. "If you want more, you could buy my e-book." And I can tell you this paid off. She made $10,000 in three days.

You should absolutely do that with every single thing that you launch.


So let's see what a launch includes.

It might include a sale price. It doesn't have to, but frequently that would be a lunch. It could include an exclusive coupon code. That's only good for the launch period or even a special bonus. It might be this special thing that you only get for a limited time, if you buy the ebook during that launch period, these are all only available during the launch period.

"Build an audience" is bad advice

You know what’s better advice?

Promote to other people's audience and soon you’ll have a line of people waiting to buy.

Teach 1 new audience each week.

✅ No Facebook ads needed
✅ No social media needed
✅ No content hamster wheel of death
✅ No interrupting people and hard selling them

Put yourself in front of someone else’s audience each week and all you’ll have to do to generate new customers is simply share your knowledge (AKA teach them something).

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