Profitable Blogs Share These Vital Qualities

Lesson 1

​What makes a blog profitable?

There are millions of blogs on the Internet. Only a tiny percentage of them make any money at all, and even ​smaller percentage make a full-time income.

Obviously, you shouldn't follow the strategies of the losers...

If you study highly profitable blogs, they all share a few common traits.

Let’s break it down quickly (I want you to actually do these steps). I cover more details in my ​Ignite Your Blog Bundle.

1. Audience/Niche

Professionals don’t blog about whatever they feel like. Blogs that make a lot of money have a very specific purpose, ​targeted audience and content.

The best bloggers succeed because they understand their audience and cater to their most burning problems.

Once you have a good feel for your audience, something magical happens. Your content and monetization strategy become extremely clear.

A minor detail: Your audience needs to ​have money to spend on the solution you offer. You can't make money blogging about "Best Quotes".

2. Design

Many people think that blog design is about looking “pretty”.

It’s really not about that at all.

It’s about user behavior. It’s about user experience. It’s about guiding your visitors to take specific actions on a pre-designed journey. It’s about giving them one single choice, and being strategic about that choice. Design makes it extremely easy to push readers in the right direction.

If a visitor comes to your blog and is greeted with a homepage or sidebar that offers too many choices, they will get confused and leave.

Figure out exactly what you want your readers to do (Read your best posts? Sign up for your free course?) and give them explicit (visual) directions to do that.

You have 6 seconds while a new visitor decides if they like your blog or not. What do you want them to click on, do, or read before they decide to leave?

Eliminate all the junk on your site. Eliminate sidebar clutter. I know it might sound boring but it actually allows your awesome content to really SHINE once your blog design is cleaned up.

3. Your Email List

I HIGHLY recommend that you make gathering emails your #1 priority.


Facebook changed their algorithm and those who spent all that time and money building fans lost their reach. Your e-mail list is yours.

Bloggers make real money by selling products to their email subscribers.

4. Authority

How do you become an authority in your niche?

Your blog posts should be not just EPIC, but the BEST in your niche. Your emails should also be awesome.

That’s the best way to show your authority and knowledge. Write comprehensive, detailed guides that solve burning problems. Don’t be afraid to write a deep 2,000 word blog post.

Your long-form blog posts should blow your readers away. They should bookmark it for later, because they’ll need to read it twice, it was so packed with helpful stuff.

5. Your Own Products

Successful, profitable blogs have their own products you can buy. Whether it’s an e-book, a course, a service such as a coaching session, or membership. There’s no reason not to have your own product on your blog.

You’re thinking:

“What about selling ad space?”
“What about affiliate sales commissions?”
“What about multiple small income streams adding up to a full income?”

Yes, that’s all possible. But it’s not where the full-time income comes from.

Let me tell you something. It’s very important. Listen closely.

People creating the products, writing the e-books, and teaching the online courses like ​Ignite Your Blog Bundle are making way more than the affiliates earning a small percentage.

The blogger that sells ad space makes much less than the people he sends his traffic to.

You may need to start with affiliate products, but if you want that high-level success, you have to be ready to put in the work to CREATE your own things to sell - not just hope to sell other people’s stuff or ad space to those who own the products.

This was just a short summary, there are many more details we will go through later in the course.