Optimizing Your Funnel

Lesson 6

​When starting out as an entrepreneur, you're trying everything to "get things working".

You come up with a product or service. You create a website or sales page. You find a way to get traffic into your site. Whatever it is, you do it.

Along the way, you'll discover something that works. Yay!!

So what do you do? You do more of that.

Another offer. Another angle. Another email to your audience. Whatever it is. More more more.

That's the idea, at least.

In most cases, this will NOT double or triple your business. (In early stages, it ​may... but over time it'll be harder).

So, what will? Diving DEEP into what works... and make it work BETTER... over and over again.

Let me repeat that. Once you find something that "works", you don't stop. You need to keep looking for ways to make it work even better.

That's where the real value is. It's what all the "big boys" do.

They focus on the percentages.

Once you start optimizing your business like this, everything becomes SO much easier.

In fact, this is why many Facebook advertisers struggle.

Not because FB is expensive (well, they are kinda 😂), but because they don't convert their visitors well enough.