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Creating WordPress Content Blocks In Page Builders

 January 9, 2020

By  Peter Nyiri

Content Blocks are the basic elements used in a page builder. These elements, combined into columns and rows, make up any page. You need to understand these elements before going into funnels.

The basic hierarchy of funnels is the following:

Content Blocks >>
Pages >>

This post covers content block templates.

A separate post covers page templates and funnel templates.

Note: This post is incomplete.


Text Block

A block of text is text grouped together, such as with the use of paragraphs or headings on a web page.

Often, the text takes on the shape of a square or rectangular “block”.


Images play an important roles in websites, and with the Image Element, you can easily add images to your site, with a large amount of control over their appearance and behavior.


Video element embeds a media player which supports video playback on the web page.


You can easily upload your logo to your website, using the “Logo” element. Logo is a special kind of image.



Content Box




Building Blocks

Numbered List

Call To Action

Contact Form





Social Share

Social Follow


Custom Code


Custom Menu

Lead Generation

Progress Bar


Pricing Table

The pricing table can be used to highlight various price points for your products and features that
are included. This is helpful if you have plan levels that include different benefits. Take this one step
further and make the price table for your best selling product a different color from the others in order
to draw page visitors’ attention to the best offer.


The navigation element can be used to create up to five links on your pages. The navigation element will
usually be placed in the Header or Footer of your pages. You can use the navigation element to link to
different sections on your pages, to other pages in your funnels, or to another website altogether.


The FAQ element is a text element with a question mark icon, a small headline and a text area. Add
multiple FAQ elements to your pages to create an FAQs section. This is helpful for providing information
about your products or offers and answering questions that potential customers might have.

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