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ClickFunnels Share Funnels: 30+ Free Templates

 September 1, 2019

By  Peter Nyiri

The below high-converting ClickFunnels Share Funnels templates are free to download into your CF account.

Share Funnels is a very useful feature inside CF that allows you to “steal” successful funnels from others, as well as create funnels and give them away to others.

sharing a funnel

(Note: A lot of these funnels are publicly shared and created by members in the ClickFunnels community so the quality of each one does vary. They may also go offline at any point in which case comment below and we’ll make the appropriate updates.

Some of the links in the text are affiliate links. I am also an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC. Read full disclosure.)

Step 1: Start A Free ClickFunnels Trial

Before you can start using the below funnels, sign up for a no obligation 14-day free trial of Clickfunnels.

Step 2: Import Your Funnel

Once you’ve set up your Free ClickFunnels trial, you’ll be ready to import any of the funnel templates below by clicking on the links and so can give them a try…

0. Squeeze Page Funnels (30 Templates)

Squeeze page funnels are very simple. They consist of a squeeze page where people enter their email addresses and a Thank You page. An infinite variety of squeeze pages can be made.

Here are two examples.

Example #1

Squeeze Page 01

The goal of the squeeze page is to make an offer, where you get someone to give you their email address in exchange for what is often called a “lead magnet.” It’s called a lead magnet because its goal is to attract your dream customers to you like a magnet.

You’ll notice that these pages are all very simple. They all have a headline that serves as the hook. The more curiosity you can put into the headline, the more likely they will be to give you their email address.

If your conversion rates are low on your squeeze page, it’s usually because the lead magnet (offer) isn’t good enough or there isn’t enough curiosity in the headline.

TKU Page 01

After someone has put in their email address to get your lead magnet, they’ll land on your thank-you page, where you’ll thank them for joining your list and give them the lead magnet you promised them.

If this is your first funnel, you may not have another funnel to direct them to on this page, and that’s okay. Now is the time to start building a relationship with those people who just joined your list through your first Soap Opera Sequence. After you create your next funnel, you can go back and add a link to it on the thank-you page that guides them into the next funnel in your value ladder.

Example #2

Squeeze Page 02
TKU Page 02

Click here to see 30 different squeeze page funnels.

Squeeze Page Funnel example from Russell:

“You’re About To Learn Secrets That Most Men Will Never Know About Women . . .” the headline read.

What was I looking at? This wasn’t a website, but I wasn’t really sure what it was.

“Yeah, they did twenty million dollars in sales online last year,” one of the other attendees at the marketing seminar told me.

“With this page? I don’t get it,” I responded.

“It’s called a squeeze page. He’s using it to get people to join his list. They say his list has over a million people on it, and he sends out emails to that list selling his other products, but all his ads promote this one page.”

This was the first time I had ever heard of, or even seen, a squeeze page before. It was from a company called Double Your Dating, which was owned by Eben Pagan at the time.

As I kept reading down the page, he promised that if you gave him your email address, he would teach you “The Kiss Test.”

(See the rest of the explanation in Russell Brunson’s Dotcom Secrets)

2. Best Selling Book Funnel

Selling or launching a new book can be challenging. The hard part is, how are you going to promote or market your book effectively and make sales from it? Once you finished writing a book, you need to dedicate 90% of your marketing effort in it and launching takes more time than what you think.

Even the best-selling authors are using book funnels to organize, analyze and follow up with their sales leads.

BUT—this funnel isn’t just for selling books. We call it a book funnel because that’s how most people use it, but it works for any free-plus-shipping-style information product. For example, Russell used it to sell an MP3 player that was preloaded with 257 episodes of his podcast.

He has also used this book funnel to sell dozens of other types of information that we ship to someone, including CDs, DVDs, MP3 players, reports, and booklets.

Writing a book is hard. Making a CD or a DVD is a lot faster and easier and it works just as well.

A book funnel has these pages:

  • a sales page (often with an order form bump),
  • an upsell page (often with another upsell page and downsells, as well),
  • and a thank-you page.
book page 01
Book Funnel 01 – Sales Page

On the top of the page, there is a “Curiosity-Based Headlines” scripts from Secret #18 of Dotcom Secrets to hook them into the page.

On the left side of the page, there is a story and you make the offer for the product. Create a video using either the “Who, What, Why, How” script from Secret #19 or the “Star, Story, Solution” script from Secret #20. Both scripts are very effective at telling your story and making the offer.

On the right-hand side of the page, we have the order form. The first step on this order form asks visitors, “Where should I ship this?” Once prospects fill out the shipping address form (that’s step one), they move on to step two, where they fill in their credit card information for the shipping and handling charge. It’s important that you mention on the first page that the buyers will be charged for shipping and handling.

The majority of your prospects are emotional buyers and they’ll buy from this top block. For the buyers who are more logical, we put a section under the top block with a long list of bullet points showing them logically what they will learn when they invest.

Finally, for the buyers who buy because they fear the offer will be taken away, we end the page with urgency and scarcity to push them off the fence and buy.

clickfunnels order bump

Order Bump

The secret to a good order form bump is it needs to be something that doesn’t take any effort to explain. Think again about being at the checkout stand at the grocery store. I only have a few seconds to convince you that you should add this to your order, so it needs to be simple. With books, some of the easiest order form bumps are:

“Would you like to add the audio book for an extra $27?”

“Would you like to add a special behind-the-scenes training where you’ll learn ________ for an extra $37?”

book page 02
Book Funnel 02 – Upsell

After someone purchases a product from you, you can upsell them with an OTO.

If you say, “Thank you for your purchase,” in the mind of the consumer, they are done buying, and you will see your conversions stop. On the OTO page, we want to keep the buying loop open.

For an OTO, you’ll use the “OTO” script found in Secret #21 of Dotcom Secrets.

Under the Order button, you need to add a “No Thanks” link where they can say no to this offer.

book page 03
Book Funnel 03

On the final page of your funnel, you can thank them for their purchase and give them information on how they can get their digital product (e.g., provide access to the member’s area) or how and when their product will be shipped to them. You can also use this page to point them to the next funnel in your value ladder. 

Here is the link to import the book funnel into your CF account:


2. Product Launch Funnel

You’ve probably heard of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula (PLF). PLF is a simple strategy that relies on pre-selling your subscribers and traffic on an upcoming product launch via a series of strategic videos and digital assets.

Every month, we watch Hollywood practice the formula of launching new movies.

They start by showing a trailer that builds buzz and anticipation for the movie. Then they’ll start running ads giving a date when people can buy tickets.

As the date gets closer, they drop another trailer to get people even more excited. Then the time to buy tickets comes, and everyone gets their seats for opening night.

A few days before the premiere, the actors and actresses show up on the early morning and late-night talk shows, all talking about opening night.

This causes more people to buy tickets, and then opening weekend hits. Millions of people hit the theaters on opening night.

Selling high-ticket courses, coaching, and digital products takes a LOT of effort and resources. You can’t just slap up a sales page and expect tons of conversions. This is why webinars really took off, it’s just easier to pull all the levers you need to pull to sell a $1,000 product over personalized videos.

Page #1: The “Free Workshop” Page

Product Launch 01
PL01 – Opt-in

This page looks just like a simple squeeze page that you learned about during the lead funnels section, but the lead magnet is the actual training workshop. They are registering to get access to the live training.

“Sideways Sales Letter” Video #1

Product Launch 02

“Sideways Sales Letter” Video #2-4

Video #1—Wow and how: You will “wow” them with a big idea, and then show them “how” you and others are using this concept.

Video #2—Transformational education: You will let people look over your shoulder as you walk through the process with them.

Video #3—External forces: You will break any external false beliefs they have, address the external roadblocks that may keep them from success.

Product Launch 03

Page #5: The Offer Page And Order Form

After the three videos have been released, you’ll release the fourth video where you make the offer. You will send them emails


3. Perfect Webinar Funnel

What Is The Perfect Webinar? Russell Brunson created it and explains it in detail in his book Expert Secrets as well as in an in-depth training he teaches about it. It is the blueprint for any presentation you make, a set structure that, if followed correctly, will get you the most conversions.

Page #1: THE Registration Page

webinar funnel 01

The goal of the registration page is to get someone to register for a webinar. On this page we want to create a curiosity-based headline (Secret #18 will give you dozens of templates you can use) that will get someone to want to register and show up for your presentation. I don’t spend time telling my story on this page; instead, I focus hard on a hook that will pull them in and get them to register.

Page #2: Thank You Page

webinar funnel 02

The goal of the thank-you page is to build a relationship with them and get them to show up to the webinar.

One other thing you can do on this thank-you page is to push people into a low-ticket offer (usually a book or a cart funnel) before the webinar. I tell them it will help to prepare them for the webinar, which it does, but it also can help to cover your ad spend.

The Webinar Room

webinar funnel 03

This webinar will happen inside your webinar software. Most people use either GoToWebinar or Zoom.

Make sure you thoroughly read Expert Secrets to really understand and master the psychology of the script.

PAGE #4: THE ORDER FORM PAGE At the end of your presentation, you will make a CTA to push someone to an order form to buy.


4. Physical Product “Real Stuff” Funnel

Remember the fries and coke? They are the “upsells” – i.e. what brings in more profit on top of the burger. When you already have the intention to buy a burger, it’s not that hard to convince you to get fries and a coke on the side, right? There’s no extra effort on your part, since you already have your credit card out (and you’re hungry!).

A physical product (cart) funnel has these pages: a sales page (often with an order form bump), an upsell page (often with another upsell page and downsells as well), and a thank-you page.

Sales Page

The best way to sell a physical product is with a demo.

The headline is usually less about invoking curiosity and more about telling people exactly what the offer actually is.

Physical product 01 e1578600726747

Order Page

Just like a book funnel, we use the two-step order form, with the first step asking them where we should ship the product and the second step asking for their credit card information.

Physical product 02

On the second step in the order form, we have two tools we can use to increase our average cart value.

The first is by increasing the quantity of products that someone purchases above the order form and the second is by adding an order form bump.

Upsell (OTO) Page

Physical product 03

After they buy our sexiest product on Page #1 and we have their credit card on file, we can use one-click upsells to have them add other products to their order.

This is the biggest difference in strategy between the book funnel and the cart funnel. In a book funnel, the OTO rule for information products is to never sell more of the same thing; instead, we sell the next logical solution to the problem we just created.

With a cart funnel, we do sell more of what they just bought, but at a discount.

Thank-You Page

Physical product 04

The thank-you page for a cart funnel usually has two primary functions.

The first is to thank them for their purchase and let them know what to expect next. We’ll often tell them when their order will come, how to get customer service, etc.


5. Fishbowl Funnel

The Fishbowl Funnel is the online equivalent of the fishbowls you see at reception desks, checkout etc. – where people put in their contact details for a prize draw. It’s a great lead generation tool to have.

The landing page is essentially a lead capture form. Make it as simple and easy as possible for people to opt-in. In fact, I would say that just asking for the email address is enough – don’t ask for more information than is necessary, as your prospects can be put off by a long and complicated opt-in form.



6. Network Marketing Bridge Funnel

A Bridge Funnel is when you know you’re sending somebody to your next funnel. But they may not understand some core concepts or things that they need to know before you can sell them that product or that service. So what we do is we put up a bridge page ahead of that.

Bridge Funnel01
Bridge Funnel02


Other Share Funnels From The Community

7. Real Estate Agent Selling Funnel – CF’s Dave Woodward

real estate agent01
real estate agent02


8. Invisible Funnel (Membership Area) – CF’s Dave Woodward

Invisible 01
Invisible 02
Invisible 03
Invisible 04


9. Supplement Funnel – CF’s Dave Woodward

The template Russell Brunson used to create a $500k/m supplement funnel!


10. High Ticket Coaching Funnel – CF’s Dave Woodward


11. Trip Wire Funnel- CF’s Dave Woodward


12. Event Application Funnel CF’s Dave Woodward


13. Long Form Coaching Sales Page – Jorge Armando Navarro


14. MLM/Affiliate Survey Page – CF’s Sean Olson


15. Faux Membership Area Teaser – CF’s Mark Bangerter


16. Contact Us Page – Hawk Mikado


17. Summit + Survey Registration Page – Hawk Mikado


18. Home Party Funnel


19. Hotel Meeting Funnel (MLM)


20. Real Estate Buyer Funnel – Kenneth Foo



21. Sam Funnel 

The Secret Affiliate Machine is a sales funnel developed with the ClickFunnels, and is a starter kit for those interested in affiliate marketing.

22. Automated Sales Webinar Funnel

Install the template we use for our ‘Done For You’ customers to create an automated webinar including order form and upsell pages.

23. Clickbank Affiliate Survey Funnel

Convert a greater % of cold traffic to a Clickbank offer through making “micro commitments” in the form of a survey first.

24. The Funnelology Funnel

Get a complete membership area with funnel training courses created by Russell Brunson to monetize your traffic!

25. E-Commerce Funnel

Our Perfect Free Plus Shipping Funnel from super clean opt-in to compact one page order form designed for conversions.

26. Perfect Shopify Funnel

Designed for Shopify store owners, use this funnel to send customer data to your Shopify dashboard using Zapier

27. Amazon Coupon Funnel

Use this opt-in funnel for Amazon store owners to build your customer email list and funnel people over to your product listing for reviews.

28. High Ticket Client Funnel

How to flip the script and enable your perfect clients to pitch working with you!

29. Opt-tin Funnel

Our main funnel used to be a 3 step process where the thank you page had a share button to access 3 more funnels.

Funnel Scripts will show you exactly how you can write the copy for these funnels.

Get your free Funnel Secrets and Dot Com Secrets book to figure out how to create ones like these!

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