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ClickFunnels Cheaper Alternative – Simvoly

 May 18, 2019

By  Peter Nyiri

Many blog posts on ClickFunnels “alternatives” describe software that are considerably cheaper, but far in terms of functions. I found one that comes really close.

ClickFunnels vs Simvoly

ClickFunnels is intended to make funnel creation easier, in order to spare you from managing specialized and complex things. The platform has one problem: it is quite expensive and may not fit the budget of a small business. In this post I am reviewing a possible ClickFunnels alternative that has similar functions but better pricing.

With Simvoly you can build all sorts of different funnels – sales, lead generation, webinar, etc. but you can also build whole websites with blog, e-commerce, fully customizable headers and footers. It really is the most complete solution for any SMB. Also, our platform is basically the only White Label funnel builder on the market – anyone can white label and provide as their solution.

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Simvoly is a white label site & funnel builder, similar to ClickFunnels, and it is quickly gaining a good reputation. It has similar features, but a much friendlier pricing structure:

Simvoy pricing

There are around 20k people are using the platform actively.

Here are the plans:

  • The Personal Plan ($12/month yearly, $18 month to month) comes with 1 site up to 20 pages, 1 funnel and 5 store products.
  • The Business Plan ($24/month yearly, $32 month to month) comes with 1 site, unlimited pages, 5 funnels, 6 Domain Connections, Bump Offers (upsells) and 100 store products. This is the best choice for a small enterprise that wants to go online with Simvoly. It has all the tools and a decent price tag. It’s limited in quantity — you can only add five funnels, for example — but that shouldn’t be an issue for most users.
  • The Growth+ plan planned for agencies, which is $59/month ($79 month to month) gives 30 funnels with 33 domain connections (instead of 20 funnels with 3 domains in ClickFunnels), 3 sites, unlimited pages, unlimited store products, CRM and even white label – getting the whole platform under your own brand and getting partnership discount for future projects on your platform along with affiliate feature (optional).
  • The Pro plan costs $149/month ($199 month to month)is with 10 websites and unlimited funnels, domains and website admins.

Currently they have 9 payment processors (Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, 2-Checkout, Authorize.net, etc.),

There are several integrations, such as MailChimp, Active Campaign, Getresponse, Google Analytics, Facebook pixel and you can add any third party autoresponder via the code widget. In a few weeks Zapier will be added with custom web hooks documentation for anyone who want to connect with any third party app that they want.

There are many differences from ClickFunnels, but let me point a few:

  • They are a lot simpler and smoother when it comes to building pages
  • A lot simpler when it comes to building a funnel, super easy user interface and experience, and all operations with funnels
  • Drag and drop widgets:  The drag and drop interface on Simvoly is not unique but it is a crucial feature that makes it easy for anyone to build a website without any coding knowledge. The widgets let you play around with all sorts of layouts and to add and remove elements as you see fit.
  • They have better funnel designs that you don’t have to pay for
  • Simvoly also has full grown websites with blogging, portfolios, headers, footers and everything you can think of.
  • Full e-commerce similar to Shopify for building any sort of online store. You can upload product images, enter prices, and track inventory. It is easy to add any type of content on the product page, including YouTube videos, while PayPal and Stripe integration removes the hassle of payment processing.
  • CRM – this is free and available for every customer with every site or funnel
  • Integrated Analytics:  Simvoly’s site analytics tool lets you track key metrics such as the number of site visitors, keywords used to reach your site, and page views.
  • Automatic SSL Certificates: This site builder prides in offering free SSL certificates so you can rest easy knowing your website is secure.

These are just a few of the features of our platform – simpler, modern, better looking, A LOT more features and of course, more affordable. We have plans for every need – with 1 / 5 / 30 / unlimited funnels and of course sites as well.

One drawback is that they don’t have WordPress integration with a plugin.

Example websites:

Pick Your Template & Brand It

First you will need to pick from a choice of over fifty responsive templates that also look great on mobile.

simvoly templates

Simvoly is a white label builder that can be tailored for your own brand. Add your website title, favicon and social sharing image.

general settings

You already have a subdomain, but you can set up your own custom domain.

simvoly adding domain

Language and time zone, privacy and cookie policy:

language, time zone

Connect external apps like MailChimp, MailerLite, Facebook, or even your own email server:

add app

Getting Started With The Page Builder

To achieve optimum SEO, add page name, URL, page title, meta description. Upload your files and images to the server.

Here is a short video that describes how the site builder works:

Once you opened the page, you can start editing.

simvoly edit funnel template

If you don’t like the existing layout, you can add additional elements to the page.

add widgets to page

You can also add additional pages or switch between the existing ones.

add new pages

The reports section has analytics, including sales, orders. You can also add different products – physical, digital, services, memberships, discounts.

add products

In the CRM you can handle your contacts, members, messages.

This is the short introduction to Simvoly. There are further tutorials on the site, such as

  • Working with the builder
  • Start with your white label

Click here to get your 14-day free trial

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