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stages of buying decision process
Jul 21

Buying Decision Process: How To Increase Sales

By Peter Nyiri | Conversion optimization , Sales funnel creation

Do you know why people are not buying your products or services? It turns out most entrepreneurs and marketers have no idea whatsoever. Understanding the customer’s buying decision process is essential for marketing and sales of online courses. When you speak to entrepreneurs developing an informational products and you ask them about their biggest challenges, […]

clickfunnels vs wordpress
May 18

ClickFunnels Cheaper Alternative, Similar Functions – Simvoly

By Peter Nyiri | ClickFunnels , Sales funnel creation , Thrive Themes Tutorial

Many blog posts on ClickFunnels “alternatives” describe software that are considerably cheaper, but far in terms of functions. I found one that comes really close. ClickFunnels is intended to make funnel creation easier to spare you from managing specialized and complex things. The platform has one problem: it is quite expensive. In this post I […]

Mar 16

How do I create a sales funnel?

By Peter Nyiri | Sales funnel creation

A sales funnel has four stages: awareness, interest, decision, and action. By taking your visitors through these phases it helps a business to convert their leads into paying customers. Here’s how to go about creating a sales funnel to drive sales for your business: Step 1: Select a product you want to sell The first […]

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