Canva Pinterest Tutorial For Creating Viral Pins

By Peter Nyiri | Funnels

Sep 16
Canva Pinterest templates

In order to create viral pins for Pinterest, your images and text need to inspire people to save them and click through. The best free tool for this is Canva, because you don't have to buy an expensive program like Photoshop and struggle with complexities.

If you have never used Canva before, create a new account, it's free.

Log into your account.

You'll then see a full page of image size choices, and you'll see under the heading Social Media Posts, the choice for a Pinterest Graphic. This is a 735 x 1102 px image, which is the optimal size for Pinterest.

You can click on this choice and get started just by changing the images and the text.

A Simple Way To Use Canva For Creating Pins

I am also going to do this from scratch. I not really talented in this stuff, therefore I am just going to show you the motions.

We will need a 2:3 ratio, that is not going to get cut when displayed in the feed.

  1. Select "Pinterest Graphic"
  2. Click on "Photos" and type in the keyword you want to search for.
  3. Double click on the image you like

Search for dollar

There are free images and there are paid ones that cost a dollar.

While you can use stock photos from Pexels and Pixabay, you will notice that the same stock photo gets used by several bloggers for completely different purposes and this will confuse Pinterest.

When you pull up your pin on Pinterest and look at the pins that get listed below as similar, you will see that these get picked by the image and most of them are completely unrelated. You can shoot and upload your own photos using the "Upload" button, or as a solution you can buy the image for a dollar - it's cheap and most people won't pay money for this.

4. You can rotate the image if you want to, then stretch it out.

Now I will make the image lighter by clicking on "Filter" and increasing the brightness and the contrast.

Make image lighter

This particular image is not the best, because it isn't bright.

In order to add my text, I will first go to "Elements" > "Shapes" and select a rectangle with a border.

Then I will change the inside color to white and the border color to reddish:

change color

Then I set the transparency of the rectangle to about 80 percent.

Then I decide I don't like this white background and change it to greenish.

Now it's time to add my text.

I go to "Text" > "Add heading", add my text and change the font to Roboto.

Then I press "Copy", make two more boxes and enter my text. I change the middle one to  script font.

I make the first line all caps by pressing the "AA" symbol.

Then I decrease the spacing and pull the lines closer together.

Then I make another copy, make the text smaller and add my website name.

Now I download the image.

I use .png or .jpg. The .png version is always bigger.

The file is 1.2 MB. I use TinyPng to compress it. It becomes 355 kB.

Then I use Caesium to compress it further with 50 percent quality.

It becomes 177 kB.

Here is the result:

Building Sales Funnel WordPress

It doesn't look horrible, but a photo with more vibrant colors would have been much better.

And here is a "Using Canva for Pinterest" tutorial video:

Using Canva for Creating Pinterest Board Covers

Do you have specially designed covers on your Pinterest boards?

Most bloggers don't. This is most important when you are a group board owner, as these will be seen in other people's accounts.

They are like having a giant billboard ad next to the highway.

They are like McDonalds in different cities. Everyone sees it.

Don't waste that opportunity with not having board covers or having poor branding on them.

Board covers are vital for boosting your personal brand and make it very easy to identify your blog and the subject of your boards.

Each board is unique, but they all should contain the same elements.

  • Your blog's name should be visibly listed in easy-to-read letters
  • An attractive design that catches the eye and properly represents your blog's brand
  • Your boards should have an identical design with the same basic colors.

Can you imagine how much covers like that can spice up your boards?

They are really easy to create in Canva. Here's a short video that shows how to create them:



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