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Blogger Organization Chart – Your 100 Missing Functions

 August 3, 2019

By  Peter Nyiri

Did you know that as a blogger you have over 120 functions you are supposed to perform as an expert?

This is the simple reason bloggers fail – they have no clue about 100.

There are so many moving parts and blogging functions to handle if you want to be successful.

Unsuccessful bloggers fail to perform the functions that actually move the needle and get overwhelmed by the ones that they don’t need to bother with at the moment.

Blogger Organization Chart

“An organizational chart (often called organization chart, org chart is a diagram that shows the structure of an organization and the relationships and relative ranks of its parts and positions/jobs.” – Wikipedia

What does an organization have to do with being a blogger? – You may ask.

I am going to answer you with some interesting questions –

  1. How many functions does a successful website/business like Medium or GoDaddy perform and how many expert staff do they have for these tasks?
  2. How many of those functions are you performing for your blog with how many expert staff?

Based on the above I set out on a project to map out all the functions you are supposed to be a pro at…

And here are the results – the organization chart for an average blog:

Your Blog

Executive & Legal

Board of Directors
Blog Planning/Strategy
Blog Financial Planning
Blog Branding
Legal & Compliance

Blog “Real Estate”

Internal Assets
Domain Name
Blog Design/Theme
Plugins Update/Upkeep

External Assets
FB Page
FB Group
Twitter Account
Pinterest Account
Instagram Account

Blog Support Services
Blog Security & Backup
External Software Tools

Website Metrics
Search Console
Google Analytics/JetPack
MOZ, Ahrefs, Majestic
Traffic Tracking
Blog Income Tracking

Blog Personnel

Own Personnel Hiring
VA Hiring
Personnel Contracts
Content Writing Outsource
Link Building Outsource
SEO Expert Hiring
Marketing Expert Hiring

Blogger Education
Own Staff Training
VA Training

Blog Communication

Domain Email Upkeep
Email Marketing Service Upkeep
Newsletter Sending
Inbox Delivery/Spam Handling
Chat Service Upkeep

Customer Response Handling
Contact Form Responses
Email Responses
Chat Responses

Contact Lists Upkeep
Customer Email Lists
Blogger/Influencer Contacts
Affiliate Contacts

Blog Treasury

Payment Acceptance
Payment Processors
Payment Invoicing
Outgoing Payments Handling
Affiliate Payments Handling
Bank Accounts
Credit Accounts

Blog Monetization

Google Ads
Other Ad Networks
Sponsored Content

Products for Sale
Product Research
Tripwire Creation
Paid E-book Creation
Paid Courses Creation
Affiliate Product Research

Customer Flow & Funnels
Home Page Design & Update
Menus & Footers
Landing Pages Design
Opt-in Form Design
Sales Pages
Upsells, Cross Sells

Blog Marketing

Content Marketing
On-page SEO
Keyword Research
Blog Post Research
Blog Post Writing
Image Creation
Old Content Refresh

Video Marketing
Video Creation
Webinar Creation
YouTube SEO
YouTube Marketing

Email Marketing
Lead Magnet Creation
Welcome Email Campaign
Follow-up Email Series
Sales Email Series

Social Marketing
Facebook Promotion
Twitter Promotion
Pinterest Pinning
Viral Marketing

Paid Advertising
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Solo Emails
Other Paid Ads

Blogger Outreach
Guest Posting
Link Building
Influencer Outreach
Affiliate Programs Handling
Joint Ventures

Optimization & Correction

Handling Nonperforming Campaigns
AB Testing
Keyword Optimization
Sign-up Rate Optimization
Sales Conversion Optimization

You can do a quick test and see…

  • what percentage of these points you are performing…
  • what functions you are expert in
  • what you have time for
  • what are the ones you cannot neglect
  • what are the functions that you need to do once and forget about
  • what are the ones you need to do over and over
  • what functions can you drop and still have a profitable blog?

The above can be very intimidating for new bloggers, but don’t panic. You will catch on.

There are two choices:

  1. Most bloggers try to do everything alone. You can build a team that covers this all or just blog together with someone else.
  2. Pick the ones that will move the needle and concentrate on those…

Good luck!

blogger org chart

Peter Nyiri

Peter Nyiri

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