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By Peter Nyiri | Funnels

Mar 24
Blog Earnings Troubleshooter

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When someone asks you what you do for a living or as a hobby and you say that you have a blog, you get amazing reactions.

Your family and friends don't understand.

They don't understand why you spend all that time in front of the computer.

Especially if you have nothing to show for the hundreds of hours of work that you have been putting in.

Can you imagine being able able to say, "I am making $1,500 a month from my blog"?

I can't promise that would shut them up, but at least that would be an argument.

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The very first blog was created in 1994.

It's difficult to tell how many blogs there are in the world, but they are in the hundreds of millions.

The total number of blogs on Tumblr, Squarespace, and WordPress alone equals over 440 million.

The total number of blogs in the world likely greatly exceeds this number.

According to WordPress, 76.3 million posts are published on WordPress each month, and more than 409 million people view 22.3 billion blog pages each month.

Can you make money with blogging?

Yes and no.

And it's difficult to tell what percentage of bloggers actually make money from blogging, because the maximum number of bloggers surveyed is only in the few thousand range.

The highest estimate I came across said 14% of bloggers make a full-time living, however in light of the 400 million blog count I doubt that this estimation would be correct.

Here is the latest survey, done by BlogTyrant, 350 bloggers. 69.4 percent of bloggers make zero income in a year, and 22.6 percent makes less than $10,000.

Blog Income

A blog doesn't make you money directly.

Meaning money won't start coming in just because you start a blog.

You make money by offering something of value that your audience wants and they give you money for that value.

A blog brings in the audience so you can introduce them to the value that you are offering.

Unfortunately there's no accurate statistical data on blog earnings.

Troubleshoot your blog earnings

Blogs With Fake Value

Have you seen 5 tip checklists that promise you 5-figure income but don’t deliver?

They're cheating you.

They just want your email address...

I am a member in several Facebook groups and this was a blog post that I recently came across:

Title: 7 Killer Strategies To Get 100,000 Extra Page Views Tomorrow…

and the post gives the following items, explaining them in a paragraph each:

  1. “Know who you are writing for.”
  2. “Create engaging blog titles”
  3. “Write useful and relevant content”
  4. “Optimize your content for search engines”
  5. “Share your blog link across your social media.”
  6. “Share your blog content in popular Facebook groups.”
  7. “Use Pinterest”

Obviously this is just too incomplete to even come close to the promise.

[Luke] I can’t believe it.[Yoda] That is why you fail. Blog Profits TroubleshooterBlogging Is Not Simple

Blogs are more complicated than that.

It takes a lot longer than 3 minutes to set up a blog, even though that's how log the installer takes and that's what some bloggers suggest.

It takes a lot longer than two days to get to 10k visitors.

Building up earnings is a marathon, not a sprint.

Blog earnings start well before affiliate links.

They start with you, your blog’s mechanics and layout.

They continue with your content, your lead magnet, your email series and your back-end offers.

Customer Life Cycle And Earnings

Customers have a life-cycle. It can even be seen in the keywords they search for.

Any other reasons why a blog not making money? Blog Earnings TroubleshooterAt the beginning they are not even aware of the problem.

Then they see the problem.

They start searching for a solution.

They evaluate different products.

The job you have in blogging is to help them through this cycle.

A blogger is not a salesman. He is a consultant, an advisor or helper.

You don't sell by selling. You sell by showing how to solve problems.

A Real Checklist

I am going to give you something heavy-duty:

The Blog Profits Troubleshooter.

Not just 7 tips.

This is not a superficial checklist to get a quick email address.

It is for those who take blogging seriously, are willing to put in work in order to get results.

I collected all the reasons I could think of that prevent your blog from being profitable.

I made it into the most complete checklist that exists on the subject.

It came out to several pages…

I know that it's still incomplete. But it will help you get started.

You can go through and analyze your blog and see what you need to fix.

The pictures below are some sample points...

Please pin them if you are on Pinterest.

(If you click on any of the images, they will pin in 735 x 1102 size.)

Download it by pressing the button, it’s FREE. No email required.

One last thing: There's a belated Easter egg hunt in the PDF...

I am giving away Thrive Themes and plugins! Instructions are somewhere inside!

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Good luck!

Download Blog Earnings Troubleshooter

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KJ April 3, 2018

Thanks, interesting read. Been doing this 12 months almost but only 3 months been on Facebook and had more numbers. My website gets no payment. I am getting 3000 views a post now. Some more. But I think you need 50000 a month for advertisers to be interested in you. Oh well. My website has money and time saving travel tips to themeparks so whilst havent made money- Ive actually saved money from shared tips

    Peter Nyiri April 5, 2018

    Blogging is definitely a lot of work, and there’s no point sugarcoating it. But eventually you’ll get results.

Livvy April 3, 2018

You’re Right – blogging isn’t easy – Some great tips here, thank you!

    Peter Nyiri April 5, 2018

    You’re right, blogging isn’t easy, I am trying to help make it easier.


You are absolutely right! You don’t just start blogging and then make money like magic! And it definitely takes some time and hard work. But it is possible to use it to build a business if you take the right steps! Thanks a ton for sharing your advice 🙂

Shahria April 7, 2018

Good article, thanks for sharing.

Michelle April 7, 2018

Very interesting and helpful. Thanks for sharing!

Mascha April 14, 2018

This pdf is incredible! So much useful information.
I will read through it all again bit by bit and check if I did or didn’t implement your tips on my blog.

Brandon May 8, 2018

Hello, Peter, I’m starting a blog about bitcoin and blockchain in Latin America, could you check it and give me your impressions?

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