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By Peter Nyiri | Funnels

Dec 24
Thrive Luxe

You build a sales funnel to get you sales. One thing that will prevent you from getting sales is a cheesy-looking website or one that looks 1900-ish.

It is 2018. Say “No way” to these ghastly sites, in order to get sales, you need a professional looking website with all the lead building functions that loads fast and is mobile responsive.

The next important point is that it should be easy to build the components that make up your sales funnel. The landing pages, the opt-in forms, social sharing.

You should easily (automatically) be able to place the opt-in forms to the positions where they are the most effective.

At the same time, you should have enough choice to pick the look and the feel of your website so that it fits your niche and your content.

Do you have all the above for your website? Chances are you don’t.

Your website is basically your office and your shop…

Are You Serious About Your Business?

I am asking you this question, because this post is only for people that are serious and are willing to do whatever it takes to get the profits.

If you are not willing to invest into your business, I am afraid this post is not for you.

Many people start out with free themes. And these are fine at the beginning, but you will sooner or later need a premium theme.


Free themes are done with lazy coding.

They load slow, losing you customers.

Many of them are not mobile responsive.

They don’t look so good and you don’t have a chance to change around their design if it doesn’t fit your site.

And it’s a pain or outright impossible to build a landing page or a funnel with them.

Thrive Themes website designs, Build a blog that converts

How To Build A Funnel In WordPress

(This post contains affiliate links.)

If you know anything about sales funnels, if you ever looked at ClickFunnels or Convertri, then you know that building a funnel in WordPress can be extremely challenging.

ClickFunnels costs a lot of money… $1,164 per year. What you’re paying for with ClickFunnels is the ability to integrate all the funnel steps within one platform.

You can read my complete overview of all the different ClickFunnels alternatives if you want to, or you can stay in this post ad see how you can build any regular sales funnel using WordPress at a much cheaper price.

WordPress is also capable of creating powerful conversion optimized funnels with A/B testing capabilities, the only difference is that you need to go into the third party programs directly to configure them… Which I don’t think is such a big deal if you want to save over $900 a year.

An example would be of setting up a payment page in ClickFunnels or Thrive Themes. By connecting your ClickFunnels account to Stripe, you can create a payment page with one click from within your ClickFunnels interface. If you use Stripe with Thrive, you would to configure your checkout page details within the Stripe plugin, and then link to that checkout page. I think the savings are worth it.

Now I am going to show you how I created the website you are reading right now.

I think it looks great… And it was super easy to create it. Let me show you.

The Theme Package

The package of Thrive Themes that I chose from included the following themes (click on the links provided to see what these themes look like):


The FunnelXpert website is built on the Pressive Theme. Feel free to look around. Pressive is a theme with a distinct character, but the focus is still where it needs to be: on your content, your offers, your conversion elements.


PerforMag is the first true magazine theme for WordPress. There are many other magazine themes available for WordPress, but unfortunately they only give your site a magazinish look. Performag does a lot more than that. It’s not about the look of your site at all, even though that is also spectacular, it’s about the whole range of machinery that is inside this theme. Performag is built with a different purpose in mind: to increase your site’s ad revenue, increase your social sharing and increase user engagement on your site. In short: it’s streamlined for the business purposes of a magazine website.


Rise is a theme for blogging, affiliate marketing and other online businesses. It was built in collaboration with an affiliate marketing veteran, Zac Johnson, who has been a successful affiliate marketer for longer than most of us have even known the Internet existed.

You can see actual demos of the different themes, just change the name of the theme in the dropdown menu near the top left corner of the screen.


Storied is a theme that was primarily built for blogging. You have a story to tell and through beautifully formatted multi-media posts (video, audio, image and other media posts are supported), you connect with your readers and build your audience.


Voice is a theme that emphasizes content & authors. The post author is prominently displayed next to the content, making it ideal for personal branding. At the same time, it’s also about conversion.


Minus is a beautifully minimal design theme. Most pages are carefully composed with typography, white space and very little else. This minimal design makes the theme highly adaptable to almost any purpose and any brand.


Ignition is a theme that’s very well suited for building a marketing website. With Ignition, it’s a joy to create awesome looking sales pages and marketing pages for your products, memberships and services.


Luxe is a theme that is all about stripping away the distractions and the unessential, and keeping only what truly matters for making your site beautiful and functional. A minimal design style with subtle highlights and typography.

Thrive Themes website designs Luxe


FocusBlog is a multi-purpose theme. You can use it to create a corporate website, a marketing site with landing pages and sales pages, a site for a local business and much more.

All these themes are built for speed. Your site should load under 3 seconds.

Go ahead and check how fast your site loads in different areas of the planet. Also check how fast my site loads.

All these themes are built with a responsive design that fits any screen, search engine and conversion optimized. They are built to increase your mailing list by getting new subscribers and you get fantastic support.

All Thrive Themes are WooCommerce compatible. On all your WooCommerce pages, you’ll find a clean, simple design with a focus on clarity.

You will need a free WordPress importer plugin to import your current store.

Check out this demo store.

How Easy It Was To Build My Site

Thrive truly makes building a website with WordPress an absolute joy. No cheesy look, and it has all the functionality to CONVERT your visitors.

In the Thrive Dashboard, you click on the menu (#1) of your Thrive Theme card and than on the Page Templates (#2) link:

page templates

Then check the pages you want to generate. If you have the Thrive Content Builder plugin installed and activated on your website you can select the highlighted checkbox to make all the selected pages editable with the plugin.

check the pages you want to generate. If you have the Thrive Content Builder plugin installed and activated on your website you can select the highlighted checkbox to make all the selected pages editable with the plugin

The one I am using is called Homepage 2.

Check out Pressive Theme Homepage 1.

Check out Pressive Theme Homepage 3.

Check out this Pressive Theme sales page you could have for your product.

After you generated one of these impressive-looking, conversion-optimized pages with a push of a button, all you need to do is edit the text per the hints provided, save, and you are ready to go.

Building Your Site From Scratch

But if you choose, you can also build your site from scratch with the drag & drop style editor (requires Thrive Architect plugin.)

I am sure you have heard about Neil Patel, the legendary online marketer who has a million dollar blog.

He uses Thrive and in this video you can take a look at how you can create a homepage (which is really a landing page) just like him.

Thrive Themes Options

The theme also has different options, here is a description:

Thrive Theme Options Overview

In Thrive you can determine the the size and type of your fonts.

There is a setting for H1 and another setting for body text.

You can select “Show All Fonts” to list more than 600 fonts, available via Google Fonts. If you don’t have a specific font in mind yet, the sheer number of the available fonts here can be overwhelming. In this case, you can leave “Recommended Fonts Only” selected, which will display a shorter list of high-quality selected fonts.

Thrive Themes Pricing

Here you have a few options.

  • $49 per theme (Single site license)
  • $67 per theme (Unlimited personal license)
  • $228.00 Thrive Personal Annual Membership ($19 per month) – this includes all the above plugins also.
  • $588.00 Thrive Agency Annual Membership ($49 per month) – this is if you are an agency, and you have the ability to give out the themes to 50 sites that you are selling service to.

Some companies provide you with a service that includes Thrive Themes products and this way you actually get a discount, since you are getting the service along with the product.

Update: Thrive Themes 2.0 coming

What you have read above is about to transform into the stratosphere.

Thrive 2.0, the Thrive Visual Theme Builder is in beta test version.

In addition to having pre-designed themes like the above, you will be able to build your own theme. Here is a short video that explains this:

Additional Thrive Components

Thrive also has a bunch of plugins.

Thrive Leads is an all-in-one list building tool. You can build any kind of opt-in forms, you can determine where you place them, you can do A/B testing.

  • Single site license: $67
  • 5-lincese pack: $97
  • 15-lincese pack: $147

Thrive Architect is a drag-and-drop visual editor for WordPress. You can easily add buttons, timers, and a host of other elements to your pages and posts. This includes Thrive Landing Pages.

  • Single site license: $67
  • 5-lincese pack: $97
  • 15-lincese pack: $147

With Clever Widgets, you can show different content in your widget areas, based on posts, pages, categories, tags and advanced targeting rules.

With Headline Optimizer, you can test different headlines against each other.

Thrive Ultimatum is the perfect scarcity marketing tool to optimize your conversions. Give your visitors an ultimatum that your offer ends soon… Lockdown Evergreen timer, the same for every single visitor. Even if they change browsers, change devices, they won’t be able to get back their offer price.

Thrive Quiz Builder builds fully customized quizzes that allow you to gain valuable visitor insights,

With Thrive Comments, you can get your visitors engaged with comments, upvotes, downvotes, etc.

With Thrive Ovation you can get testimonials on autopilot.

Creating Landing Pages With Thrive Themes

You may have noticed that creating landing pages with WordPress is a pain.

You can instantly publish beautiful, conversion optimized and 100% editable opt-in pages, sales pages, webinar registrations pages, etc.

At the point of writing this post, Thrive has 233 different landing pages you can choose from, all you need to do is to change the text and the images to whatever you want to.

Take a look at the selection of landing pages.

If you choose, you can also purchase just Thrive Content Builder (now called Thrive Architect).

  • Single license: $67
  • 5-site license: $97
  • 15-site license: $147

Creating A Complete Funnel With Thrive

As you can see, you would be saving the money between ClickFunnels’ $1197/year and Thrive’s $228/year.

But how do you turn this into a full funnel?

  • Webinar Funnels
  • Lead Generation Funnels
  • Payment Integration
  • Product & Sales Funnels
  • Product Launch Funnels

I have included here a rather long video that gives you a lot of details on how to set it up, this way you will know what you get yourself into if you decide on this route.

If you don’t have time to watch the full video right now, you can look at the following post on how your funnel can be set up on thrive.

Connecting To Your Email Service

It is very important that your setup works with your favorite email autoresponder service.

It is even more important that, if you are a startup, you have an autoresponder company that provides a free-tier service, so that you are not paying $10 or $20 per month for a small amount of subscribers.

I know that a lot of people use MailChimp as a free-tier service. While this may work for you, there are a couple of cons.

First, MailChimp has a very complicated interface to set up your email series automation. It’s not simple to use.

Second, you have a certain risk of your account getting shut down by their automated system, without any warning or chance to review, and their customer service takes a long time to answer. Their Acceptable Use Policy says,

“Prohibited Content …

“Work from home, make money online, and lead generation opportunities”

This is very general, I had an email list that promoted building a profitable site. Their automated system banned my ability to send emails just when I started getting some subscribers, and I am pretty certain that the 10 subscribers that I had at that point and the 40 emails that I sent out was not the greatest danger to MailChimp’s existence.


After a week’s wait and repeated nudge to their customer service I was told to move my business to a different service. They didn’t quote what part of the agreement I violated.

I removed all my content and domains and I asked to re-activate my account, but no response after a week again.

It is now 24 December 2017. Therefore I am not happy with MailChimp and if you do more than sharing recipes or fitness tips, you need to assess the danger.

Currently I use MailerLite, which also has a free tier, and I love their simple interface. Also, their terms are more clear on this subject:

“Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Links are two different things. Affiliate Marketing is prohibited in MailerLite, but Affiliate Links are fine in most cases.

“Affiliate Marketing (Prohibited) – is a type of business where you earn commission by promoting other company’s products. We don’t allow this activity, because there’s no direct relationship between you and your subscribers. You are not allowed to send unrelated offers to your subscribers or pretend to be another brand.
“Affiliate Links (Allowed) – is a way to recommend product or service to your subscribers in your campaigns. Advertisement for another company (Affiliate Link) can only appear under your branding and be clearly presented as a special offer from another company. Moreover, the offer has to be related to your content and meet subscriber expectations.”

Other Integration

And finally, here is a list of email and webinar services Thrive integrates with.

Marketers Delight Theme

This is a not so well known theme that I accidentally ran into that you could consider for building your sales funnel.

If you have even less money to allocate for this purpose, this is another option you have. It costs $97 to use for up to 5 sites.

Marketers Delight is not just a theme, it is An All In One Platform For Pros. It includes the following elements:

  1. Page Leads
  2. Layout Options
  3. Popup Creator
  4. Custom Image Cover
  5. Widgets
  6. Landing Page
  7. Built-in after post call-to-action
  8. MD-only WordPress widgets
  9. Featured image covers
  10. MD Pro Share for social media
  11. One-click updates

With MD, you can build:

  • Blogs
  • Landing Pages
  • E-Commerce Sites
  • Business Websites
  • …And More!

I recommend that you look at their showcase of actual websites where the MD theme is used and read their Getting Started Guide.

Marketer’s Delight offers a smooth styling that’s simple, yet still looks good. It is fully responsive, works on any mobile device.

Instead of having to worry about customizing every little thing, the MD WordPress theme comes nearly ready out-of-the-box.

If you’re new to blogging or creating websites, this is incredibly important. You don’t want to spend three days trying to figure out how to configure your theme.

MD can create any type of web page or lead page that you’d ever need to. That’s why the theme is a truly all-in-one solution for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Page Leads are a powerful system of tools built into Marketers Delight that makes building custom call-to-action areas throughout your website as easy as filling out some text fields.

The Page Leads system was meticulously integrated into the WordPress admin panel so you can build these content areas on any post, page, category, or custom post type + taxonomy in WordPress.

The Funnel Page Lead is the most popular Page Lead bundled into Marketers Delight. Simply designed, the Funnel Lead was built to direct readers to the most important pages around your site.

Now, Thrive Theme tends to have more theme options available. But it’s up to you.


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