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AutoGrow.co 6 Figure Sales Funnel Course, by Matt Ackerson

 December 24, 2017

By  Peter Nyiri

I stumbled upon the AutoGrow system totally accidentally.

I always knew that an email list was necessary and that making money had to do with the list, but I never knew how to build one or make money out of it.

Then in my search for freebie marketing data I suddenly had an OMG moment.

I had read about this before, but I never fully understood all the consequences.

I suddenly realized that the key to making money was sales funnels.

Do you just throw a bunch of affiliate links on your site and make some money?

I realized that this method is leaving 97-99% of the money on the table.

The next obvious action was to type in “sales funnels” to Google and see what comes up.

Autogrow.co, 6-Figure Sales Funnels was one of the top websites.

I did actually Google for some reviews – there is a course with a similar name, it is reviewed as a scam, it is called “Six Figure Funnel Formula”. That is a totally different product from a different person.

I Am A Freebie Seeker

Now you need to know that I had never recently purchased any online marketing materials, simply because I didn’t trust them.

I bought a scam e-book for $39 in 2010 and since then I said “no” to everything.

I only spent a little money on hosting and domains, and that’s it.

My idea was that pretty much everything that is sold to teach online marketing was a scam.

I have always used “free” methods that marketers share in their email and I did tons of Google search to figure out how to do internet marketing. I was a true freebie-seeker. I am still one, to a degree, but now I understand its drawbacks.

I was also very much fixated on SEO, which doesn’t work for a new site, so my learning curve was very slow.

I Got Sold

But anyways, now you understand why it is a huge accomplishment that Matt’s sales funnel sold me this course.

In fact my argument for buying it in the first place was that if those 4-5 emails that he sent me were able to convince me that I wanted to buy this product and I would even consider paying the price for it, then this must be an awesome funnel, because it is pretty much impossible to get me to buy something like this.

Also, I was realizing that free methods were taking me too slowly to my goal of making money, and that a correct strategical system could actually speed this up.

Another key factor in getting me to buy it was its perfect pricing matrix. You know sometimes you see a really great course and they want to charge you $1,200 and you say no just because of the price. Because it is too much to make up for when you are a newbie.

And yes, you can always ask for your money back, but what do you do when the course was somewhat OK, but you feel it really wasn’t worth $1,200. You just have to swallow your bad feeling.

With this course you can pick from 3 different levels of pricing, depending on how much support you require. If you just want the course itself and you pay a one-time fee, it’s very cheap.

If you want access to the copywriters and one-on-one coaching, it costs more.

You can also hire them to build your entire funnel for you.

By the way, the course doesn’t have upsells, I am not bombarded with anything, and they have a great customer service.

Started The Course

When I purchased the course in November 2016, I also registered this domain and I started this website from scratch.

I created a challenge to get to 5 figures in 4 months. My goal is to quit my job.

I used Thrive Themes to build this site, which was a bonus from Matt for the fast decision on the purchase.

As you can see, it was well worth it. It also resolved my first problem of needing a professional website.

What I Learned

I learned the 2 reasons why people buy. I was always trying to use 1 of these, not both.

I am a fairly good content writer. But I never got traffic to my content.

I found out that I was missing the actions that needed to be taken AFTER writing my content.

I didn’t know how to promote my content.

I learned that doing 2-3 small actions of promotion wasn’t enough. If the response rate was 5-10 percent, then I needed to do 100 actions to get results.

Also, I learned that my content had to be shared hundreds of times… And it needs to be shared by people who have a lot of followers and are influencers. The course tells you how to do this.

The course also shows you how to pick your keywords, titles and subject correctly. Without that you don’t get very far.

You also learn how to figure out a correct opt-in freebie. If you pick the wrong one, your will get the wrong people on your list… or you get no one.

It also teaches you a simple email sequence to sell your product. I must admit that I am not using this, I am going for something more sophisticated…

My Plan

Now the best thing out of the course is that I have a plan that I know will bring me results and i am not nervous any more about making money on the internet.

I always felt a bit weird about trying to teach others when I didn’t know enough myself.

Now I actually feel that I am an expert. Those 300 pages made me an expert compared to what I was before and what all the other people are that I meet in the different Facebook groups.

I feel that I grew up to the name of my site, FunnelXpert.

My site only 1 month old, but it is already getting a few organic visitors from Google. Look:

FunnelXpert Search Console

And do you see all those keywords?

Now I am writing my second batch of posts to increase organic traffic.

And I am about to launch a big promotion offensive.


Peter Nyiri

Peter Nyiri

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