The Most Controversial About Page Ever

Peter NyiriHey!

As you can guess by the title, this is not your usual About Page.

This About Page is controversial. I wrote it that way with a purpose.

I wanted it to stand out. Posts that have a controversial or “cool” factor get picked up and shared.

Why is it controversial? People usually show all their credits on their About Page.

I ain’t got no credits to show you! I am starting from scratch!

All I can show you is my horrible credit report and my debts.

I decided that I am not only going to solve my own problems, but I will double and triple it and I will help others solve their problems.

Who Am I?

My name is Peter Nyiri and I have created this site to help people build their sales funnels.

People are struggling to get sales on their websites. I see it all the time.

However, you can sell anything with a properly built sales funnel.

I am doing this using the 6-Figure Funnels course of Matt Ackerson from and Thrive Leads.

I enrolled into Matt’s course and I am building my site based on the road map he provided.

He was the first person ever who was able to sell me his course via the internet & emails, so his funnel does work.

And I just paid $85 for 2 years of cloud hosting, got a the domain and the green lock SSL for free.

The site is called FunnelXpert, it’s an expired domain that used to belong to an Indian internet marketing company.

I snatched it, because it had a nice sounding name and some backlinks already. I even stole their logo. As you can see, I am dead serious…

I Quit My Horrible Job

A year ago I quit my job. Why? Because the work atmosphere was extremely abusive and I just couldn’t take it any more.

I literally walked out of my old life, got on a bus in Miami and traveled to another city to restart my life from scratch.

Since my employer was providing housing, suddenly I was on the street with about $700 and some credit cards in my pocket.

You probably realize that finding a job is not the easiest thing in the world and if you also need to find a room to rent at the same time, it can be a losing situation.

I didn’t sleep the first night, it was raining, and all I had was an umbrella and a carry-on suitcase with some clothes.

Somehow I found a place to stay and I was submitting job applications, but these didn’t even get answered.

The Death of 9-to-5

I originally started to learn internet markeDerek Halpernting around 2008, when ranking websites was a lot easier. Then I stopped for a while.

In 2017, not having a job, I turned to the internet again. I started a website.

I had no clue what I was doing, but I was really determined. I started to do research on Google, free e-books, free webinars, just like so many of you do.

The first thing I ran into was Derek Halpern‘s website, Social Triggers. Interestingly enough, in his webinar Derek talked about the death of the traditional 9-to-5 job concept, the fact that it was becoming more and more impossible to live your life from the money you make from your day job.

He also said that more and more people are turning to the internet to get extra income, and he called it the “side-hustle”.

You should start your business on the side, while keeping your day job, and one day your business income will replace your job.

The next thing he said was that I needed to start before you were ready. Your website will never be perfect, so just get it going, and you keep improving it.

Social Proof

Derek then went on talking about the fact that people are scared to start an online business, because they don’t have a paper saying that they are trained in their field.

He explained that the job you did IS the social proof that you can do it, you don’t need a piece of paper.

If someone takes photos as his online business, you just look at his photos and you see that he can take photos. Nothing more required.

I guess, if you look at my site, I think it’s really beautiful, and that’s my social proof…

But the real award goes to Thrive’s Pressive theme, which makes building a site like this a breeze. I hardly believe that this can be done with WordPress…

Matthew Woodward

Tmatthew woodwardhe next person I really learned a lot from was Matthew Woodward.

Matt started a challenge to build a top SEO blog without any link building.

He didn’t pay for ads, didn’t build links, didn’t pay for traffic. He only used human interaction build up his blog.

He launched his blog in August 2012 and as early as September 2012 his blog made $4,006.88 in profits from 4,518 Visitors.

He is now making well over $10K a month.

I learned a lot from his in-depth posts in terms of blogging strategy and tricks, but I also learned how to write an effective blog post.

My Anti-Social Proof

I am not an expert. Here is my anti-“social proof”, my credit card debts.

I am starting from well below zero…


Starting An eBay Business

My wife paid $6,000 for an eBay coaching program. From her own credit cards.

I am not going to say the name of the company, because I signed a piece of paper that I won’t say anything bad about them…

But in all honesty, I had to search Google and watch YouTube videos to learn all the tricks of selling on eBay.

But I got to power seller in 3 months.

eBay power seller

However I don’t consider this a success – I had to give it up. I failed miserably, as I wasn’t able to find merchandise with competitive enough price. The big guys are pushing the prices down to a point where it is very difficult to compete with them.

Our coaching company was trying to upsell and get us to pay another thousand dollars to help us with product sourcing, but we didn’t have the money.

they didn’t care if we had nothing to eat, they just wanted the money.

But this alone wouldn’t have made us quit. We were mainly selling customer return electronics and there were criminals around…

We got robbed twice. We didn’t have money to rent another place… I had to leave everything behind and return to Europe.

In Europe

Found a job – I work 12-hour weekends and I am getting paid $500/month…

Your 9-5 job is a dream compared to this… so don’t complain!

So I turned to niche websites as a side hustle. I started a site, on the subject of expired domains and it is starting to get organic traffic.

My Viral Blog Post Based On Neil Patel’s Strategy

Neil PatelI learned a lot from Neil Patel’s in-depth posts.

That’s where I read about ranking on the first page of Google even if you are a nobody.

I did some more research and I started to use it on my own site. And I was starting to rank and get organic traffic.

Then I read another post he wrote on second tier link building. It’s basically linking to your post from another site, then building links to that remote post, e. g. by making that post go viral.

My Crazy Challenge

I combined the two and I got a really crazy idea.

What would happen if I used a long-tail keyword in a guest post and, because of the higher Domain Authority, rank it to the first page of Google? The guest post would get constant organic traffic and some may get referred to my site. And if the post went viral…It would attract backlinks.

Therefore I posted a challenge to get my guest post to the top of Google. I didn’t know what to expect, as Niel Patel was already ranking for a similar keyword, but I knew one thing: Even if I failed, it would create enough buzz and traffic and that alone would be worth it.

It took me about 5 hours to write the 2,500 word post. I read it through one time and I submitted it.

I didn’t wait until i was ready, following Derek’s advice. And this is what happened:

Mostly Blogging Google rank

My viral guest post ranking in Google

I want to thank Janice Wald from Mostly Blogging for hosting my challenge.

Click here to see my viral blog post. It got over 1100 views in one week and it got shared 250 times.

It went to the top 6 posts of 2017 on that blog within two weeks.

My First Affiliate Commission

I also used the long-tail strategy on my website. And I got my first commissions:

HPD Commission

Thanks Neil!

Why I Started FunnelXpert

However I had to realize that the subject of my old site, expired domains, is a bit strange for an average person.

Therefore I needed a new domain, a new website.

It is quite fresh, I just registered it on 24 November 2017.

I am about to do something really crazy:

I am posting a challenge to get this site from scratch to a 5-figure funnel in 4 months.

And now I want to invite you to find out what a sales funnel is and join my challenge.

I will be sharing with you my best tips to help you build your funnel.

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