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My 5 Figure Sales Funnel Challenge

 November 25, 2017

By  Peter Nyiri

There are two reasons for a challenge:

  • To get you attention
  • To keep you motivated

We have seen a lot of challenges.

Tung Tran on Cloud Living has a 10K visitor challenge to get 10,000 visitors to his site.

Having almost no clue about internet marketing, I was really amazed by his project and this was the one that originally inspired me for my challenge.

There was also a niche site duel.

Why This Challenge

I always wanted to be the best… already in school.

But things worked out differently than I expected.

A year ago I walked out of day job, because it was too abusive.

90-hour work weeks for very little pay, atmosphere of terror.

I got on a bus and I went to a different city. I left everything behind, I only took a small suitcase of clothes, my phone and my tablet.

Even though I am free now and I am in a peaceful atmosphere, I had to restart my life from scratch at the age of 46, which was not a total fun.

By this age people have a background – house, car, wife, kids…

I have none of those.

I work very hard for a low pay and I want to change it.

If you want to quit your 9 to 5, follow along…

I want to be my old self again…

The winner…

The best…

My First Challenge

My first challenge was to start a website and make money out of it in a month.

I was new to blogging. I wrote 30 blog posts in a week, bought a domain and hosting, posted them.

And I failed completely.

My Second Challenge

My second challenge was a crazy one.

It was a guest post. I posted a challenge on MostlyBlogging.com that I would get the blog post to the first page of Google for a certain keyword.

I beat this challenge. In a matter of hours it ended up on the very first position of Google and it had so many shares and so many page views, that, even though it was already November, it ended up as the 5th most read page for 2017 on the entire blog.

And it is going to stay on the home page as a reminder for the entire year of 2018. See the screenshot below:

Mostly Blogging No5 Guest post for 2017

My Third Challenge

So here is my public challenge:

I am going to set up a 5-figure funnel that makes at least $5,000 per month.

I am aiming to accomplish this in less than 4 months.

The purpose is to be like the photo above, which was made in Barbados.

I registered this domain and purchased the hosting on 24 November 2017.

I have a day job and I am spending all my free time on this project.

I will regularly post what I learned and every single step I take along the way. In fact I am keeping a daily log of what I do every single day.

My Resources

Despite all the things I learned so far, which you can see in my blog articles, I realized that it is just just going too slow in terms of progress and earnings, and I signed up for a program called 6 Figure Funnels by Autogrow.co.

The program provides the system that I need to increase my traffic and earnings.

I am also using the Thrive Themes and the Thrive plugins.

My Fourth Challenge

I have just updated this challenge with an additional component:

I will help others make sales on their websites.

Come, experience my funnel. Copy it. Steal it.

Build your funnel to 5 figures.

The tool I will be using for this is my free funnel building email course.

My sales funnel is based on something unique –

  • Relationship
  • Trust
  • Engagement

In order to achieve my goal, my next challenge is to get my email list up to 1,000 subscribers…

And this challenge is also being posted on MostlyBlogging.com

Janice, the owner of the blog loves my challenges.

Join my challenge… Let’s do it together.

Peter Nyiri

Peter Nyiri

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