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Your funnel is made up of over 30 parts and they all need to fit together. One component not working will destroy the rest.

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The design and copy of your site directly determines your conversion rate. You can't build trust with a low-quality website.

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If your lead magnet is not targeted and your opt-in forms are incorrectly placed, your readers will leave your site without signing up.

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The quality of your autoresponder e-mails directly determines your profits. Learn how to nurture your subscribers.

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For optimum profits, you need a combination of low-ticket and high-ticket products that your audience is willing to buy.

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Your hard work is worthless if you don't know how to drive traffic to your site. Learn how to get instant traffic.

Peter Nyiri

​Peter Nyiri


​Internet Marketing Sales Funnel Templates

​This website is all ​about building high-converting internet marketing sales funnels in WordPress at a reasonable price. ​

A sales funnel is a series of steps that drives visitors to a conversion (such as a sale, a sign-up to a newsletter, opening an account, an opt-in, etc…). The right marketing sales funnel template is incredibly important, and the following templates will significantly increase your conversions.

1) "Free Plus Shipping" Funnel

This is a hugely successful template that perfectly and simply implements the idea of a “squeeze page”, in this case promoting a free offer for the price of shipping only. In reality, the cost of the item is actually included in the shipping cost. The item needs to

  • be either cheap enough to generate a profit
  • or be able to radically decrease shipping costs by offering and selling 3 or 5 pieces of the same item (bundle)
  • cool enough to prompt people to share it and possibly make it go viral
  • have an upsell/cross sell of a complementary product that goes with the original offer

Part of the idea is the statistical fact that if you display several options, a certain percentage of people will opt for the bundle/take the upsell, thereby increasing profits.

Having an online store is a great way to sell, however it has some disadvantages.

  • You have to list a huge number of products, some of them will sell, some won't.
  • There are too many choices and this decreases conversion rate.

As a general rule, there are always products that sell an products that don't. In your store maybe you will have 1 out of 50 products that sells, but the ratio could be better or worse.

If you use paid ads, only those click on your ad who are already interested, because there is only one product (plus an upsell) per funnel.

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This is how the the Free Plus Shipping system works for the customer:

  1. Person clicks on the Facebook ad that promotes that one product, because they are interested.
  2. The customer lands on your landing page (see above). They only have one product to buy. There are no distractions, recommendations or ads to lower the conversion rate.
  3. If the visitor decides to buy, he’s asked to fill out his information. There is no redirection to a payment processor or lengthy checkout. The customer goes straight to a secure order form like this:
secure order form

For a detailed guide see the Ultimate Guide To Build A Free Plus Shipping Funnel.

​2) Online Course Funnel

Did you know that you can build an online course on your own blog?

This sales funnel template is specifically designed for selling online courses. This 5-page funnel starts with

  • an optimized Squeeze page in which the user can sign up for a free offer,
  • then leads to an Upsell page
  • with Ordering, Payment, and Order Confirmation pages.

As part of the online course focus, it includes a membership area page with training courses.

​3) Automated Sales Webinar Funnel

This high-converting sales funnel template attracts users to sign up for a webinar. Page layout has been highly optimized in terms of content block placement, short and punchy calls-to-action, and a clean, attractive design.

Once users sign-up (either via pop-up or button), they will be redirected to a Thank You page containing a countdown, webinar calendar/schedule, info, and most importantly an opportunity to upsell.

This funnel also contains the webinar Broadcast and Replay pages, as well as optimized Upsell, Order Form and Order Confirmation pages (7 pages in total). All can be customized to your business. If you have a great short video to showcase your product, this is the perfect funnel to make it convert into sales and upsells!

4) Quiz Lead Generation Funnel

I am pretty sure that you have seen a high number of quizzes taken, shared from your Facebook friends.  Maybe you have done the same.

Tens of millions of us keep taking these quizzes (Buzzfeed's "What City Should You Live In?" has amassed more than 20 million unique visitors), and the quizzes keep getting made, and keep making tons of money for the folks producing them.

buzzfeed quiz

Would you like to be one of these people profiting from quizzes? Then create a Quiz Funnel. You can actually create more professional ones than the above.

The reason the number of quizzes has increased, of course, is the same reason they have any social relevance at all: We share our results with each other.

People have always been taking quizzes, but before social media, you were doing it for yourself.  But now they're specifically for performance. Here, part of the point is to share it, show who you are.

And this sharing has a huge viral/free traffic potential.

5) Online Store Coupon Funnel

This is a super simple funnel designed specifically to increase conversions for online store owners.

The main page advertises a coupon deal that offers a discounted product in exchange for the customer's details to open a free account on your store. It also includes a Thank You page and PPC Opt-In, and funnels people to your storefront .

This funnel uses the “Urgency Principle” highly effectively. It uses Scarcity (the page offers a limited number of vouchers and updates the number as it decreases in real time) rather than Urgency (a countdown until an offer expires).

Scarcity and Urgency are among the most effective tools for inducing rapid action on the part of a customer. When there’s limited numbers of a product its perceived value increases. This principle is evokes the powerful emotion of fear – in this case the fear of missing out on a good deal.

​Find out how you can easily build your online store in WordPress.

6) Opt-In Funnel

This is a short, focused funnel highly optimized for collecting sign-ups from website visitors, and can be connected to automated email services.

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​The Best Sales Funnel Tools

​Recommended by FunnelXpert


I collected the best ClickFunnels tutorials, PDFs and free courses for you. These are the ones you should look at if you want to make money with this platform. ​

ClickFunnels is intended to make funnel creation easier and to spare you from managing specialized and complex things. The platform has one problem: it is quite expensive. I have collected all the possibilities to get ClickFunnels cheaper and alternatives that have similar functions but better pricing.


Simvoly is a new site builder, similar to ClickFunnels, but it is quickly gaining a good reputation. It has similar features, but a much friendlier pricing structure. There are also several other alternatives for ClickFunnels worth taking a look at.

​Build A Funnel In WordPress

​​How do you build a profitable sales funnel from scratch in WordPress? I will give you all the vital details, without the need to spend a thousand dollars.

Viral Marke​​​ting Funnel Blueprint

There's no charge for signing up for this course ($39 value), it will always be free, no credit card needed. In the member's area you will have the chance to register for my affiliate program and make money by giving away the free course. You will also be signed up for Viral Funnel newsletter (you can unsubscribe any time, see Privacy Policy​).

Elise McDowell

​Elise McDowell

​House of Brazen

​"I found out how to create the RIGHT structure that turns my subscribers into paying customers. At the end of the day, this isn't only about money. It's about helping people achieve their dreams with the gifts you have to offer them."

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​Start Making Money With Your Blog

​Do you want to know why you are unable to get traffic and make money online? There is a very simple reason.

The information that you are given on the subject is false and the actions you are directed to take are not going to result in fast sales.

You simply don’t have a winning strategy. What do I mean by that?

​Let’s take the “Create content like mad and wait for Google to love you” strategy, since this is what the majority of bloggers follow.

If you have tried this strategy like I did... then I don’t need to explain ​​that in order to get results, you need to write 50-100 blog posts​. You will either spend ​months on it yourself or you need to spend ​thousands of dollars on outsourcing. 

In either case it ​may take 6-12 months until you get decent traffic... ​I spent MONTHS writing 70 blog posts on my first blog, but I messed up the keyword research and only about 10 posts were getting traffic. I wasted months like that? Are you? 

Once you have traffic, there’s still no guarantee that you will make money. Maybe you have tried to throw some affiliate links on your blog and ​getting a 1 percent conversion (like I am), or maybe you tried to build a list and you managed to get a hundred subscribers in 6-12 months… but you haven’t sold them much.  

Marketing is the process of changing beliefs. Putting some opt-in forms onto your website, giving out some free e-book, writing an email sequence are just the mechanical actions for building a sales funnel.

You have done all that but most likely missing the whole point. And that’s why you are not getting opt-ins. That’s why you are not getting sales. There’s a lot more to a funnel than that.

​The real gurus remain silent. Don’t waste your time.

Most blogging advice is harmful, not helpful. 

If you want to learn how to make money blogging in 2019, you need to ditch the cookie-cutter advice you’ve been reading.

I ​made all the possible ​mistakes.

If you want to make real, life-changing money from your blog, you have to start thinking like a CEO. You need to develop systems to scale your blog like a startup, not a hobby.

Remember, you’re a business owner, not just a blogger.

Become a real funnel expert.
Find out the real reason why your funnel isn’t working.